battle of the lys

Exhausted by an uninterrupted struggle against an enemy very much superior in numbers and material, we have been forced to surrender. [6] The British spared a brigade and a machine gun battalion, their only reserves, to assist in the delay.

[9] The Belgian Command began resorting to flooding the canals to contain the Germans. The Battles of the Lys, 1918. Once again Ludendorff had failed to achieve his main target.

 • Poison gas During the 1930s, the British government planned to deter war by rearming from the very low level of readiness of the early 30s and abolished the Ten Year Rule. This was in direct contradiction of their officer's orders, which were ignored.

The Battle of Arras took place on 21 May 1940, during the Battle of France in the Second World War. [8] The German 256th Infantry Division managed to cross over the canal at Balgerhoeck and attack Eeklo. The Belgians began destroying their artillery as they exhausted their munitions and retreated.

The battle was named after the river Leie (known as Lys in French), where the battlefield was situated (in Belgium and in Northern-France). Haig requested reinforcements from the new Allied commander, but Foch was unwilling to move troops north, and was also having some problems with Pétain, whose would have had to provide the reinforcements. The Battle of the Lys and the Escaut was the third and last phase of the Second Battle of Belgium (French: 2ème Bataille de Belgique) or the Ypres-Lys Offensive, and took place in Belgium between 20 October and 11 November 1918. On 8 and 9 November the French launched a new attack, which was repulsed by the Germans, but which nevertheless resulted in a new bridgehead between Oudenaarde and Melden.[6]. [6] The advance exhausted the Allied troops and the 37th and 91st divisions of the US Army were sent to Belgium to support the third phase of the offensive, which had as its goal driving the Germans east of the Escaut (Scheldt) River.

The British 40th Division (to the north of the Portuguese) collapsed under the German attack and fell back to the north.

 • Race to the Sea, • Second Battle of Ypres  • Revolutions and interventions in Hungary (1918–1920) Tomorrow we will set to work with the firm intention of raising our country from its ruins.

 • Polish–Soviet War (1919–1921) [3] In the subsequent Vinkt massacre, 86 civilians in the village were killed by vengeful German troops. On 2 November, the Germans were forced to fall back on the Ghent–Terneuzen Canal, which they held until the end of the war.  • Belgium The German retreat had not been a rout, but was relatively well organized with very mobile "Machinen Gewehr Kompanies" attacking the advancing Allies and which inflicted many casualties. [6] At midday the Belgian Army informed the French head of the mission to the Army Headquarters, General Pierre Champon that, "the Army has nearly reached the limits of its endurance. The Siege of Ypres saw a Republican French army commanded by Jean-Charles Pichegru invest the fortress of Ypres and its 7,000-man garrison composed of Habsburg Austrians under Paul von Salis and Hessians led by Heinrich von Borcke and Georg von Lengerke. [2], The German attacking forces were the Sixth Army in the south (under von Quast), and the Fourth Army in the north (under Sixt von Armin). Both armies included substantial numbers of the new Stosstruppen, trained to lead attacks in the new Hutier tactics. The Belgians were struggling to hold Izegem, Nevele, and Ronsele. The Sixth Army then attacked with eight divisions.

List of ranks in the fire, police, jail, and corrections services of the Philippines, People of the American Civil War by state, Articles containing Portuguese-language text, Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia, Battles of World War I involving Portugal, Battles of World War I involving the United Kingdom, Battles of World War I involving Australia, Battles of the Western Front (World War I), "Operational Art and the German 1918 Offensives",,, "The Portuguese Expeditionary Corps in World War I: From Inception to Destruction, 1914–1918",, The Battle of the Lys 1918, 4th Battle of Ypres: Kemmel, List of British Forces involved in the battles, film documents on the Battles of Ypres at, German prisoners of war in the United States,

