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The big reason why pollsters should publish outlier polls is that it proves they're running an honest shop. Before the stimulus debate began, Rasmussen asked voters whether they’d favor stimulus plans that consisted entirely of tax cuts or entirely of spending. Rasmussen, which has traditionally found results that are more positive for Republicans than other polls, seems to be an outlier among major polls, … So, according to the Rasmussen Reports poll, Obama is back to even water. Do government and big business often work together in ways that hurt consumers and investors? I guess that could be one of the arguments Real Clear Politics might give for not dropping them yet [like we have called for], so then a number like today highlights even more clearly the president's problems. RCP's average never reached [or was even close to reaching] the 50% mark for the president's approval, much less over 50%, as Rasmussen had so many times. Whatever the reason, welcome back Rasmussen Reports polls as one of the polls to watch. describing themselves as Republicans and Independents or worse, just fabricating data. On the last update, about a month ago, Tales asked if we should take, We put the Rasmussen Reports poll on a bogus poll watch, because for 16 + months the poll had become an, Also, when Rasmussen Reports for those 16 months was an extreme outlier, they averaged over 4 times a month of the president's approval at or above 50% [55 times between Jan 15, 2014 and Feb. 22, 2015],  Since Feb. 23 of this year [almost two months] they have had the president's approval up to 50%.
The damage is done, their brand is ruined. Ras is synonomous with bipolar polling! Thank you for providing this blog; sbobet, They have an approval gap of +1 today. Thank you Rasmussen as you have just admitted you are asking the people you want, and the questions you want, to elicit the bogus poll numbers you want. From what I have heard, Rasmussen gets different results from other pollsters because he samples more Republicans than other pollsters do. From the beginning of this year [starting Jan. 3, because that's when Rasmussen began it's polling this year] until now. Unless shown otherwise, I must assume that some liberal Democrats were the ones who took over the Rasmussen Reports web site from Scott Rasmussen when he left to to found a new group.
From what I have heard, Rasmussen gets different results from other pollsters because he samples more Republicans than other pollsters do. As a fellow member of the Tribe, venting is therapeutic . I know many of you will say I am doing this because I was Never Trump during the election and don't want to give credit to a higher approval number by the Rasmussen poll-. For the third straight day, every poll listed in the great Real Clear Politics average of polls has president Obama's approval rating at between 40 and 43% [every poll out of the eight listed except Rasmussen]. [42][43] The company also provides regular updates on topics including global warming and energy issues, housing, the war on terror, the mood of America, Congress and the Supreme Court, importance of issues, partisan trust, and trends in public opinion. There have been instances in, So what is the media to do if a pollster puts out a poll that looks very different from the others? _________________________________________________. Yes, I would think the same thing: "Who let them out?". In August 2009, The Washington Post reported that Rasmussen Reports had received a “major growth capital investment.”[16] New Jersey Business magazine reported that the company increased the size of its staff later that year. RCP average has never reached 47% approval one day since president Trump has taken office while the Rasmussen Reports poll has never had president Trump's approval below 50% since he has taken office. I wish I had a bigger blog...maybe they could get the message! He cited an example[95] in which Rasmussen asked "Should the government set limits on how much salt Americans can eat?" [17], Rasmussen Reports engages in the collection, publication, and distribution of public opinion polling information, tracking the political world, current events, consumer confidence, business topics, and the president's job approval ratings. Thanks!

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