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Panelists included Daphne Koller, Founder at Coursera and professor at the Stanford School of Engineering; Brett Kopf, Co-Founder and CEO of Remind101; and Dan Rosensweig, President and CEO of Chegg. No topic will be higher on the agenda than the Russian-sponsored hack of the American 2016 election, with debate about why the country has done so little to respond and what measures should be taken to deter future attempts at subverting our democracy. For all of us who use a computer or mobile device, great design is changing how we live and work. Ted Schlein interviews Warriors owner and CEO Joe Lacob on building a winning team and how creation of the “Strength in Numbers” franchise holds lessons for entrepreneurs. A few years into my career at KPCB–just when I was starting to really hit my stride (and probably my comfort zone)–my KP partner John Doerr came to me with a completely out-of-the-box request: Would I be willing to speak with Bono and Bobby Shriver about the “Product RED” initiative they recently launched in the U.K.?

At the American College of Cardiology this past weekend, chronic disease management platform Livongo reported on six-month results from its first major study of its hypertension management platform, which is already in use with many of its customers. Pattern Brands is leveraging the power of a brand to sell products. The three discuss new Ag Tech applications, approaches to big data, supply chain transparency, and other hot topics of interest to anyone looking to break into the space – or consumers who are interested in learning where their food comes from and what to expect in the future. apiiro is a systematic and comprehensive approach for engineering teams to ensure that what they build is as secure as possible. Six technologies are converging on the transportation industry, and investors have taken note. But most students will also carry something that their parents’ generation could never have imagined: a smartphone. Airbnb says it plans to acquire HotelTonight, a service for travelers seeking last-minute hotel bookings, in a deal that will expand the lodging-rental company’s portfolio with traditional and boutique hotel listings. Announcing our $15m Series A in Open Raven. The boardroom has woken up to the importance of security – and to the enormity of what it will take to protect company and consumer data from attacks. But the great brands we grew up with have gotten lost in their cost structure, focusing on sales, real estate, and big marketing spends. Twenty years ago, when I was a young coder/designer, my life boiled down to this haiku: “All I want to be / is someone that makes new things / and thinks about them.” At the time I felt really alienated by coders, who didn’t “get” design, and by designers, who didn’t “get” code. Juniper plans to use the purchase to bolster its software-defined enterprise portfolio and multicloud offerings. Incorta, the startup that wants to speed up big data analytics by eliminating the need for data warehouses, has raised a $15 million Series B led by new investor Kleiner Perkins. Hello, gateway to the enterprise app ecosystem. Based south of the San Francisco airport and backed by nearly $200 million in venture capital—from the likes of T. Rowe Price, Temasek, Kleiner Perkins and GV (Google’s VC arm), among others—FBN is trying to do nothing less than save America’s family farms while also building what its brash CEO, Amol Deshpande, hopes will become “the biggest agricultural business in the world.”.

Kleiner Perkins is thrilled to lead Plastiq’s $27 million Series C round of funding. Fertility drugs and treatments are expensive, but employers have increasingly begun to cover their cost. Panelists included Ionic Security Founder and CTO Adam Ghetti, Shape Security CEO Derek Smith, and AlienVault CEO Barmak Meftah. A podcast conversation about what tactics entrepreneurs can use to make their idea more attractive for venture funding. But times have changed, and the well-known firm, with a fresh $600 million early-stage fund, is looking to open a "new chapter" aimed at going "back to the future.". Earlier this week, Glossier hit unicorn status, reaching a valuation of $1.2 billion. Will second screens disrupt traditional viewing habits? The resignation of Target’s CEO last May, after cyber attackers accessed the payment records of 40 million shoppers and Q4 profit declined 46 percent from the year before, was a watershed moment. They discussed the process that Venture Capitalists go through when returning from a conference like this and trends they noticed in a variety of areas like automotive technology, wearables, and IoT. At a recent event held at Uber, design partner John Maeda presented his “Design in Tech” report and convened designers to discuss the role of the creative class in Silicon Valley. In the latest “Voices of KPCB” episode, KPCB’s Randy Komisar and American Giant’s Bayard Winthrop discuss how today’s brands navigate this new environment.

On September 9th, 2014, KPCB partners got together to discuss the major implications of the Apple Announcement for the technology industry.

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