How to Bet On Surfing

Surfing is a water sport in which the surfer (wave rider) rides onward of a moving wave which is usually hauling the surfer towards the shore. Many people are still wondering if surfing is worth betting on because mostly, they don’t “feel” surfing to be a usual sport. But for a fact, surfing is just perfectly suited for everything as it can win you big-money wager.


Overview of Surfing Game Betting

The commission that governs surfing is called Association of Professional Surfing (ASP). And is also the “habitat” for professional surfers like Mick fanning and Kelly Slatter. Surfing also has its professional season which begins from March all the way through December. This leaves the gambler with abundant chances of gambling. However, if you are looking forward to placing the best bet selection in the betting community, and also a great opportunity to compare the odds available from different casinos, you should search for the biggest surfing tournaments.

Highlights of annual International Surfing Schedule

  • Volcom Fiji Pro:-held in Fiji every year in June.
  • Billbong Pipe Masters-these seasons is always arranged in Hawaii every December.
  • Rip Curl Pro. This takes place in Australia at the end of March each and every year.

The Quick Silver pro which also takes place in Australia in March annually


Where can you bet on Surfing?

Many people might get curious and ask the above question. Mostly on the internet there are always brochures that are able to show the best betting markets across the surfing season. Here are a few of many sites that offer surf betting:-

What are the Odds of betting on Surfing?

Typically, in surf betting there are two different ways in which odds are expressed. I.e. in fraction form and decimal form or even the American Style. Both their meanings are illustrated below:

1. Odds in Fraction Form

This kind of display is actually very common in UK online casinos. Odds in this form just show your winning (as Numerator) related to what you put in (as denominator).

2. Odds in Decimal Form

All you have to do is to multiply this decimal with the amounts you put in to find how much you will win.

Types of surf bets

There are many types of betting in surfing, some of the most popular are as illustrated below

  • Moneyline bet: This is where you put money in a single individual like in horse betting to win a single heat.
  • Parlays or accumulator: Here you put your money in the results of two more heats. Always the bigger the parlays the larger the odd and abundant wining.
  • Future betting: This is where you put money to a future event that you thing will happen in the near future.


Just like betting on regular sports, you are generally faced with the same types of bets and even rules when you wager. Thus, if you have never tried it out, place a quick bet today and you might just get lucky!