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Do not use a … Kathleen, when the 17.2 oz ones you ordered come, let me know how they sound and work. Will have to look for that candle too. Or at least see who is there.. I’ve been toying for some time with purchasing the Ring doorbell. I decided to go with the Video Doorbell Pro for two reasons: I will never have to have to worry about a dead battery, plus the representative said with the hardwired Video Doorbell Pro, I’d get a faster reaction and image display to my monitor/phone. I’m going to attempt to install my Ring Doorbell myself since I installed my last doorbell and that worked out well. I too have been considering getting the Ring doorbell. I shop online and please, surprise her. I did find the candles 17.2 oz flickering fireside with 20% off. Again, it’s not needed because your phone will alert you if someone visits your home. Our 3 year old neighbor rings it to say Hi Miss Dot and I can see if packages are on the porch etc.
I barely stopped myself from ordering more! I think monitoring after test period is like $30/year; all positive, great product for us; some great pricing for Christmas on Amazon for this product. I love woodsy or smoky scents when the weather turns cold, so the one I ordered was their “Fireside” scent here: Fireside Scent. I’m glad the Ring is helping you and keeping you in contact with what is going on around your home; sounds like Susan once again steered us to a good thing. Enter your email below: October Favorites & Some Would Make Great Gifts, March Favorites, New Summer Clothes & How I’m Storing My Shoes & Handbags. Yes! So we bought the Ring Pro and LOVE IT!

It’s a real shame you have to get rid of that gorgeous pineapple doorbell. So if you envision yourself purchasing additional devices, you’ll want to consider going with this plan for only $10 per month or $100 per year. I have no fireplace (yet!) Such wonderful people, extremely busy, but never unwilling to go the extra mile for their customers all year long. One started running away and fell and broke her leg. You will have no problem at all, Susan! We were burglarized Aug 2o17 after living safely in this neighborhood 18 years! It just happens that when we replaced our regular hard wired doorbell with the Ring that the position catches a broad swath of my front yard. I’ve only tried the larger candle with the really long wick so far, so would be curious how those sound. Device linking works with all Ring devices including Video Doorbells, Security Cams, …

The guy walked up onto the front porch, stared straight at the Ring doorbell, turned around, walked back down the steps, got in his car and left. In this season of hope and love, it’s important to me to express my gratitude to those in my life who make a difference, so from this grateful reader, have a blessed holiday season, Susan, and know that your work blesses countless lives. That may not happen until after Christmas. Here’s how to make the connection and exactly what you can do with your Ring and Google Home once you’ve completed the setup.

Thank you so much, Susan for the helpful information you provide to us, your readers.You’ll never know just how many people you touch and make a positive difference in our lives. We also have a security system with interior and exterior perimeter cameras. I wonder if the dark object was a crowbar. Anyone else love Hearthwick Candles as much as I do? Thanks, Susan. They won’t even know you’re not home. And remember, if you choose this option, … A guy said he felt like his Ring doorbell had already paid for itself not too long after he installed it. He had it installed in just a few minutes, then set up the app on my and my husband’s phones.I can totally see why you, a professional working at home, or a busy mom or caretaker or someone working in the garage or back yard would love the Ring doorbell. Oh, one more purchase I need to share…a few days ago while I was still in Ohio, I ordered one of the Woodwick Hearthwick candles that crackles like a nice, cozy fireplace. It’s really wonderful all the ways it is helpful. What are the differences between Video Doorbell, Video Doorbell 3, Video Doorbell 3 Plus, Peephole Cam, Video Doorbell Pro, Video Doorbell Elite?

Point the camera on your smartphone at the QR code or MAC ID barcode on the back of your Video Doorbell. I discovered it’s much more sophisticated than I had thought. These devices allow you to see who’s at your front door (live feed) and communicate with them even if you’re nowhere near

I am obsessed with them! It also helps with stray or lost pets who activate the video. I can’t wait to see if the installation is easy. The Ring Peephole Camera cannot be installed on a screen or storm door. Do you have a paid subscription? What I envisioned was a setup where if I’m working at my desk and someone comes to the door, an image of the porch and the person would automatically appear on a monitor here on my desk. I know, that was one of the reasons I kept resisting going with a Ring, but the Ring Doorbell is supposed to be so easy to install and use that I couldn’t justify calling a security company and paying hundreds of dollars for a separate system that would probably be much more involved to monitor/use. Fortunately, I’ve never had a package or anything go missing from my porch, but a camera could come in handy for that, as well. They have so many different systems, it took me a while to figure out which one to buy. My husband is wheelchair bound so if I’m doing errands I can see who is at the door give directions. The size you have is $9.99 and the smaller two wick size is $6.99. Gosh, I want to send you a Christmas present in return! Even with really expensive, high-end candles, I’ve always ended up with a well in the center.

It is just excellent. I can’t believe I’m just now finding them! If the main door has a peephole and there is a screen or storm door in front of it, a Peephole Cam can be installed on the main door, but it may not work properly.

XXX. Good for you, Susan! Sometimes you have to shuffle through the assortment to find the wooden lids with WW on the top, but I usually buy all I can find that have a good scent. Thank you for sharing the candle information! someone rings on your door, or Ring Doorbell sensors detect movement. I cannot get to the door anymore, so I give instructions re what to do to ensure my packages’ safety. You have the best tips on items! My son bought me one of the Woodwick candles for Christmas last year because he knows I love the sound of a crackling fire. They have some many great products that will cover every need, it seems. I called Ring and talked with a super nice guy in their customer service who explained the differences/features of the two systems. What scents did you buy? It happened while they were staying with us this summer so I got to see the really scary looking little fellow.

I can’t wait to get mine installed and start using it. I wonder what it sounds like?

It would save me a lot of running up and down the stairs this time if I did. Well, it turns out that’s not how it works at all–thankfully!
I noticed exactly what you mentioned, Leslie. looking forward to seeing how it works. I feel so much more safe knowing I will always know when anyone approaches my front yard or driveway. I love the little crackling sounds that you don’t get with a gas fireplace. However, paying out for at least the basic Ring subscription is a good idea. As a result, you’ll be able to direct your Ring device(s) with voice commands, as well as watch live videos from them if you have an Echo Show or Echo Spot. So you’ve done all the legwork for us! I have a front door but everyone comes to the back (live out in the country). I cannot travel anymore, but my daughter-in-law loves to travel internationally and your travel tips have given me many ideas for gifts she loves! Your “enthusiasm” is…catching!! Decorating, Tablescaping, Before and Afters, Thrifty Finds, and Gardening. I can’t wait to see how you like yours. I just ordered the candles! He said his phone lit up showing a guy approaching his door carrying a dark object down along his side. I have never seen one like that. We have the Ring doorbell and just love it! Never miss a Between Naps on the Porch post! Shared Users can: Answer and receive alerts when someone presses the doorbell or triggers motion sensors on cameras. Thanks for letting me know how much you enjoy yours, Linda! It will arrive on Saturday and I’ll be installing it this weekend. It looks like it could be done. You’ll find the Echo Spot I purchased as an additional display/monitor here: Echo Spot.

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