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How far are we from a zero-carbon transportation sector? Fortis LNG is the only Canadian company currently supplying clean, low-cost LNG to Asia.

Did you know we own and operate almost 50,000 kilometres of gas line? The Fortis community is made of loyal and proud owners. Fortis IBA handed RoSPA President’s (11 consecutive Golds) Award for health and safety practices August 12, 2020-Fortis IBA has been handed a prestigious award in recognition of its practices and achievements in helping our staff and subcontractors get home safely at the end of the working day. Evacuation Rate Relief Tariff Amendment Application, Muskwa River pipeline crossing CPCN application, 2019-2020 Revenue Requirements Application, 2015-2016 Revenue Requirements Application, 2017-2018 Revenue Requirements Application, Revelstoke Propane Portfolio Cost Amalgamation Application, Capital expenditure and system development plan, Certificate of public convenience and necessity applications, 2012 Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) project, 2007 Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) Project, Cooper conductor replacement (CCR) project, Corra Linn spillgates replacement project, Distribution substation automation project, Grand Forks Terminal Station Reliability CPCN Project, Okanagan transmission reinforcement project, Kelowna Bulk Transformer Addition CPCN Project, 2018 Demand side management expenditures application, 2017 Demand side management expenditures application, 2015-2016 Demand side management expenditures application, Electric vehicle DCFC service rate application, Electric vehicle charging station inquiry, 2017 Net metering tariff reconsideration application, 2016 Net metering tariff update application, 2015 RS50 street lighting tariff application, 2017 RS50 street lighting tariff update application – type III, Residential conservation inclining block rate (RCR) or residential inclining block (RIB) rate, 2016 Treatment for major capital expenditures under the 2014-2019 PBR plan, 2014-2018 Multi-year performance based ratemaking plan, 2012-2013 revenue requirements application and integrated system plan, 2020 Annual Review for 2020 and 2021 Rates, Self-generation policy stage 1 application, Self-generation policy stage II application, Ellison community solar pilot project application, FortisBC Huntingdon Inc. (HIPCO) natural gas facilities, Natural gas planning and stakeholder engagement, Upper Bonnington Refurbishment Project photo gallery, Electricity planning and stakeholder engagement. Learn

FORTIS Airbase In cooperation with SKYDIVE Switzerland we have established the FORTIS Airbase in Reichenbach.
Fortis Place, Suite 1100, We pass on the statutory VAT reduction to you. 214/2016 OIC 609/2016, Projects and certificates of public convenience and necessity (CPCNs), 2015 FEI Remove data location restriction, 2018 Application to Exempt Employee Information from 2015 Data Order, Distribution mobile solution CPCN application, Huntingdon station bypass CPCN application, Kootenay River Crossing (Shoreacres) upgrade, FEI Lower Mainland IP system upgrade CPCN application, FEI Section 32-33 Application for Use of Lands in City of Coquitlam for the LMIPSU Project, Tilbury property purchase CPCN application, FEI and City of Kelowna Application for Approval of Terms for an Operating Agreement, City of Coquitlam Reconsideration and Variance of Order G-80-19, FEI and City of Castlegar Application for an Operating Agreement, FEI Application for Approval of Operating Agreement with the City of Enderby, City of Williams Lake Operating Agreement, Pattullo Gas Line Replacement CPCN Application, Rate design and common rates applications, 2014 FEU common delivery rates methodology application, ​2013 FEU reconsideration and variance application of G-26-13, 2012 FEU common rates, amalgamation and rate design application, 1993 BC Gas rate design application phase B, 1991 BC Gas rate design application phase A, 2015 ROE and capital structure application for 2016, 2012 ROE and BCUC generic cost of capital proceeding, 2009 ROE and capital structure application, 2005​ ROE and capital structure application, Revenue requirements, annual reviews and performance based rate plans, 2016 Depreciation and net salvage rate changes, 2012-2013 Revenue requirements applications, 2010-2011 Revenue requirements application, 2020-2024 Multi-Year Rate Plan (FEI and FBC), 2020 Annual Review for 2020 and 2021 Delivery Rates, System extension and customer connection policies, 2007 System extension and customer connection policies, 2018 Application for Change to System Extension Fund Pilot Program, US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), 2014 US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), 2011 US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), FortisBC Energy Inc. and FortisBC Inc. Meet the members of our executive team and our Board of Directors. Billing support for customers affected by COVID-19. F: 709.737.5307 all service disconnections for any financial reasons at this time. PO Box 8837

Plus we’ve got rebates.

Interested in signing up for Renewable Natural Gas?

Our customer service representatives are here to assist you if you're facing financial difficulty for any reason. What is Renewable Natural Gas, and how is it made? FortisBC has a proud history of service to BC communities. – The Fortis B-42 Official Cosmonaut Chronograph Watch Review. OK. Not every single watch has gone into space but each watch gets highly inspected before it leaves the building. In addition to providing the safe, sustainable and reliable delivery of energy to you, our priority is the health and well-being of our customers, employees and the Look here for answers to questions about Fortis shares. Abundant, low-cost natural gas supply Are you a manufacturer of an innovative technology.

The difference will be deducted at the checkout. Before speaking to a natural gas salesperson, Compare FortisBC natural gas rates with gas marketers’ rates, Signing a contract with a natural gas marketer, Gas marketer complaints and contract disputes, Guide to logging an online contract dispute, Submitting supporting or rebuttal evidence for your contract dispute, Natural gas heating and cooling and appliances, Cool comfort: natural gas furnace plus air conditioner, Understanding your net metering electricity bill, Account managers for commercial, industrial and business customers, Measurement industry websites, publications and papers, Transportation services: buying from a transportation gas marketer, Transportation service terms and definitions.

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