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In the coming months, big changes are likely in April's development, as she enters the last trimester of a giraffe's 15-month gestation period, and Patch says the park plans to launch several innovative and educational features to give fans of April the giraffe more ways to interact and learn while they watch and wait for the next baby giraffe to be born at Animal Adventure Park. All three "unanimously agree that this is the proper course of action.".

He was named by one of the park's former giraffe keepers, Allysa Swilley, after a naming contest revealed the most voted option to be "Allysa's choice.". April the Giraffe's famous son, Tajiri, to leave Animal Adventure Park in October, Here's everything you need to know about April the giraffe's pregnancy, IT'S A BOY! Tajiri went into the left side and when Oliver came in, Tajiri moved quickly to the Out Door, stopped in the doorway, looked back at Oliver, then moved on outside. Although Tajiri will no longer reside in April's enclosure at the park, she will soon have a new companion.

To move Tajiri, a professional transporter drove up from the Catskill area with a large aluminum livestock trailer, tall enough to fit a giraffe calf and low enough to the ground to make entrance and exit easy. This exhibit will take up a large portion of the anticipated Wilds of Asia expansion, originally planned to open in 2019.

The building will be used during the upcoming cold months and for future exhibitions. Meanwhile, in the barn built years back when the first giraffe stepped foot on the Animal Adventure Park property in Harpursville, April the giraffe is in the midst of her second pregnancy at the park. Earlier this week, Tajiri, the world’s most famous giraffe calf, said goodbye to his mom as he prepares to move to a new home. She's looking for stories that will make you laugh, cry or be inspired. April the Giraffe sprang to fame in February of 2017, when a live cam streamed her pregnancy with Tajiri to the world. 3:12. The park cited requirements and unsatisfied deadlines in the given time frame as reasons for cancelling the transfer.

Tajiri was born on April 15, 2017 to an audience of about about 1.2 million viewers on the live YouTube stream, and around 800,000 viewers of the park's Facebook Live video.

Tajiri has moved out.

There are three stalls in Tajiri's barn, which may soon be occupied by a new giraffe on the property. Tajiri has moved out. Park owner Jordan Patch says the chute is a space keepers will train Tajiri to walk into, in order to keep him stationary while he's given veterinary care, such as having his hooves trimmed. "We wholeheartedly were behind the transition of Tajiri to another facility," Patch said.

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