10 Extreme Sports You Can Bet On

Essentially, extreme sports are unconventional recreational activities requiring a high level of determination and strength.

Even though common sports such as football can never be outdated, lots of adrenalin junkies prefer excitement and love living life to the fullest. Unlike extreme sports, traditional sports are usually preceded by lots of coaching, all the best betting sites with opinions on the results, high competition and pressure in the rules that often affect outcomes. It’s no wonder why many are attracted to the individuality and unconventionality that is typical of extreme sports. Additionally, loads of people are also attached to extreme sports because they consider them cool!

Is Betting on Extreme Sports Possible?

Yes, because just like the traditional sports such as football, basketball, and tennis, extreme sports also have their diehard fans. In case you’re one of them, you can predict wins in favor of your favorite athletes to stand a chance of walking home with some solid wins. Thanks to the uniqueness of most extreme sports, the odds are always in your favor with amazing rewards at your doorstep.

Top 10 Extreme Sports You Can Bet On

Below are examples of extreme sports that you can bet on:

1. Mountain biking

Mountain biking involves forceful cycling across a mountain terrain and necessitates a high level of stamina and fitness.

2. Paragliding

Paragliding is a sport established from parachuting. It involves being airborne by an inflated non-motorized wing. Most people liftoff themselves in the air from a hill or mountain. You glide through the air and are in complete movement control governed by other conditions.


3. Skydiving

This is a sport where you’re flown to a high altitude after which you’re made to jump from the plane with a parachute-attached backpack.

4. Snowboarding

A mixture of skateboarding and surfing, it is done on the snow. As part of the sport, people strap on a board below their feet and use gravity to go down an icy slope.

5. Trail Running

Majorly involves running and climbing trails and is normally played in mountainous terrain.

6. Adventure Racing

This is a continuous excursion style competition carried out through a designed course. Participants are given maps and directions prior to the event. Its mandatory for the teams to use directional skills to successfully pass through earth milestone along the course within the given limit.

7. Big Wave surfing

This is a surfing discipline where surfing aces are towed onto waves of a given height. (at least 20 ft.)

8. Canopying

Involves flying through the treetops of rainforests hanging from harness ropes tied together.

9. Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing entails standing on a board with straps tied to your feet and using a controllable board’s power propelling across the water. The task is managing the kite above you and the board below at the same time with your body on the link between the two

10. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing involves high energy levels and a strong pledge to the sport. You should be attuned to high altitudes and should possess the determination to scale heights. You should have a passion for the outdoors overriding factors such as adverse climate, fatigue, and injuries.

Rock Climbing


Same with regular betting, extreme sports betting is not meant for those who are faint at heart. You should always back participants with a track record of physical fitness and mental agility. People who bet on such sports usually lack fear because they know what the sport entails.