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Some divers out there prefer to have all their gauges in one place. It’s hard to go wrong with a tried and true analog compass. Here are 10 of the best dive compasses that will help you navigate the beautiful underwater world. This means you’ll need to hold your wrist level when using the compass or risk the dial getting stuck and displaying inaccurate information. This DGX design is not the most advanced model available but it has a very friendly price tag. In this case, a retractable model is ideal because you can bring it closer to your face. With the Kittiwake sitting at a maximum depth of 75 feet, and its shallowest point at 27 feet, this dive site is suitable for snorkellers, scuba divers, and freedivers alike. Hope you enjoy! But the Phantom Aquatics Wrist Compass is a budget option, and we believe you get what you pay for: adequate navigational ability for a very low price.

The reading is accurate when the card, i.e. Which is best analog or digital dive compass? All these benefits come with a steep price tag, however, and the SK8 is easily the most expensive traditional compass on our list. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This will allow you to see the direction when you are checking your depth and air supply.

The choice is entirely dependent on what you need the compass for. Some divers are so focused on their compass that they end up swimming right past their pick up location. Scuba diving is more than a passion to me, it's a part of who I am. It is also easy to read thanks to the luminous face, a very clear and bold red lubber line so no mistaking your course and it features the addition of a double-pointer on the ratcheted bezel so no mistaking North direction and all this puts it on our list of best scuba compasses.
What if something happens to me? The less viscous option allows your compass to be more responsive but also means the dial is more susceptible to your individual movements. Besides the add-on module, Suunto also released a retractable version of the SK8.

If you are diving toward a specific point, then a compass helps you to find that point. Shark Diving Hawaii; Educational Fun or Epic Insanity? Cleaning your dive compass is an easy process. Sherwood has given us a very reliable yet cost-effective dive compass in the Genesis.

Some compasses come with a carabiner that will hook to one of your shoulder straps. Analog vs digital dive compasses, which is best. You can opt out at any time. We also know that personalization is in the details, so we offer many different compass dive Couleur like Black , WHITE , Bleu , Vert armée , Jaune , green , Rouge , Rose , Gris clair , VIOLET, and others.

I am such a big fan I decided to start this website to review all my favorite products and some others. You can also get a wrist-mounted compass. ", The Cressi Compass is made just for you with its hose mounting option. Want to learn more about a technical term? Easiest to Read: XS Scuba Retractable Supertilt, 2. So the higher the tilt tolerance of a compass the better it is, especially if you are reasonably new to diving as your movement in the water could cause the needle jamming to become a problem during use. For more of our top scuba diving gear recommendations, check out these popular articles: Dan is a traveler, climber, diver, and hiking guide. This product has great accuracy, with a good tilt range, thanks to the powerful magnetic power card. Dive compasses require some type of liquid filling in order to protect the delicate compass mechanism from changing pressures as you dive into deeper water.

Using the side window at eye level and look for the lubber line and adjust the compass towards your heading. Trusted by professionals, Suunto manufactures world renowned sports watches, dive computers and precision instruments for the toughest conditions. They are very accurate and the most important thing about them is that they will never run out of battery. Although most dive computers have a digital compass included a lot of experienced divers still like to have the older technology of an analog compass with them for ease of use and for peace of mind. That’s where digital dive compasses integrated into your dive computer come in. The faceplate becomes illuminated at night time which allows you to work easily. There are two aspects of visibility that you need to check, the markings and the luminosity. When you add oil and start filling up the capsule, all the air inside it will exit through the second hole. The design of this model is focused on readability with large clear numbers on the display. The face and numbers are bigger making it easier to read underwater. This goes for both the bezel and the interior. If you prefer having your underwater dive compasses on a separate hand to your dive computer then this is a solid choice at a reasonable price. Conclusion. Retractable Clip: Your compass will attach directly to your BCD via a plastic clip or carabiner with a retractable cord. This consequently makes this compass cumbersome to deal with, but that may be a small price to pay for folks who will benefit from the easy to read display. Discover. Different brands have different methods for providing a luminescent face but the Oceanglo used in Oceanic products is one of the more advanced examples. Using a dive compass underwater saves you stress and confusion in trying to navigate. All you have to do is rinse it a couple of times in water to remove the salt that has been caught on it. Q: Should I Choose A Digital Or An Analog Compass? Always keep the compass at an even level for an accurate reading. But some manufacturers, such as Suunto, have developed an ingenious method to make dive compass balancing universal between hemispheres. You will find a high quality compass dive at an affordable price from brands like Hewolf. }. Great performance and durability. Reading this compass is easy with its excellent tilt range as well as the sensitive face plate. "@type": "Answer", "acceptedAnswer": {

Depending on your setup, your dive compass can be either on your wrist or attached to your BCD. Jumping into the beautiful subsea realm of scuba diving is an exciting adventure.

Beginner or intermittent divers may not be prepared for a major investment in their dive compass yet. A compass is a device that contains a magnetized pointer that interacts with the Earth’s magnetic fields and helps you find the direction of magnetic north and your bearings from it. Best Budget Add-On: XS Scuba Compass Module, 9. the indicator pointing north, remains in the same position. Proprietary design ensures quick response and smooth... Oceanglo_ luminescent floating card absorbs light and glows... Full Tilt Compass with automatic spring loaded retractor. This is not the most accurate compass on our list, and we only recommend it for basic navigation purposes. Top and side reading allow for even better and easier readings.

The convenient side window allows quick reference of large, easy-to-read bearing indicators on a luminescent display for gun-sight accuracy. Your choice will mostly depend on your personal preference, so let’s examine a few of the most common options.
A good dive compass can be the only tool that helps you make it back to safety. The ratcheting bezel is also easy to grip and twist with diving gloves for easy operation. Let us know how it has added to your dive in the comment section below. An analog device is more accurate and reliable in the water. Depending on your setup, your dive compass can be either on your wrist or attached to your BCD. The liquid is sealed in these compasses with a bubble of air. This is a good budget choice if you are a recreational diver and just want to get a bearing on the direction you want. A diving compass will ensure that you never become lost under the water. add a compass module to their dive computer or console, Includes retractor cord and quick-release buckle, Very easy to read from almost any angle and with limited visibility, Oceanglo offers better visibility in low light conditions, Accurate and responsive, even when not level, Oceanglo face for better, faster and longer visibility. This design also has a large north and south marking on the ratcheted bezel which should give you an even better idea of your direction. OUR TOP PICK. For example, if you have a smaller wrist you do not want to make yourself more clunky by wearing a wrist-mounted dive compass that is too big for you.

Both the 360-degree bezel and face have large numbers in 30-degree increments and bold cardinal directions for quick read navigation. Here is more about our approach. Oceanic seems to make a habit out of producing very visible dive compasses. It’s still good practice to carry one in case you get separated from your buddy’s compass breaks. The Genesis boasts a very rugged design that’s well equipped to take the jostling and occasional bumps of SCUBA diving.

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