ghost of tsushima gameplay review


But as you learn new skills and defeat Mongol warlords, you’ll learn the “stances” that let you counter different enemy types. There is so much side content in Ghost of Tsushima that it gets repetitive long before the end — particularly since most of the rewards are meager.

Ghost of Tsushima is based on the actual invasion of Japan by the Mongol empire in the 13th century.

When I got wind of the fact that Sucker Punch Productions was working on a samurai tale of its own I couldn’t wait for the release Ghost of Tsushima. You can make a Jin Sakai that probably doesn’t look like any other player’s Jin Sakai — and there’s a very good chance that you can make him look just like the hero of your favorite samurai movie. My only real complaint was that the story doesn’t reflect the gameplay.

If you like maps with a lot of icons on them offering up things to do, you’re going to be very happy with this game. This is not a tear-your-hair-out, one-false-move-and-you’re-done stealth experience. The game has a good mix of stealth and aggression and you get other weapons to add to your arsenal like throwables which include knives and sticky bombs. Visit our corporate site. This can slow down the overall gameplay at times not to mention that you’ll be spending a lot of time horseriding through Tsushima. For example, the Stone Stance is effective against other swordsmen while the Moon stance is ideal for heavier rogues. However, many of the story missions treat it that way, making them much more tedious and punishing than the side content. Completing these tales often reward you with special armour and combat abilities. If you have a favorite Japanese aesthetic trope, it’s probably in here somewhere, from swirling cherry blossoms to Shinto shrines overlooking the ocean. I valued these quests not for the chance to fight yet another predictable battle, but for the insight they offered into these people’s lives and their philosophies. I loved that the developers have added traditional Japanese music to the gameplay. This eats away at my ability to see the world of the game as a world rather than as a collection of things to do and grab and earn. Not to mention you have your trusty bow and arrow to help you play Robin Hood along your journey. Each successful mission gives you skill points which you can use to unlock special skills. However, it also drags on entirely too long and can’t quite reconcile its narrative with its gameplay. Let people who opt for the English dialogue deal with the lip movements being out of sync; after all, it would only contribute to the feeling that you’re watching a Japanese film dubbed into English. The New Sony PlayStation 5 Is Here & It Looks Futuristic. The voice acting is more of a mixed bag. If I were to give it points out of 10, the Ghost of Tsushima is definitely a 9. You also get to explore missions narrated by musicians which are complemented by animated with Sumi-e ink paintings. Having to decide which skill is the most pressing and foregoing other abilities creates a great push-and-pull between “I need this now” and “I might need this later.”. Jin is armed with two upgradeable swords: a long katana for open combat, and a short wakizashi for stealth.

Ghost of Tsushima does at least require you to rely on different techniques at different times so that you can’t get overly comfortable with a single approach.

Though we see young Jin being taught that a samurai must control his emotions, he is thankfully no stoic hero. Aesthetically, the game is very deep, offering you tons of different headbands, helmets, hats, face masks, armor sets, dyes, scabbards and so forth. I can’t help but think the game might have been a little more interesting if it made you focus on certain skills and forego others. I get the impression that you’re supposed to turn on the Japanese language track and use subtitles, which is an option, although one that I used infrequently. Jin travels across the island of Tsushima, hoping to save it by gathering what few allies remain to aid him in his battles against a formidable enemy.

Deviating from the actual invasion, the story is a narrative about a samurai, Jin Sakai, voiced by the Daisuke Tsuji from the American web series The Man in the High Castle. The samurai films of director Akira Kurosawa, after all, which Ghost of Tsushima expressly pays homage to, may be a lot of things — funny, thrilling, and often tragic — but they were never comforting stories with upbeat endings.

This may sound odd, given that it’s a brand-new IP, developed exclusively for the PlayStation 4, and a complete departure from Sucker Punch’s earlier Infamous series.

You will receive a verification email shortly. Sucker Punch never found anything in the gameplay itself that would allow Ghost of Tsushima to similarly stand apart, and that’s its largest failing. You’ll sneak up on many perfectly positioned enemies to perform stealth kills, then slink back into tall grass that shields you from the gaze of other enemies.

