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Climbing is darn scary. It seems like one minute you are on the ground standing in sheep pooh, then the next minute you are 40 foot off the ground clinging onto some rock face cacking yourself because you haven't been able to insert any protection. One false move and the laws of gravity take over (which in this case is not good) so in order to avoid becoming a splattered mess on the ground you'll need skill, technique, strength, determination, and to be prepared for some trouser filling moments.

We at Doctor Danger like climbing, we like it a lot!

As with all our sections you can take the option of either looking into how you get started or if you already know what your doing you can browse all the other stuff we've gathered together on climbing. The getting started section is sub-divided into the various types of climbing including bouldering, traditional (i.e. trad), indoor, alpine, ice, alpine, sport and mixed.

A word of warning!

Even skilled and experienced climbers who climb with a healthy degree of caution are susceptible to accidents so please take tuition from qualified instructors, take care and don't fall!

"Climb until you drop!"