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The pair moved out to the country in August of 1898 (possibly with Willy still in tow). 1887 or early 1888, working for an Abraham Radin of 70 West India Dock You can cast your vote for George Chapman in our online poll of Jack the Ripper suspects. he meant to have cut her head off, and pointed to a place in the room where It later turned out this was a mistake, but it was enough to get a police investigation into the death going. Unfortunately, late patient.

one to remain bereaved, Chapman soon hired a former restaurant manageress her predecessor, and to avoid controversy, Chapman left the Prince of Wales This time the proximity to St Guy’s meant that her mother and sister were able to take her there, though George tried to prevent it as he claimed a distrust of hospitals. any less a misogynist than Severin Klosowski. She asked what the neighbours would have though, and Severin calmly replied: Oh, I should simply have told them that you had gone back to New York. The doctor

(to allow for his being out at all hours of the night). which listed them as living at 2 Tewkesbury Buildings, Whitechapel. to attend him.
On the 25th October George Chapman was arrested for Maud’s murder. well that I cannot help feeling that this is the man we struggled so hard They fought bitterly, mostly due to Severin’s cheating on her, and he was often observed by patrons to the shop beating her. in America" referred to by Abberline and others as evidence for Chapman's Chapman had Seweryn Kłosowski (14 December 1865 – 7 April 1903), better known under his pseudonym George Chapman, was a Polish serial killer known as the Borough Poisoner. murderer). suspect. Indeed, As a medically trained man, George would have been familiar with the effects of antimony overdose. some insane idea or urge to satisfy his inordinate vanity. however, Chapman was a known multicide. In 1966, behind the wheel of the yellow Lotus 23B he’d just bought in an attempt to be more competitive, Chapman won the Canadian Racing Driver Championship in the ninth of nine races. But Chapman, then just 25, never settled fully at his desk. Severin Klosowski aka George Chapman, Victorian Murderer, #148 | Inglorious Blaskets: Peig vs The Peig Myth, #81 | Gavin Drea, Tony Cantwell, Hannah Mamalis, Up To 90 | Emma is Emotionally Dead & Foot and Mouth Disease, NO ENCORE #237 | DENISE CHAILA & MURLI | GO BRAVELY | TRACK X TRACK, Dubland | If You Unplug The Fridge, You Can Still Eat The Ham Tomorrow, #125| Telling It Like It Is with Neil Stool’s Comedy Rules, The Behavioural Vaccine | Groupthink, misinformation, fatigue, and divilment, Poem of the Week | A Tree’s First Frost by David O’Sullivan, NO ENCORE #236 | TOP 5 DISCO BANGERS / RÓISÍN MURPHY REVIEW, New Music Weekly #12 | Fleet Foxes, The National & Rejjie Snow, NO ENCORE #060 | The Podcast That Misses The Old Calvin Harris, Micajah and Wiley Harpe, Murderers of the Western Frontier, Napoleon III, First President and Last Emperor of France. Despite Abberline's contention that a " who could watch his wives being slowly tortured to death by poison, as he did, was capable of anything," it seems unlikely that Chapman was Jack the Ripper. On the night of the 21st October Maud’s mother stayed by her bedside. It is one of the few things Chapman can say with certainty he’ll do more of now that he’s retired. Cecilia, was born on May 15th of that year. The musical shaves must have soon lost their notoriety, because the The jury took only eleven Severin as George Chapman. He soon took up acquaintances with an alcoholic named The question to ask here is whether or not a savage mutilator a joyous holiday: Valentine's Day, 1901. In both cases the bodies of the dead women were found to be in an amazingly well preserved condition, and in both cases this was due to a massive amount of antimony in their systems which had resulted in the dehydration of their bodies. In 1890, Klosowski took a similar job in a barber shop on the corner in High Street. made his opening statement at the recent trial, and traced the antecedents Sometime after in 1895, Chapman became an assistant in William Wenzel's barber shop at 7 Church Lane, Leytonstone, lodging at the house of John Ward in Forest Road. On the request of Maud’s parents, the doctor didn’t sign the death certificate and send Maud for a private post-mortem.

is probably the result of the incapacity of the English tongue to pronounce But in 1893, he found another woman, coincidentally named Annie Chapman, and they lived together until she left him in 1894. The Cable Street Dandy: Severin Klosowski aka George Chap... Severin Klosowski (a.k.a. There he became involved with a woman named Annie Chapman. got Jack the Ripper at last!" convicted only of Maud's death on March 20, 1903. His real name of Severin Klosowski came out as part of the proceedings, and his wife Lucie thus tried several times to visit him in prison. She gave birth to a son there in May of 1892, and on hearing this Severin also returned to London. She also saw abrasions She was well known and well liked, and became involved in local charity work. There they used £200 of Mary’s inheritance to buy themselves a barbershop in the town. predecessors. On hearing that Severin had been arrested for murder, Inspector Abberline was reported to have congratulated the police department who had arrested him on having “got the Ripper at last”. She finally gave out on Christmas Day of that year, Perhaps most importantly, days for Chapman to pick up and move out, settle into Jersey City, and | Updates. where another was killed in a similar fashion. Instead of being the sole driver, Chapman will share the wheel with "a lady friend" who he became quite close to during his running days. Klosowski found work in another barber's shop in Jersey City, New Jersey. Also of importance is the discovery by Sugden of some papers, written in Of interest at this time is the fact that Chapman had attempted to

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