4 Extreme Sports You Must Try Out In Your Lifetime

To be fair, extreme sports are, well, extreme. There are so many things that could go wrong, so many tend to avoid doing them unless they are really confident in our skills or adrenaline junkies. However, there are a few extreme sports out there we feel you should put on your bucket list. Who knows, you might get a taste for it and become an adrenaline junkie yourself. It has been noted that more and more people in Poland, for example, take part in different kinds of extreme sports which you can read more about here!


Kayaking is not in itself extreme unless you want it to be. It is rowing with a kayak and using a special technique with double-bladed paddles. Not only does it give you a rush if you are doing it in the rapids, but it also does wonders for your arms and shoulders. This is also a great activity if you want to challenge your friends or plan a bit of teambuilding.

Indoor Rock Climbing

Rock climbing requires immense upper body strength, some endurance, and a bit of dexterity. Rock climbing clubs usually go out and try to conquer some pretty challenging cliffs. You don’t need to go that far. Indoor rock climbing offers the entire thrill of rock-climbing with an extra precaution added to the mix – you always have your harness. That means that, in the worst-case scenario, you will be safely suspended on a rope even if you lose your balance.


Parkour is not for those that are too stiff. It gives your whole body a workout and requires agile athletes. It is also known as freerunning and it was designed to treat the urban setting as an obstacle course for runners. There is jumping, climbing, maintaining balance, and running as fast as you can. You are supposed to use your agility to overcome obstacles people would usually go around or under. This is why you sometimes see parkour runners in movies jumping from one building to another. The great thing about it is that it is both extreme and cheap.

Wingsuit Flying

Do you know what flying squirrels look like? They have patches of skin between their upper and lower extremities that function as wings. They can’t fly, but they can glide, which increases the distance they can cover in a single jump.

Now imagine a human with the same ability. You wear a wingsuit that allows you to soar through the air. Because the fabric between your arms and legs is wide, you can glide and maneuver as you fall to the ground. You would think that this in itself is extreme, but many take it a few steps further and try to maneuver into the openings of rock formations or “fly” dangerously close to mountainsides. There is nothing quite like it.