how did albert warner die

[104] He never spoke to Jack again, but he did later rejoin the company's board of directors to stop Jack "from stealing the stockholders blind".[104]. A funeral service was held in Los Angeles. [7][8][9][10][11] He came to Baltimore, Maryland with his mother and siblings in October 1889 on the steamship Hermann from Bremen, Germany. films. In 1908, Warner married Bessie Krieger,[2] in New Castle, Pennsylvania. [81] and by January 1933, the film's protagonist Robert Elliott Burns - who was still imprisoned in New Jersey - and a number of different chain gang prisoners nationwide in the United States were able to appeal and were released. [47] Harry and the other independent film-makers at the Milwaukee convention agreed to spend $500,000 in newspaper advertisements;[48] this action would help benefit Warner Bros. Abraham and Jacob were late among the children to do so, becoming "Albert" and "Jack" after they came of age. Warner was noted to never adapt the upper class lifestyle, remaining unrefined throughout his life. Harry then decided to help ease the company's financial status by acquiring forty theaters in the state of Pennsylvania. [82] In January 1933, Georgia chain gang warden J Harold Hardy - who was also made into a character in the film - sued the studio for displaying "vicious, brutual and false attacks" against him in the film. [6] He was the son of Benjamin "Wonsal" or "Wonskolaser," a shoemaker born in Krasnosielc, and Pearl Leah Eichelbaum, both Polish Jews. "Wielcy Polacy - Warner Bros czyli bracia Warner: Aaron (Albert), Szmul (Sam) i Hirsz (Harry) Wonsal oraz Jack (Itzhak) Wonsal - Białczyński", "The Family of Benjamin and Pearl Leah (Eichelbaum) Warner: Early Primary Records",,,,,,, " - The mobster and the movies - Aug 24, 2004",, Churchill Downs, Incorporated - 1965 Kentucky Derby details, Warner Bros. Benjamin moved the family to Canada, inspired by a friend's advice that he could make an excellent living bartering tin wares with trappers in exchange for furs. [53] One problem that occurred for the Warners was the fact that the high-ups at Western Electric were anti-Semitic. [34] In 1918, thanks in part to a loan from Ambassador James W. Gerald,[35] the brothers expanded operations and established a studio near Hollywood, California[36] Sam and Jack moved to the West Coast to produce films while Albert and Harry remained on the East Coast to handle distribution. [86], By 1931, however, the studio would begin to feel the effects of the Depression as the general public became unable to afford the price for movie tickets.

That's it. Sperling, Millner, and Warner (1998), p. 51-54. [65] With the large sums of money the Warners now had on-hand, Harry was able to expand business operations further. |  [87] In 1931, the studio would reportedly suffer a net loss of $8,000,000.00. Sperling, Millner, and Warner (1998), p. 78. Albert Warner was born on July 23, 1883 in Krasnoshiltz, Russian Empire as Abraham Albert Wonsal. [60] Sam easily accepted Zukor's offer,[60] but the offer died after Paramount lost money in the wake of Rudolph Valentino's death in late 1926. [38] On April 4, 1923, following the studio's successful film The Gold Diggers, Warner Brothers, Inc. was officially established. [106] Warner was then interred in Brooklyn, next to his first wife Bessie Krieger. [73], With the collapse of the market for musicals, Warner Bros., under production head Darryl F. Zanuck, turned to more realistic and gritty storylines, 'torn from the headlines' pictures that some said glorified gangsters; Warner Bros. soon became known as "gangster studio. [107] Through his marriage to Bessie Siegel, Warner had a stepson, Arthur Jack Steel, who married Ruth Mandel, and had sons John and Lewis Steel (named after Harry Warner's son Lewis Warner). Sperling, Millner, and Warner (1998), p. 90. In 1925, Albert's older brother Harry and a large group of independent film-makers assembled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to challenge the monopoly the big three had over the film industry. Sperling, Millner, and Warner (1998), p. 62. Sperling, Millner, and Warner (1998), p. 66-67. Would you like Wikipedia to always look as professional and up-to-date? |  Sperling, Millner, and Warner (1998), p. 101. [93] Hearst's company and Davies' films, however, could not increase the studio's net profits. [102], In May 1956, the brothers announced they were putting Warner Bros. on the market. [68] Harry, after purchasing a string of music publishers,[69] was even able to establish a music subsidiary-Warner Bros. Music- and buy out additional radio companies, foreign sound patents, and a lithograph company as well;[70] In 1929, with the large amount of money he now had made off of the studio's valuable subsidiaries, Albert acquired a large home in Rye, Westchester County, New York, which he dubbed "Caradel Hall. Sperling, Millner, and Warner (1998), p. 45-46. Sperling, Millner, and Warner (1998), p. 26.

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