 • Second Battle of Arras However, a counterattack by the 4th Carabiners Cyclists at Knesselaere yielded 120 [3] –200 [12] German prisoners. On 24 May, a heavy German attack forced Allied troops to fall back at Kortrijk over the Lys to the 1st and 3rd Belgian divisions. The British 5th and 33rd Divisions were also moved there. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Battle of the Lys, 1918: Givenchy and the River Law (Battleground Ypres). [15], The battle was one of the bloodiest of the Belgian campaign; of Belgium's 80,000 casualties from the invasion, 40,000 occurred between 25–27 May. The regiment reported that the Belgians were retreating in the face of superior forces, while they themselves sporadically engaged the Germans. General der Panzertruppe (Lieutenant-General) Heinz Guderian, the commander of XIX Corps, protested that he wanted to rush north up the Channel coast to capture Boulogne, Calais and Dunkirk.  • Treaty of Lausanne  • United States  • Polish–Lithuanian War (1920) In early September 1939, France began the limited Saar Offensive. By 26 May the Allied position was becoming desperate. Its official British Army name, which is borne on the battle honours of a number of regiments, is that given here. While the arrival of thousands of US troops boosted Allied manpower, the Germans could not afford such losses despite men arriving from the Eastern Front.

It was the bloodiest of the 18 Days' Campaign.  • Damascus

 • Convoy system  • Greece It was clear that Georgette could not achieve its objectives; on 29 April the German High Command called off the offensive. The German assault struck the Portuguese 2nd Division, which held a front of about 11 kilometres (6.8 mi). Now in twenty days everything gained in 1917 had been lost. The battle was named after the river Leie (known as the Lys in French), where the battlefield was situated. In Belgium the Groupe d'Armées des Flandres (GAF) was formed under the command of King Albert I of Belgium, with the French General Jean Degoutte as Chief of Staff, comprising twelve Belgian divisions, ten divisions of the British Second Army and six divisions of the French Sixth Army. The battle took its name from the river Leie (Lys in French) which ran through the …  • Maritz Rebellion (1914–1915) By 10 November, the Belgian Army had reached the western outskirts of Ghent. Battle of the Lys, 9-29 April 1918.  • Spring Offensive  • China King Leopold's decision to remain with his army and surrender was seen as traitorous by Hubert Pierlot and the Belgian government in exile. Bruges was the only major Belgian city not yet taken by the Germans.  • Popular culture, • Sykes-Picot

The Battle of the Lys, 1918: Givenchy and the River Law (Battleground Ypres) - Kindle edition by Tomaselli, Phil.  • Second Battle of Champagne [8] The German 256th Infantry Division managed to cross over the canal at Balgerhoeck and attack Eeklo. All hopes of saving the Belgian Army were lost.

 • Battle of Cambrai, • Treaty of Brest-Litovsk Total production numbers are unclear and have been underestimated for political reasons, both before and after World War II, but are generally estimated at 300 vehicles, although not all were available or fully outfitted on 10 May 1940, the start of the Battle of Belgium. In 1794 Ypres was part of the Austrian Netherlands, but today it is a municipality in Belgium, located about 120 kilometres (75 mi) west of Brussels. The Battle of the Lys, also known as the Fourth Battle of Ypres, was fought from 7 to 29 April 1918 and was part of the German Spring Offensive in Flanders during the First World War. On 9 April 1918 the Portuguese Expeditionary Corps (Corpo Expedicionário Português, CEP) was about to enter a new, and as yet undefined, phase of its existence.  • Kaocen Revolt (1916-1917)  • Brusilov Offensive

History will relate that the Army did its duty to the full.

By 11:00, the line had been breached north of Maldegem, in the center near Ursel, and to the right near Thielt and Roeselare. By 26 May the Allied position was becoming desperate. The Belgians laid down their arms at 04:00 on 28 May. and French language: 3ème Bataille des Flandres, was part of the 1918 German offensive in Flanders during World War I, also known as the Spring Offensive. [12], By 11 April, the British situation was desperate; it was on this day that Haig issued his famous "Backs to the wall" order. On 10 April von Armin’s Fourth Army launched their attack.  • Battle of Sarikamish

Davies, C. B.; Edmonds, J. E.; Maxwell-Hyslop, R. G. B. [25], • French Empire Middlebrook estimated French casualties as 80,000 and German as c. 250,000 with 50–60,000 lightly wounded.

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