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So sparse you can almost hear the empty space in the studio, with sinister rhythms and hushed, spoken-word vocals, each track is more like a chapter in a book than a song. Obaro Ejimiwe picked up the 2011 Mercury Prize for Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam, his debut album as Ghostpoet, and recieved similar critical acclaim for his second, Some Say I So I Say Light. Boom! But listen closely to Arthur Lee’s lyrics and there’s an undercurrent of menace, like the musical equivalent of a David Lynch movie. Drunk is Stephen Bruner's third solo studio album, showing off songwriting that ranges from somber to comical and spans enough genres to make him a fusion artist.

Presto (Live From Yellow Lounge) ».

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Try Idlewild Warnings/Promises. We could imagine Holst leaving us a nasty Facebook comment when he saw The Planets on this list, given how much he despised its popularity. One of the more imaginative and whimsical pieces on the album, you’ll be able to identify every time Yo-Yo Ma’s bow hits the strings of his cello. The Blood Brothers' post-hardcore noise isn't for everybody's taste, but its intensity, and the fact they've succeeded where so many artists fail in traslating that to a studio recording, is the kind any audiophile ought be able to appreciate. The result was Dusty In Memphis, a record that didn’t make many waves when it was released but has since been recognised as one of the best releases of the 1960s – or any decade.

Try Kamasi Washington The Epic. Four decades into his musical career, Nick Cave still has the power to surprise – and Ghosteen is both a departure from his previous work (the songs’ subjects are more personal and confessional than Cave’s yet visited) and an album that feels apt and true to everything that has come before it. Try Godspeed You! There are of course more experimental and, some might say, more interesting Beatles albums than this.

Despite its critical success, the studio version of Tonight’s The Night is among Young’s thornier records, consisting mostly of loose, off-kilter one-take recordings and festering with end-of-the-hippie-dream cynicism; death, drugs and darkness abound. Des cymbales du début aux « cloches d'église » de la fin jouées par Tom Sholz avec sa guitare électrique, ce morceau vous accrochera de bout en bout. There are elements of Agaetis Byrjun that qualify it for such categorisation – it sounds epic in the true meaning of the word, not what you say when you’ve just eaten a really nice biscuit – but if anything it’s more post-folk, like Mogwai with flutes, horns and an orchestra rather than delay pedals and a volume dial. Listen to Like A Hurricane without getting goosebumps and perhaps we'll consider changing it. Nous avons rassemblé quelques-uns de nos morceaux préférés des albums présentés sur HDtracks’ Classic 100 Jazz, Jazz Best Sellers, Rock Best Sellers, Top Best Sellers et Audiophile Picks, ainsi que sur les meilleurs albums de Blue Coast Records. The trade-off is perhaps a lack the hookier songs that loomed large on previous Massive Attack albums, but when a new direction results in songs like Teardrop, we’re definitely on board. Try At The Drive-In Relationship Of Command. Love Flows Like A River Jacintha 2005 DSD512, Best Of Jacintha (2008 SACD) – Groove Note, The World’s Greatest Audiophile Vocal Recordings Vol.4 – Chesky, Diamond Voices Of The Fifties – (DSD128, 2016) Audiophile Music, Jazz Audiophile Voices (2009, 2CD) Blue CD Records, Jazz Audiophile Voices 2011 2CD Premium Records, Best Audiophile Voices Selection 2006 VA – Premium Records, Acoustic Audiophile Voices (2004 Premium Records) Various Artist, Come Away With Me – Norah Jones 1 (2012, SACD) – Analogue Pro, Absolute Voices II – (S2S, 2010) – Audiophile Voices, Acoustic Female Vocal (MF) – Audiophile Female Voices, Acoustic Male Vocal (MF, 2011) – Audiophile Male Voices, Female Audiophile Vol.2 – (2007, Master Music) Audiophile Music, Audiophile Female Voice (2007) – Audiophile Music, Female Audiophile Vol.1 – Master Music (2005) Stereo SACD, Best Audiophile Male Voices (2015) – Various Artists – Hitman Jazz, Audiophile Male Voices (2009) – Audiophile Music, Best Vocal of Male Singers – Audiophile Male Voice (2007), AYA Authentic Audio Check (2011, SACD) – Stockfisch, Art of Recording 3 (2016, SACD) Stockfisch Records, Art of Recording 2 (2014) Stockfisch Records, Art of Recording Vol.1 2007 Stockfisch Records. Enregistré à l'origine au Neue Heimat de Berlin, ce morceau dévoile l'âme créative d'Anne-Sophie Mutter et nous présente son talent à l'état brut. It might be a dark journey, but it’s also musically irresistible thanks to the lush arrangements, in which organs and strings feature prominently. All Mobile, Tablets & Smart Devices products.