While it’s not as deep as the sword combat, it’s all functional, and fairly forgiving of mistakes. Subscribe To Our Daily Newsletter And Get News Delivered Straight To Your Inbox. Be it the late 1950s action flicks by one of the most celebrated Japanese directors Akira Kurosawa or the action-packed cartoon series by Genndy Tartakovsky, Samurai Jack. The game wants to create a mood more than it wants to recreate the real medieval Tsushima, but it definitely succeeds. The game lets you build your own Jin, but doesn’t do anything to reflect the choices you make with him. The ghost stance is unlocked at a certain point of the game as well, acting as a mechanical reflection of the legend of the Ghost spreading and striking fear into the hearts of Jin’s enemies. You get both audio and visual cues before the enemy is about to attack you so that will always help you negotiate a large number of Mongols at the same time.

But for all of its atmospheric trappings, Ghost of Tsushima is not that dissimilar from Infamous — and extremely similar to Assassin’s Creed. The adventure takes you through Japan’s most breathtakingly beautiful landscapes. These missions are equally important as they offer Jin a chance to grow his skills to take on bigger enemies. Kurosawa Mode automatically turns on the game’s Japanese dialogue option, with English subtitles. It’s essentially the equivalent of an Old West gunslinger duel, but with samurai swords. Before many battles, Jin and his allies will scout the enemy defenses, determining how best to use what little military strength they have to exploit any of their opponent’s weaknesses. These are marked by a red spark. Not only do the visuals in the game leave you awestruck but the various combat styles also add that extra oomph you’d been longing for in this genre. Throughout the game, you’ll fight off various Mongols, ronin and bandits. The problem is that Ghost of Tsushima isn’t interested in doing much building. The Ghost of Tsushima has been reviewed on the PlayStation 4. Ghost of Tsushima review: You’ve played this before, Amazon Jin can learn four different fighting styles and switch among them at-will: one to counter swords, one to counter shields, one to counter spears and one to counter huge “brute” enemies. NY 10036. Ghost of Tsushima is a PlayStation exclusive game. The game’s flair for the dramatic also surfaces in the standoff, an option that’s available to you when you first approach a group of enemies. The island is teeming with natural beauty, which makes it a joy to explore even if you don’t have a destination in mind.

At first, your sword options are limited to blocking and attacking.

It’s a bold claim, but the attention to detail in Ghost of Tsushima, particularly in its world and costumes, is meticulous enough that the game earns the right to name-drop the master. He’s doing his best in the fiction of the game, but the only way for him to be effective is to operate in ways that go against every ounce of his training. The level design is beautiful, from remote fishing villages, to snowy mountains, to fields of autumn leaves. Combined with the Japanese language track and English subtitles, this makes Ghost of Tsushima look just like a samurai film from the ‘50s or ‘60s. It smartly weaves game characters like Jin’s uncle, Lord Shimura, who is wanting to relive the island of the enemy.

We reviewed the Ghost of Tsushima on a PS4 and our experience left us wanting for more each time we progressed through this open-world stealth action game. Ghost of Tsushima, the new open-world adventure from Infamous developer Sucker Punch Productions, has a wonderful asset in the island setting that gives the game its name. If you’ve ever seen a classic samurai film, or learned about the Mongol invasion of Japan, or know the basics of a three-act story structure, there’s nothing mind-blowing here. Ghost of Tsushima has a minimalist HUD, and that means there’s no minimap.

The character animation stands out and the colours given to the environment bring the game to life. There are strings of side quests that give you the opportunity to spend time with your closest allies, and though the combat scenarios that pepper these quests are unremarkable, the conversations between characters as you walk or ride from one spot to the next make them worthwhile. You get to challenge enemies in a one-on-one battle mode where you can slay the opponent with just a single strike.

With very little load time backed by an engaging storyline, Ghost of Tsushima deserves a spot in the top drawer as one of the best open-world games to date. We'll send you more. Release date: July 17, 2020 Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, The … Also, most of the gameplay is about combat and you really don’t have to use your problem-solving skills to accomplish missions. There’s even a “Kurosawa filter,” if you want to play through the whole experience like an old samurai movie. The game was reviewed using a download code provided by Sony.

As you progress in the game you get the option to take down multiple opponents in the Standoff mode just with a single push of a button. However, by about halfway through the game, you’ll probably have mastered all of your favorite abilities. As such, to find your next objective, you’ll rely on the Guiding Wind: a gentle breeze that blows grass, flowers and leaves to indicate where to go next.

Mongol generals will be placed right in the middle of a blistering sunset and you'll completely miss the red X used to indicate an unblockable attack. If you have any affinity for Japanese history, old samurai films or open-world games with surprisingly good combat, Ghost of Tsushima is a guaranteed good time — at least until the novelty wears off. Liked this story? Platform: PS4. $59.88.

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