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The view somewhat shocked me.

", "D10: "Legally Blonde" (December 2009), (Luke).

Not much room for getting in and out of row, quite a squeeze to get into and back out of my seat! M15 is better than M14 as it is offset from the seat in front, so you can see down the gap between seats. On another visit, in BB3 I decided that seriously, all fans of this show need to experience it from the front row. Leg room is sufficient.

Sat here for a bargain preview price of £15. ", "R2 to 5: (Lorna). A good view from seat 3 with OK legroom, a hard seat though (I can be fussy). They are slightly off centre but that doesn’t detract from the performance. Cross Whitehall and Northumberland Avenue (you'll pass a branch of Tesco and a bookshop), and walk on towards Charing Cross Station, passing more shops on the way. If I was every offered these tickets again I wouldn’t hesitate. ", "F14 and F15: “Fiddler On The Roof”, (James – regular reader). Once I got to my seat I was surprised there was so much room between me and the stage! You may park for up to 24 hours using this scheme and it is endorsed by the Society of London Theatre. This helps taxis set passengers down near the Savoy door, makes American and most European tourists feel at home, and allows everyone else to get mown down. Legroom was fine too. Not necessarily to be avoided - maybe nothing specific is wrong with them, other than opinions that there are better seats at the same price. It is worth avoiding the first and last four seats in rows BB to P. In rows BB to C the viewing angle from these seats is uncomfortable for the price. But for £15, can you really complain? A £3.65 per transaction (not per ticket) fee is made. Our telephone is busy from the beginning of the first screening until the beginning of the last screening of the day. It's the first time I've visited this theatre, which is gorgeous with its art deco furnishings. The back four rows were empty so I went and had a sit in one of them during the interval and have to say that I'd be happy there too if the price was right.

From the car park, turn up the road on the left to bring you on to Trafalgar Square. Through GILTS, £49.50 tickets reduced to £20. ", “D5: "Legally Blonde" (December 2009). When it was showtime we were escorted to our seats! Theatremonkey is an Affiliate Member of STAR.

0844 871 7687. Telephone: 0844 871 7631

Other than that the view was clear and could see everything clearly on stage - sound was fine too. The front row at the Savoy Theatre is very good with the lottery offer! “BB10: "Legally Blonde" (2009).

I'm 6ft tall and felt I had satisfactory leg room and could even stretch out a bit under the seat in front of me.

Got day seat £25 - BRILL seat! The view was brilliant.

Worth every penny of the £93 GBP! Optional Ticket Insurance is also available.

The new seats are pretty hard, and have low backs, a reader felt. Customers with specific requirements are advised to discuss these with the theatre prior to booking to avoid any confusion. ", "A16 to 21: A marvellous view of the stage and possibly the most legroom a west end theatre is able to offer. Based on paying FULL PRICE (no discount!)

Rows F to H seats 1 to 5 and 24 to 28 are at the edges of the circle, and rows J to L are isolated blocks either side of walls. -- but positionally for stage view, absolutely excellent. Just one point on this show, the little walkway on the stalls side of the orchestra which gets used briefly by cast members on maybe 3 occasions in the entire show is not visible when seated in row D , and when performers are using it you can just see them, but only from about shoulders up, if you lean forward.

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