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Each model of video doorbell has its own mounting hardware, with unique screw hole positions for mounting them. Plate center opening (rectangle / round / none) is determined by the new doorbell. Then use the chart above to choose the correct plate. Front view of a satin nickel Ring Elite mounted on a brushed aluminum intercom box cover. Use the smallest increments on your ruler or measuring tape to ensure a very accurate measurement. The mounting bracket that comes with the doorbell needs to be screwed into the plate. Things you need to know before selecting & ordering a plate for your smart doorbell: Please read through all information thoroughly so that we can better assist you if you need to call us with questions before placing your order. Find the solution for covering an old doorbell that you no longer use, or get a wall plate to update your old intercom system to modern doorbell technology. Please call us at: 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (1-800-466-3337), Please enter in your email address in the following format: Ver más detalles. To achieve a flush-mounted video doorbell that sits under the cover (as shown above), you will need to build a custom strap to hold the unit into the intercom box at the correct depth. QUESTIONS? If you are installing your Ring doorbell with an angle mount kit, select a surface-mount cover based on whether the Ring will be used wirelessly or hard-wired in. Choose a blank plate above that has the overall dimensions and screw spacing required to use with your uncovered intercom box. Screw spacing is measured center to center (CC) and is vertical distance unless otherwise noted. Set your store In this case, you can cover the old opening with one of the plates above, and mount the new doorbell directly to the cover plate (like shown here). A 4.5" spaced cover can also mount to a box with 3.75" screw spacing by angling the triangle straps. Vintage Nutone, Tektone, Executone, etc., units came in many sizes and shapes for intercoms, speakers, doorbells, alarms, and more. Measure the overall box dimensions to see how large a plate is necessary to cover the entire box. Ring 1080P HD Wi-Fi Wired and Wireless Video Doorbell 3 Plus, Smart Home Camera, Removable Battery, Works with Alexa Model# 8VR1S9-0EN0 View the Ring Video Doorbells Slim, surface-mount doorbells sit on top of the plate after you drill holes to match your doorbell's hardware. 6.4" NuTone Wall Box Cover with Door Bell Hole - 5.25" Screws, 6.4" Blank Wall Plate Cover for Nutone Speaker - 5.25" Screw Spread, Door Speaker Wall Box Cover 6.4" + Doorbell Hole 4.5" Screws, Door Speaker Box Cover for 6.4" NuTone Intercom - 4.5" Screws, 6.4" Video Doorbell Plate for Nutone Intercom Box 5.25" Screw Holes, 6.4" Smart Doorbell Cover for Nutone Speaker - 4.5" Wide Screws, Nutone Intercom Electrical Wall Plate Cover 7.5", Screws 4.5", Large Doorbell Cover 7.5" for Nutone Intercom Box 4.5" Screws, Door Bell Cover Plate 7.5" for Nutone Speaker Box 5.25" Screws, Doorbell Wall Plate 7.5" for Nutone Speaker Frame 5.25" Screws, Intercom Speaker Cover 7.5" for M&S Wall Box with 6-5/8" Screws, Blank 7.5'' Patio Speaker Cover for Wall Intercom Box - 6.25'' Screws, Dual Doorbell Or Garage Door Button Cover Plate - Two 5/8'' Holes, 4.5" Doorbell Cover Plates - 5/8" Hole 3.3" Screw Spacing, 10" x 8" Flat Panel Wall Plate Cover for Large Hole - Corner Screws, 16'' x 10'' Flat Panel Wall Plate Cover for Large Box - Corner Screws, 12'' x 10'' Flat Panel Wall Plate Cover for Big Hole - Corner Screws, Specialty Doorbell Intercom Speaker Cover 2-Gang Mount, Jumbo 7.5" x 5.5" Blank Wall Plate Cover - 3.75" Screw Hole Set, Exterior 7.5'' Intercom Voice Station Box Cover, 4'' Offset Screws, Plates for recessed doorbells - 5.25" spacing, Plates for recessed doorbells - 4.5" spacing, Electrical box screw spacing adjustment straps, Completely Blank 7.5" High Wall Plates in Aluminum, double-check that your video doorbell model will clear the screw spacing in your box (sometimes an issue when using 4.5" screw spacing depending upon the model, year, and style of mounting bracket).

If you want to build this customized installation, use this speaker box cover with the large opening and 5.25" screw spacing. How much the unit sticks out depends on the specific doorbell model. Decide if you will be installing your new door bell wirelessly or hard-wiring it. Measure the distance between the screw holes (center to center) that your new blank doorbell cover will be screwed into. Then I'll cut the doorbell wire up in the attic, attach the 2 wires from the doorbell to one side of the box & the 2 wires going on to the Nutone to the other side of the box. Measure the dimensions of your electrical box (behind your old door bell). International customers can shop on and have orders shipped to any U.S. address or U.S. store.

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