How To Tell If Someone Is an Adrenaline Junkie

‘Adrenaline junkie’ is a term used to describe people who constantly seek adventure and thrill, and are always trying to get their adrenaline levels up. Many people like to spend their time watching and betting on sports, using sites such as William Hill promotional code to get great deals, and they also like to play sports that they love the most. It is a great way to get some exercise while still having fun and doing what you love. However, this isn’t enough for adrenaline junkies. They usually choose only extreme sports, and sometimes, their need for that adrenaline rush can get them into dangerous situations. 

What are the characteristics of an adrenaline junkie?

What all thrill-seekers have in common is the need for stepping out of their comfort zone, sometimes drastically and sometimes not so much. They usually describe this feeling as ‘feeling alive’ and can become very irritated or unhappy if deprived of it. The traits that they share usually include some want of constant change and novelty, being spontaneous and impulsive, as well as curious and creative. An adrenaline junkie is somebody who likes to be challenged and appreciates the complexity and difficultness of a situation or a task. The activities that they would usually be attracted to are all those that stimulate thrilling sensations, such as rollercoasters, extreme sports, and adventurous hobbies. 

Can it be dangerous?

Everything mentioned so far doesn’t seem that problematic, doesn’t it? The majority of the qualities that adrenaline junkies have are great qualities that are bettering their lives in some way or another. However, with adrenaline junkies, there is always a risk that they might take their hunt for excitement and adventure a little bit too far and get into a situation that is dangerous for them or people around them. These situations might include purposefully driving unsafely and above the speed limit, behaving aggressively and picking unnecessary fights with people whenever the opportunity arises or abusing drugs and alcohol in order to increase the effect. Likewise, doing extreme sports isn’t bad in itself; however, adrenaline junkies can approach these dangerous situations rather unsafely and put themselves at risk. What is more, all of these situations cause stress and cortisol secretion, which as we know, can be very detrimental to the body and the mind. 

How can adrenaline junkies relax?

Like we have mentioned before, being an adrenaline seeker is not necessarily a bad trait and there are many who choose to get their adrenaline level up in healthy and fun ways. The best way to do that is by playing sports, and there are numerous ways in which you can participate in extreme sports in a very safe and controlled environment. For example, cage diving with sharks, bungee jumping or indoor rock climbing. You can also participate in fun activities that get your adrenaline fix – haunted houses or escape rooms usually do the trick. Of course, it is very important to also know how to relax and not be dependent on these activities. What usually brings great results is meditation, deep breathing, and yoga, as well as focusing on a task or people around you in order to get your mind off of your adrenaline need.