benefits of feedback in control system mcq

We will Provide You Notes on all Major subject of electrical engineering. b. A- 3, B- 4, C- 2, D- 1 b.

Agreement a. 18. a. d. Imaginary negative. In a control system, the controller output is given to: 7.

a. Assymetric

To the left of an imaginary axis b. Observability c) Spring 0000009153 00000 n

a. a. 1.Transient response in the system is basically due to. 0000009903 00000 n 1.Transient response in the system is basically due to, a) Forces 83)   If an impulse response of a system is e-5t, what would be its transfer function? In control system excessive bandwidth is not employed because c. Arithmetic operations Ans: (d), a) Time domain

0000006674 00000 n

a. b) Reduce the sensitivity to plant parameter variations b.

b. b.

b. Invertible 94)   For a unity feedback system with G(s) = 10 / s2, what would be the value of centroid?

d) Fluid capacity a. View Answer, 13. 0000009024 00000 n b.


a. d. All of the above. a) It does not compensate for disturbance 0000002301 00000 n 415 0 obj << /Linearized 1 /O 420 /H [ 2399 365 ] /L 208253 /E 14760 /N 36 /T 199834 >> endobj xref 415 87 0000000016 00000 n b. Non-zero

c) It leads to slower time response c. Acceleration 1-2-3-4

0000004539 00000 n d. All of the above. B. a) High pass filter b. Vector a.

d. Retardation.

50)   Associative law for summing point is applicable only to those summing points which are __________connected to each other. Zeros Be unity c) Insulators

a. ξ = 0.3

66)   Which point on root locus specifies the meeting or collision of two poles? c. Datums

c. Switching time d) -2.22

d. Input signals (except noise). a) 1.11 107)   If the system is represented by G(s) H(s) = k (s+7) / s (s +3) (s + 2), what would be its magnitude at ω = ∞? d) None of the above, Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) of Electronics page-13:181. A is true, B is false c. Both A & B are true Feedback path a. Density of curve a. Resonant frequency a) The saturation voltage VCF of silicon transistor is more than germanium transistor. State vector 0000008088 00000 n c. Take-off Closed loop poles b.

113)   Which among the following constitute the state model of a system in addition to state equations? 0000003428 00000 n

• Feedback controllers • Control system design output input----- = fD() The general form x F---4 + D D2 ++4D 16 = -----An example.

d. All of the above. 0000005640 00000 n 0000002358 00000 n 0000012934 00000 n b. d. ξ = 1. b. Summing point in parallel with take-off point 20 dB/decade d. None of the above. 0000011428 00000 n

Which of the following statement is correct? The type 0 system has ______ at the origin.

d. Unpredictable, 35)   Conventional control theory is applicable to ______ systems, a. SISO 1/ s – 5 16)   Where are the dummy nodes added in the branch with unity gain? Automatic washing machine c. Divided

b) Minority carriers

0000010628 00000 n Which of the statements are the advantages of closed loop systems over the open loop system:

d) Less stable but more accurate

B. H(s) ———- 2) Laplace of output signal It remains constant State variables Actually, Fig. Serial number of loop

Unity d. None of the above. 0000004788 00000 n

d) Electrons Ans: (c), a) Control system transient response b. A Closed loop system is basically different from open loop control system due to: 2. 0000004278 00000 n 0000006956 00000 n c. Both a and b b.

82)   What should be the nature of bandwidth for a good control system?

Impulse response

A control system in which control action depends on the output is called the __ control system a) Open loop b) Closed loop c) Stable d) Unstable Ans: A Answer 4.

b. c. I/O interface Implementation of optimal design

c. Both a and b

Easy maintenance a.

At I pursue my love for teaching.

d. None of the above. Ans: (c).

c. Speed of input b. Velocity %PDF-1.2 %���� By addition The change in the performance of the system due to parameter variations is reduced. d. CPU.

10. a. Circles 102)   At which frequency does the magnitude of the system becomes zero dB?

b. 0000006862 00000 n

a. b. ωr > ωn Separated d) None of these is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links. c. Imaginary positive At input & output nodes d. Random. c) No change in transient response c. Decibel ElectricalNotes4u is a Blog for Electrical Engineering Students who want to learn Electrical Engineering online. d) The transient response decays at slow rate 24)   If a pole is located at s = -5 in left-hand plane (LHP), how will it be represented in Laplace domain?

41)   Which among the following controls the speed of D.C. motor? c. 2.3421 rad/s a) Reduction in gain c) Automatic regulating system d. None of the above. d. Decaying. Fig. c. Differentiability b. b. a.

Input given to an elevator

77)   In P-D controller, the derivative action plays a significant role in increasing _______ of response. c. (s+1) / (s+5)

b) Transient behavior Enhances d. Deviation, 32)   In an octave frequency band, the ratio of f2 / f1 is equivalent to ________. 117)   Which among the following is a disadvantage of modern control theory? b. Unstable

Ans: (d), a) Steady state behavior b.

d. Impulse response, 7)   Basically, poles of transfer function are the laplace transform variable values which causes the transfer function to become ___________, a. The type 2 system has ______ at the origin.

0000003019 00000 n c) Band pass filter d. Requirement of system recalibration from time to time, ANSWER: (d) Requirement of system recalibration from time to time. 39)   Which controller has the potential to eliminate/overcome the drawback of offset in proportional controllers? 1)   Which terminology deals with the excitation or stimulus applied to the system from an external source for the generation of an output?

Less than b) CUJT Ans: b. 0000003675 00000 n

d. Mesh. 0000006016 00000 n This ability to invert a transfer function is called reversibility.

0000008918 00000 n

B. reference and input.

19. 2-4. b. Decaying exponential c) Stored energy

100)   In frequency response, the resonance frequency is basically a measure of _______ of response. d) Noise is proportional to the square of the bandwidth Benefits ® Our full AUTOMATION of the processes will allow you a ... “MCQ FCT” (Feedback Control Technology). 4. 2. a. Galvanometer b. Gauss meter c. Potentiometer d. Tachometer. #mcq on Control System for Electrical Engineering, #control system questions and answers for gate.

92)   If the system is represented by characteristic equation s6 + s4 + s3 + s2 + s + 3 = 0, then the system is_________, a. Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on Transmission and Distribution for Electrical Engineering 1. c. Error signal Many unnecessary disturbances and noise signals from outside the system can be rejected. a. 1/ s + 5 12)   Consider the assertions related to block diagram. a) Instability

The transient response of a system is mainly due to: b) Is sometimes used to increase the loop gain of the feedback system, c) Has the transfer function with a negative sign in the denominator. 0000006768 00000 n

In a control system the use of negative

d. By integration. 68)   If the system is specified by open loop transfer function G(s)H(s) = k / s(s+3) (s + 2), how many root loci proceed to end at infinity? a.

Answer Explanation ANSWER: Tachometer. b.

c. Infinite Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on Control System for Electrical Engineering. d) To increase stability of the system Poles 10.

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