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Despite this, many countries on the continent tried to stay neutral, rather than risk taking a side. Asked by Wiki User. Some maintained this stance throughout the war, but others found their hands forced. A number of craters are clearly evident in the near field, with damage to the railway line also identifiable.
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These nations took a neutral position in order to avoid attacks and invasion. Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg soon fell to the superior armies of the invaders. The two nations were allies who had helped each other in the past, most famously when Britain liberated Portugal from Napoleon’s empire over a century before. Franco talked with Hitler, offering to join the Axis cause in return for food, material assistance, and territory in North Africa, but Hitler turned him down.

Luxembourg’s suffering in WWII is often overlooked, perhaps unsurprising given its small size. scarecrow Member Posts: 314 Joined: 17 May 2006, 18:40 Location: Luxembourg ; Mir wëlle bleiwe wat mir sinn. The Portuguese government maintained a strictly neutral stance. Name the countries of Europe that neither invaded other countries nor were themselves invaded during Word War II. 21 strikers were executed after their organised disruption paralysed the movement of troops and supplies through the country. Like other Scandinavians, the Swedes tried to stay neutral, and in this case they succeeded. Be the first to answer this question. In Asia, the neutral countries during World War II were. Joining in a fresh war would have drawn resources away from rebuilding, as well as risking restarting the Spanish Civil War.

However, despite their efforts, many of these nations were attacked. Portugal’s attitude was broadly pro-Allied, in large part due to the country’s good relations with the UK. Only countries that existed in 1939. Not all countries in the world fought in the war. 140kg shells per hour, the V3 had been designed to fire upon London from the French coast. Declaring neutrality at the start of the war did not prevent German occupation and by late 1942 the Nazis were intent on incorporating Luxembourg into the Third Reich, rather than allowing it to be a self-governing territory. Does count countries whose overseas territories were occupied, as long as their European lands remained intact. Once Norway fell, iron could not be exported to Britain, so the Germans had no need to take Sweden by force. How Neutral Countries Responded to WW2 – Some Made a Fortune From It.
WHEN WAS Luxembourg neutral? For much of the war, Spain remained officially neutral but effectively pro-Axis, allowing Spaniards to fight for Germany on the Eastern Front, letting German and Italian ships use Spanish ports, and sharing military intelligence with the Axis powers. Meanwhile, combatants from both sides who wound up in Ireland were interned together in prison camps, in accordance with international law.

However, despite their efforts, many of these nations were attacked.

The Germans and Italians had even provided men and resources to aid Franco in the civil war that brought him to power. Top. The irony cannot be lost that on the very day that Hitler’s armies were storming into the neutral Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Belgium (May 10, …

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