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Jake got his start in acting as a baby, appearing in commercials for "Wonder Diapers". To Jake or to Jesse? A lot of the time, you only get to see the end of the kiss, usually because another character will walk past the smoochers and block most of the action. Ten years ago today (March 24) the world met Hannah Montana, the pop star that taught us we could, indeed, have the best of both worlds. During lunch breaks, the cast would rock out to Guitar Hero in Cyrus's room, play the piano together, and even try their hand at ping pong. But alas, Linley finished out his run on the series in the 2010 episode "It's the End of the Jake as We Know It," and fans were sad to see him go, especially because he never had the chance to make amends with Miley. Poetry. They share an off and on relationship. While Miley Stewart (Cyrus) had to deal with keeping her alter ego a secret, she also grappled with the same struggles most teenage girls face -- namely, boys. He and Miley were an item on-again and off-again. So next time you come across a GIF on Tumblr of Jake and Miley kissing, just picture Larry the prop guy pressing a fart button offscreen. Directed by Roger Christiansen. "Miley's success has continued to grow, so I’m proud of her and her work ethic and to have been a part of something that made an impact.

Unfortunately, when Lilly Truscott (Emily Osment) and Oliver Oken (Mitchel Musso) started dating and kissing in 2009, the rule was strictly enforced.

", Linley with fellow Hannah Montana cast mates at Cyrus's "Sweet 16" in 2008. Robbie Ray Stewart. Polls. Hannah Montana Pictures. But had that not happened, Linley believed the two would've definitely stayed together. With Miley Cyrus, Emily Osment, Mitchel Musso, Jason Earles.

Miley gets asked to the dance by Jake Ryan and Hannah Montana makes a guest appearance on Zombie High as Zerronda the zombie princess also Robbie ray and Jackson try to out prank each other. Linley was only 16 when he was cast as Miley's on-again/off-again boyfriend on Hannah Montana. Hannah Montana Fan Creations. Hannah Montana Polls. Jesse is Miley Stewart's love interest and current boyfriend. Cody Martin Linley (born November 20, 1989) is an American actor and singer.

Robby Ray's Wife's Hannah Montana Stories. Jake is one of Miley's love interests. But if you think the kissing scenes were unnerving or awkward for Linley and Cyrus, you'd be wrong.
Hannah Montana Lyrics. Leslie "Jake" Ryan portrayed by Cody Linley (season 1–4) is an Emmy-nominated television and film actor best known for his role as a zombie slayer on the teen sitcom Zombie High. He has an on/off relationship with Miley, something that has been ongoing throughout much of the series. That is the question, So, what's it like to play Miley's TV boyfriend for four years? For starters, had their kiss happened a few years later, it wouldn't have been nearly as special. Corbin Bleu on "Hannah Montana." ©2020 Viacom International Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The Hannah Montana love triangle was certainly a major turning point for the show -- it ended on a downer for Jiley shippers after Jake cheated on Miley and ruined their relationship once and for all. Traveling down memory lane, Linley revealed some interesting facts about Jake and Miley's first big kiss on the show — arguably one of the most iconic moments in the entire series. "Every time Miley and I would have a kissing scene, the prop guy would always have a fart machine somewhere and make the sound," Linley said. Non-Hannah Montana Talk. Hannah Montana. He played a recurring role as Jake Ryan in the television series Hannah Montana, and was a contestant on the seventh season of Dancing With The Stars, in which he was partnered with Julianne Hough and finished fourth. In an interview with MTV News, Linley fondly remembered his time spent with Cyrus, describing her as "super sweet" and "very fun;" someone who "taught [him] how to have fun on set and just, you know, laugh.". The episode where Miley tells Jake Ryan she is Hannah Montana is in a two part series season 2 episodes 9 and 10 and the episode is called Achy Jakey Heart Not to be confused with Jesse McCartney. Cue Jake Ryan (Cody Linley), a teen dreamboat who just so happened to be a famous actor. Disney Channel He first appeared as Johnny Collins, a boy at school that Miley liked, on the series premiere. "I even thought that we were going to be together, and it was so sweet, cause Miley was I think kinda bummed that they wrote my character out [of the show], but you know it’s a show, there is only two ways they could go with it, so I was happy for the time that I had.".

And while he doesn't get the chance to see his TV girlfriend very often anymore, he still follows her achievements and is delighted at everything she's accomplished. He teased how both characters share similar experiences, so it sounds like we might be getting a Jake Ryan 2.0, except sharks are involved this time (and everything is better with sharks). Unlike Miley, he has not chosen to live as both a regular person and a star, and he finds it difficult not to be a star when he tries. Hannah Montana Games. Linley was only 16 when he was cast as Miley's on-again/off-again boyfriend on Hannah Montana . It's clear the teens became a family on set. "High School Musical" star Corbin Bleu was the show's first-ever guest star.

Oliver Oken. According to Linley, though, Jake Ryan is (sort of) making a comeback this summer. Later in the series, Linley's character appeared more sporadically, but he said there was always the same vibe when he returned, and everyone was continuously grateful for the show's success. "And Miley would, you know, go, 'Larry.'". ), "I think that it was just such a match made in heaven," the actor stated. Lilly Truscott . Hannah Montana Merchandise. Rewatching episodes now, you can clearly see the difference in time length between the two couples, which is a bummer for Loliver fans, yet Jiley ones lucked out. Cue Jake Ryan (Cody Linley), a teen dreamboat who just so happened to be a famous actor. Thankfully, when Jake and Miley had their first kiss in a 2006 episode, they pre-dated that regulation, so fans were able to see the entire kiss from start to finish.

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