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>Medieval Football - Royal Shrovetide Football in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, UK

No, its not some sort of a street riot, its Royal Shrovetide Football in Ashbourne, Derbyshire. This is an ancient annual sporting event where local Ashbourians divide themselves into 2 teams - 'The Downards' (those living on the south side of Henmore Brook) Vs 'The Uppard's' (those living on the north side). The game is played on the streets of the town and the goals are positioned 3 miles apart. The game starts at 2:00 p.m. when a ball is thrown into the centre of the town and then the mayhem begins. The rules are pretty straightforward, you are not permitted to kill anyone or make use of a motorvehicle to carry the ball.

"Cripes, Ashbourne folk sure know how to have fun! Its a really REALLY close and physical game, but even when the game heated-up all the players kept their cool and the comradeship between the teams was amazing. Its seriously good fun! "

Please note...

Shrovetide Football is primarily an event for the Ashbourne local community. If you are thinking about becoming involved in the event please respect the town, its inhabitants, the rules of the game and the other players. This is a very good natured event, and everyone I met was extremely friendly and helpful. Ashbourne is a great place.

A word of warning!
Shrovetide Football is dangerous and can easily result in serious injury or possibly death. Participate at your own risk!
Special thanks:
A special thanks to Karl Webster and Pete Halls for their very helpful advice and for showing me the ropes. Read their tips.



Doctor Danger Ratings: 82
Danger (30) 26
Skill (30) 24
Concentration (10) 9
Fitness (10) 10
Availability (10) 3
Cost (10) 10
Total 82
The rating is based advanced level participation were those who are playing set out to carry the ball. Although it seems unlikely to get killed playing this game there is a significant risk of serious injury. Bruises and abrasions are inevitable.