5 Incredible Extreme Sports For Individuals With Disabilities

There are a lot of false beliefs today that are widely spread but not factual at all, and one of them is about what people with disabilities can do. People with disabilities have shown time and time again just what incredible feats they are capable of and they have proven that there is nothing they cannot do. This includes, to a great surprise of many people, extreme sports. 

  1. Sailing

 Sailing isn’t necessarily an extreme sport, but if the conditions are harsh enough, it sure can seem like one. During the London 2012 Paralympics, sailing teams had to overcome very strong wind and currents, which was very fascinating to watch, but also proves how professional and skillful these sportsmen are.

  1. Scuba Diving

 This sport can be adapted for individuals with disabilities, as well as visually impaired people. Not only is scuba diving fun and great for all those adventure seekers out there, but it is also beneficial for your mental and physical health as it relieves muscle pain and gets your mind into a state of calmness and composure. There are many organizations that teach disabled individuals how to safely scuba dive as well as about the benefits of scuba diving.

  1. Rock Climbing

 This is one of the extreme sports that are very difficult and demanding on all of your muscles and brain as it requires good coordination and strategy. However, it is a sport that both people with disabilities and visually impaired individuals can perform. There are many versions of rock climbing, but some people even choose to participate in climbing real mountains, which is probably the most extreme version of rock climbing, which just proves how much people with disabilities can do. This sport is so popular that there are even paraclimbing championships including the World Paraclimbing Championship.

  1. Paragliding

 Ever since they started making wheelchairs specifically designed for paragliding, this sport has been easily conquered by individuals with disabilities. They are really proving that they are capable of everything, including flying. Even blind or visually impaired people can participate as tandem flights are said to be very safe.

  1. An Arctic Expedition

 This is a bit out there, but it is so impressive we had to include it on the list. People with disabilities started conquering the Arctic in 2009 when Dave Shannon became the first person with tetraplegia in history who managed to reach the North Pole. What we can learn from Dave and other extreme athletes out there is that disabilities of the body, cannot do anything to a strong mind. We have seen that physical disability does not have a huge impact on the lifestyle of a person. This is good news, especially for people who have lost the ability to fully control and use their body. By talking more about opportunities such as these, we can help motivate people with disabilities to try something new, and enjoy the best life they possibly can, in spite of the difficulties they are faced with every day.