Extreme Horse Racing

Horse racing as a sport has been around for centuries. It is one of those sports which is just beautiful in its entirety. It is also quite brutal, because professional sports are different for humans than they are for animals. Humans can decide at any point to give up their careers and take up esports, juggling, or anything else for that matter. Race horses are bred for racing and often put down after they get injured (in other words, become useless to the organization rearing them). Regular horse races can get rough, horses can get injured, but jockeys, as well. Then, it will excite and terrify you to know that there are extreme horse races out there. No, people usually don’t know about them, and neither do the bookmakers. You are likely to see a promo code but you are unlikely to see one for extreme horse races. They are very rare and here is why.

Extreme Horse Racing – It Exists but it is Rare

Because owning a horse, rearing it, watching and caring for it until it is race ready, and then making sure that it stays race ready is a task in itself, which costs a lot of money and time, effort and emotions, people don’t just want to ruin their investment, partner, animal, on an extreme race. This is one of the main reasons why you don’t see too many extreme horse races such as Cheltenham, for example. The other reason is that they are simply not standardized and while being spectacular, when successful, imagine seeing tons of injured horses and jockeys. The media would not like it, and neither would the vast majority of people. This is why extreme horse races are very rare, but they still exist.

Man, Man, Horse Biathlon

Two people and a horse, how does that race sound to you? The races are 22 mile long, or more, depending on who is organizing them, and they consist of legs. The two riders take turns riding the horse and running. While one runs, the other rides the horse, leaving it at a certain place, at the end of a leg, tying it to a post. The other runner catches up, takes the horse, keeps riding, surpasses their teammate, leaves the horse once more, and so forth, until they finish the race. It is a race against time, and the team with the best time wins.

Cowboy Up – Horse Racing Challenges

In the Calgary Stampede, the Cowboy Up set of races is very interesting. Riders have races which have them jumping over various obstacles like Merry Go Rounds and bridges. For that kind of race, the horse and rider need to have an immaculate relationship. A slip, a hint of insecurity and mistrust and both the horse and rider might end up in an accident. 

There are extreme horse races in the world, yet they are very rare and due to that, a sight to be seen. Keep your eye out, use the internet, and you might even see one in person.