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Extreme Ironing – Is it Truly a Sport?

What do you get when you combine a heart-pounding, life-threatening, and exhilarating activity with being able to tidy up all of your creased clothes? You get something called Extreme Ironing! “What is extreme ironing?” you may ask. It is an outdoor sport that combines the thrill and excitement of an extreme sport with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt. If ...

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Extreme Horse Racing

Horse racing as a sport has been around for centuries. It is one of those sports which is just beautiful in its entirety. It is also quite brutal, because professional sports are different for humans than they are for animals. Humans can decide at any point to give up their careers and take up esports, juggling, or anything else for ...

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4 Most-Watched Spectator Sports and Why We Love Them

Sports not only bring us together and keep us in top physical condition, but they are also very fun to watch. Online Betting Sites often cash in on this interest, though we must say that betting on sports is not nearly as much fun as simply watching the matches for the sheer competitive spirit of the contestants. Today, we will ...

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a football ball in the middle of the field

5 Factors That Make Football the King of the Sports

Football enthusiasts all over the world are not backing out of the opinion that football, indeed is the king of all sports. Even if some would say that this is pretty much just the subjective opinion, the fans have really put the effort to make this more than just their own personal belief. In order to back up this “claim,” ...

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Technologies in Extreme Sports

You would think that there was little to no technology involved in participating in an extreme sport and, in many cases, that is true. You don’t need any futuristic gadgets or equipment for rock climbing or parkour, for example. In that regard, technology has the same impact on these sports as using the Bet365 Bonus code – none. However, some ...

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