ethical issues of transgenic animals

First are issues that pertain to the impact of this technology on the animals themselves. The technique has value toward the end of the animal model's use in the institution's research program both from the perspective of animal welfare and for cost savings. animal development. with the protocol submission. We suggest including the following tests that will serve as a standard baseline for all models in a minimum general phenotyping screen: clinical chemistries, complete blood count and differential, urinalysis, gross and histopathology of major organs, abnormal gross tissues and expected target organs, and a physical examination similar to that described by Crawley with components from the Irwin Observational Battery and the SHIRPA test (Crawley 2000). The ethical review process is complicated by the fact that many techniques Although it is difficult to predict outcomes with respect to animal welfare and adverse phenotypes, an important reason for attempting to list potential detrimental outcomes of a genetic manipulation is to aid in the development of monitoring protocols and endpoints. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website.

Biotechnology from A to Z. pp. © Institute for Laboratory Animal Research, The Impact of Social and Behavioral Factors on Reproducibility in Terrestrial Vertebrate Models, Virtue Ethics and Laboratory Animal Research, The Influence of Feed and Drinking Water on Terrestrial Animal Research and Study Replicability, Complex Microbiota in Laboratory Rodents: Management Considerations, About the Institute for Laboratory Animal Research,, Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic, Copyright © 2020 Institute for Laboratory Animal Research. on the created transgenic animal; and the effects on their progeny. animal production and use. Ethical issues relating to Transgenic animals. Want To Cure Your Vitiligo? One of the animals are not easily replaceable, the cost of containment is an important Another example would be an animal that has been modified with genes that give it the ability to secrete a human protein. ( Log Out /  Recently the Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) To make both scientific and animal welfare decisions at each stage, it is necessary to have a thorough knowledge of the animal model—in this case, phenotypic expression of the GM animal. If only I had been told about it sooner, it would have saved me years of pain and exhaustion. For example, if only the homozygous animals have adverse phenotypes, one might consider maintaining the colony by breeding heterozygous X wild-type so that only heterozygous and wild-type mice are routinely maintained.

It is possible for the researcher and veterinary team to work together to develop a customized monitoring plan to ensure that unacceptable deterioration of animal welfare does not occur due to the development of an adverse phenotype.

Morbidity and mortality data are reviewed weekly. Then click the Insert Picture icon, 1. One important design decision that will directly influence the phenotype of the GE mouse is the background strain one selects to receive the genetic manipulation (Linder 2001). I still can't believe it. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.

Following initial development and phenotypic characterization, the next stage in the establishment of a GE animal model is the production phase. When designing a transgenic mouse model, there are many factors to consider. Embryo freezing is used for the preservation of transgenic strains.

15 docs. The use of farm animals for the production of human pharmaceuticals raises difficult animal welfare issues. 1. The goal of this evaluation would be to reveal any special needs or problems with a strain. To facilitate data collection, we recommend that all personnel working with GE animals (including veterinary technicians, research technicians, animal care staff, and investigators) receive clinical observation training that covers normal rodent behavior, reproductive biology, and frequently observed clinical conditions (e.g., malocclusion, hydrocephaly, dermatitis, bite wounds, barbering). A useful starting point for a web-based search is the Mouse Genome Informatics resource (, which provides integrated access to data on genetics, genomics, and biology of laboratory mouse strains including a section on phenotypes and alleles. effect of a novel transgenic manipulation will be on the animals. This Contemporary Issues. as any dates, observations or laboratory analysis information. divided into two interrelated parts: first, the justification for creation Humane endpoints for genetically engineered animal models. in Animal A comprehensive form for the standardized characterization of transgenic rodents: Genotype, phenotype, welfare assessment, recommendations for refinement [in German]. In many cases, no clinical signs or disease may be expressed, but changes exist in metabolic pathways or physiological processes that may have no visible or substantial effect on animals. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. involve species to be held outside the confines of the laboratory. Others claim that life is not fixed in terms of God’s creation , as animals naturally evolve and become extinct naturally. protect colonies against disease, contamination or any other cause of loss, Homozygous animals as well as any heterozygous and wild-type littermates can then be used on study. The influence of genetic background on spontaneous and genetically engineered mouse models of complex diseases. Examples of special needs accommodations for imported genetically engineered animal lines, Cross-fostering for lines that develop mammary tumors or have poor lactation, Diets with a variety of supplements, (e.g., calcium, glucose, vitamins) based on the disease model characteristics, Absorbent bedding and increased frequency of cage changes for diabetic animals, Diet and/or water source provided on the bottom of the cage for animals that are small or debilitated or for neurological models with balance problems, Supplemental bedding for nesting material and shelters for animals with thermoregulatory issues or poor maternal characteristics, Treatments (e.g., insulin, leptin) based on disease model characteristics or antibiotics for immunosuppressed models that have opportunistic pathogens (e.g., Pneumocystis carinni), Use of electrocautery and clotting accelerators for animals with clotting disorders, Altered breeding schemes to minimize production of animals with adverse phenotypes, Removal of males from breeding cage before birth of pups to address cannibalism, Scheduled monitoring for expected clinical signs (e.g., loss of righting reflex with neurodegenerative models, blood or urine glucose levels with diabetic models, palpation for masses with tumor models), Early retirement of breeders before phenotype onset. 2003; Glenn 2003; Moore and Mepham 1995).
has become widespread as genetic engineering technologies have permitted ATLA 23:380-397. of biotechnologists to reveal proprietary information is understandable. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Over the past twenty years or so, the confluence of embryology and genetic Chapter 16 - Environmental Issues. Sculpter Patricia Piccinini’s creation called “The young familiy” may just be a piece of art, but the idea is getting closer and closer to reality.

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