4 Most-Watched Spectator Sports and Why We Love Them

Sports not only bring us together and keep us in top physical condition, but they are also very fun to watch. Online Betting Sites often cash in on this interest, though we must say that betting on sports is not nearly as much fun as simply watching the matches for the sheer competitive spirit of the contestants. Today, we will be listing the top spectator sports, as well as discuss what makes us so thrilled about watching them.


Also known as association football, soccer is, without a doubt, the most popular sport on the planet. Though it officially became a team sport in the late 1800s, there is evidence of the game being played in ancient times, though without so many rules and with much higher stakes. Sometimes slaves of ancient civilizations played only for the right to survive until the next match, much like gladiators. A popular variant of the ancient game is the Aztec ullamaliztli. Now, soccer is eagerly followed all around the world and no self-respecting betting parlor can go without lists and lists of future fixtures portraying local competitions and world-class tournaments.


Cricket is also a game that is attributed to the UK that has a worldwide following. It is most played and followed in India, with the stakes being so high that there are gambling commissions and organizations working round the clock to make sure no funny business is going on. Apart from the UK and India, the father of baseball is closely followed in Australia, as well. While 4 billion people like to watch soccer matches, cricket can boast of about 2.5 billion fans. That is almost a third of the population of the world.

Field Hockey

Not to be confused with its cousin, ice hockey, field hockey has around 2 billion spectators across the globe. While not particularly popular in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia all have impressive leagues and events. Imagine a child of ice hockey and soccer and you will get a clear picture of what field hockey is all about. India and Pakistan have some of the top players in the world.


Much like soccer, tennis has its roots in ancient times and countries, though its modern version was first played in France and then managed to spread out to the rest of our planet. Interestingly enough, this is a sport where every country has a skilled athlete to present them and the 4 Open tournaments are worldwide spectacles, as are the Fed and Davis Cup. There is no time limit on the court, though very few games exceed the 5-hour mark, simply because the tennis players are too exhausted by that point to continue.

Why We Love Watching Sports

There are many reasons entire nations tune in to their TV sets, mobile and computer screens, or simply attend the sporting events in question. There is a sense of camaraderie present, like the entire club, city, or nation is behind those that are out there on the field. We feel like we are a part of something greater. This spirit goes beyond what happens on the court, field, or pitch – it is deeply engraved into our upbringing as well. Much like religion and other forms of local culture, following a particular sport is often a part of one’s childhood, invoking pride at the skills of the athletes. There are numerous sub-cultures sprouting from the love of the sport, the energy, and the adrenaline that the competitions bring out in us, like little wars with fewer casualties.