1998 world cup squads

Chen Hong :*( 3.) Alison Grant :*(12.) Marion Rodewald :*(14.) Moira Senior:*( 3.) Kelli James :*( 9.) Friederike Barth :*(10.) FIFA World Cup Final France 1998 Playing Squads Home ⇒ FIFA Competitions ⇒ FIFA World Cup by Year ⇒ World Cup 1998 Full details of the playing squads & club affiliations for the 1998 FIFA World Cup Finals in France Squads ARGENTINA JAPAN Carlos Roa Nobuyuki Kojima Roberto Ayala Akira Narahashi José Chamot Naoki Soma Héctor Pineda Masami Ihara Matías Almeyda …

Jana Withrow (gk):*( 6.)

Helen Mary (gk):*( 2.)

Carina van Zijl :*( 6.) Football World Cup 1998 (squads) → 1998 FIFA World Cup (squads) – following the consensus of naming the World Cup articles as FIFA World Cup in Wikipedia, and consistency of naming the major international football tournaments. Elmay Brink :*( 8.)

Margje Teeuwen:*(10.) Sandeep Khaur :*( 3.)

Kim Tae-Seon :*( 6.) Michele MacNaughton :*(10.) Rhona Simpson :*(11.)

Minke Smabers:*(14.)

Alyson Annan:*(13.) ARG: D. Passarella | Astrada, Burgos, Cavallero, Delgado. Magdalena Aicega :*( 4.)

Jane Sixsmith :*(11.) The English, Spanish, Japanese and Saudi Arabian squads were made up entirely of players from the respective countries' domestic leagues. Fiona Pearson :*( 6.) Laura Mulhall (gk) :*( 2.) Pauline Robertson :*(14.) Daphne Touw (gk):*( 3.)

Karen Smith:*( 8.)
Gopane replaced Evans. TUN: H. Kasperczak (replaced 23 Jun by A. Selmi) | Boumnijel, Jaballah, captain Kanu NGA 21y337d van der Elst BEL 37y 56d, coach K.Pyung-SeokKOR39y269d Zagalo BRA 69y337d, referee Pedersen NOR 35y 33d Batta FRA 44y238d, assistant Fred VAN 30y 84d Manari TUN 45y154d.

Kylie Foy:*(12.)

Valerie Neil :*(16.) Tracy Robb (gk):*( 3.) For the trophy from 1960–2004, see Intercontinental Cup (football). Lee Seon-Hwa :*( 4.) Fatima Moreira de Melo:*(13.) Renu Bala:*( 4.) Helen Clarke (gk):*(16.) Natascha Keller :*( 8.)

He played the… …   Wikipedia, Norway women's national handball team — Norway Information Association …   Wikipedia, Calendar of 1998 — ▪ 1999 January January 1       At the stroke of the new year, the Russian ruble is worth a thousand times less than before as three zeros are removed from its value; about six new rubles equal one U.S. dollar.
Carrie Corcoran :*( 9.) 3 – Bebeto, C.Sampaio, Rivaldo BRA, Henry FRA, Bergkamp HOL, Bierhoff, AUT: H. Prohaska | Amerhauser, Heraf, Hiden, Knaller, Kögler.

OK, 1997 Women's Field Hockey World Cup Qualifier, Dominican Republic women's national volleyball team. Kim Soo-Jung :*(12.) Clover Maitland (gk):*(16.) Anabel Gambero :*( 6.) Mahdavikia IRN, di Biagio ITA, Earle JAM, Nakayama JAP, Mihajlović, ESP: J. Clemente | Aranzabal, Cañizares, Molina. Pietie Coetzee :*(16.) D.O.B. Susan Gilmour :*Head Coach::Mike Gilbert, :*( 1.) Bianca Langham:*(12.)

Fleur van de Kieft:*(16.) Lori Mastropietro :*( 13.)

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