More thoughtful than the shock and awe of ‘90s gangsta rap, it can actually be played in reverse order, flipping the narrative on its head. Curated music collection focused on the highest fidelity, finest music available.

You’ll be able to hear every improvisation and spontaneous note in “All Blues” that captures the pure joy of the jazz genre. Try Notorious B.I.G. Completely remastered from the original analogue tapes, OKNOTOK also includes three unreleased tracks and eight B-sides from the period. In an attempt to boost her musical credibility, British swinging sixties icon Dusty Springfield decided to make an album of soul songs – and record it in a city forever associated with the origins of soul and blues. When Kentucky's Slint released Spiderland in 1991 it sounded so far removed from the music Pearl Jam, Guns 'n' Roses et al were making (despite using exactly the same instruments) reviewers started calling the album post-rock. Buy it on Amazon: Radiohead Hail To The Thief, MORE: 10 of the best OK Computer cover versions to test your system. 36.3k posts. Black Emperor Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven. There’s a wide dynamic range here, so this is one big recent release that hasn’t fallen victim to what horrified audiophiles refer to as the "loudness wars". Pas de pénurie de musique haute résolution par ici, vous pouvez parcourir les sites de téléchargement de musique pour audiophiles autant que vous le souhaitez et vivre à nouveau le joyeux moment de la découverte d'un nouvel artiste ou d'un nouvel album de l'un de vos artistes préférés.

While you could argue for days about which of Young’s 40-odd LPs is the best, few offer as complete a picture of his range as a songwriter than After The Gold Rush, an all-killer-no-filler record offering mournful piano ballads (the title track and Birds), down-home sing-alongs (Cripple Creek Ferry) and angry axe-wielding stompers (Southern Man). Recorded over two years in 19 studios and with almost as many engineers, it’s dominated by Kevin Shields’ trademark tremolo-heavy guitar plus layer upon layer of samples: sampled guitars, sampled drums, sampled vocals, sampled samples. Buy it on Amazon: Nine Inch Nails The Downward Spiral, Like this? Opener Burn The Witch dates back to the Kid A sessions, although it’s far less familiar to fans than long-time live favourite True Love Waits, which has its mournful piano bolstered by a bed of fluttering percussion. Chansons populaires de tous les genres pour audiophiles. Download Wish You Were Here (44.1kHz/16bit) here. Everything on it sounds massive, with Aaron Turner’s vocals buried somewhere deep in the middle, like he’s bellowing from the bottom of a collapsing sinkhole.

That doesn’t mean it’s ever predictable but there’s far more restraint here than you’d expect from a man who toured with Suicidal Tendencies and has a pet cat called Turbo Tron Over 9000 Baby Jesus Sally Hot Carl. Thank you for signing up to What Hi-Fi?. “You’ve Got a Secret” is the only one of Cole’s songs on “Night,” her first studio album since 2007.

Buy it on Amazon: Frank Sinatra In The Wee Small Hours. It would be Nirvana’s last album recorded before Kurt Cobain’s suicide, and hindsight adds extra weight to songs like Pennyroyal Tea, Something In The Way and the soul-wrenching closer Where Did You Sleep Last Night. Astonishingly, she ended up recording her vocals for the album in a single hour-long session. But you can tell every single note on A Deeper Understanding has been recorded and re-recorded until it sounds exactly right, with slightly more focus on shimmering synths than their previous records. Less an album and more an hour-long exercise in pain and suffering, The Holy Bible is nonetheless one of the outstanding, er, albums of the past 30 years. This is a true sensory experience like no other, and a proper headphone listen. Before Iceland’s Sigur Ros became the go-to band to soundtrack every Attenborough documentary they sat awkwardly on the edge of post-rock – but it was a genre that never seemed to fit them. audiophile. Reminiscent of a Beach Boys album with a classic Weezer twist of irony, this opening number is sure to remind you of long days spent by the beach. Brian Eno's fascination with complexity born of simplicity is spotlighted marvellously on Ambient 1. The tracks are arranged and recorded with a rare perfectionism (Springfield ended up re-recording all her vocals in New York because she was unhappy with the Memphis takes) and the songs hit a sweet spot between soul and pop that suggests Dusty was way ahead of her time. Absurd brilliance.

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