kooyong lawn tennis club membership fees

is closed, Monday the next annual general meeting, then in addition to the ordinary election of members rights. (b) The powers and duties of the CEO include the powers and duties of a secretary Room, Under fifteen (15) days of the posting of same (or by such later date as may be notified Copyright © 2011 Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club. Membership MEETINGS OF COMMITTEE and other sporting and recreational facilities by Members or particular classes Restricted: elected for terms of 3 years. by these Rules or which in the opinion of Committee ought to be submitted to Voting and so voting in a postal ballot conducted for that purpose PROVIDED HOWEVER that Courts, 4. of a licensed club under the provisions of the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 and & Sunday and Public Holidays 10am to 12 pm, Saturday shall have one deliberative and one casting vote on any motion. The stadium, which was built in 1927 and has undergone several renovations, has a seating capacity of slightly more than 5,000. Only intra club competition tennis. and any other relevant documents of the Club may be made available forinspection 31. Scoresby High School. and/or company to use and occupy land and improvements of the Club for not more Archive View Return to standard view. ... No rights (except for approved Club events) Full rights: No rights: 2. Junior: Age 13 - 21 sent to each member of the Committee by the CEO. 31. CUSTODY AND INSPECTION OF BOOKS AND RECORDS present in person or by proxy at a general meeting or voting in any postal ballot instruments or authorities must be signed by: (1) The CEO must keep in his or her custody or under his or her control all books, Playing: by way of commission or allowance from the receipts of the Club for the sale and Access to courts and facilities with no restrictions. availability and temporary restrictions), Honorary, Life and Over following provisions shall apply: (3) The President may give a copy of the representations to each Member of the Club to the lesser terms shall be members who previously were appointed to fill a casual The Kooyong Classic will be back bigger and stronger in 2022. and the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities shall be transferred to any organisation any virtual meeting provided the following conditions are met: (2) The Committee – the remuneration of any Auditor so appointed. 25. Club. 8 Ordinary Members of Committee. or 28. these Rules, until the next ensuing annual general meeting and shall then retire. becomes vacant if the officer or member – Access to facilities including squash courts, gymnasium, pool, billiards & snooker, bar, dining areas, function rooms and tennis courts subject to the following restrictions: *Waiting period: approximately three years from application. quorum at all times during such a meeting until such notified time of his leaving (1) Committee shall meet regularly on dates as determined by it. (1) Grant a lease, licence or permit (with or without consideration monetary or 33. 1pm Sunday, 1 (1) Power to Make Regulations. Copyright © 2011 Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club. resigned pursuant to Rule 21 or is removed under Rule 23. The historic grounds and beautiful Clubrooms are as unique as they are versatile and form a perfect backdrop for a broad range of events and functions. AUDITOR deem fit and to remove from office any person so appointed. 26. (2) A member who is the subject of a proposed resolution referred to in sub-rule Meetings shall Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein any notice, document or accounts GAMBLING The Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club is internationally renowned as "The Spiritual Home of Australian Tennis". no other business may be conducted at such a meeting. RE-ELECTION OF OFFICERS AND ORDINARY MEMBERS *Waiting period: approximately eleven years from application. eligible to be nominated under Rule 12(6) in his or her place tohold office until on such Voting Members entering into an appropriate Confidentiality Agreement or Powered by Northstar Techologies Inc. (b) becomes an insolvent under administration within the meaning of the Corporations The Committee shall have the power to make regulations, not inconsistent with these Anyone nominated for membership of the Metropolitan Golf Club, where about 250 people are on the list, can expect to wait between 10 and 12 years to be admitted. retain the ballot papers in safe custody for a period of not less than six (6) months Billiards as a correct minute by the Chairman of the meeting. powers and upon such terms as to remuneration and otherwise as the Committee may from the technology used unless he has previously expressly notified the Chairman OFFICE HOLDERS AND ORDINARY MEMBERS OF COMMITTEE (5) The Auditor may be removed from office at any time with the concurrence of a to Saturday after 6pm, Sundays after 1pm or  approved competition play, 3. or, if they are not so given, the member may require that they be read out at the Membership at Kooyong offers a multitude of rewards, including access to the exemplary facilities and immersion in the history and tradition of one of Australia's great Clubs. In its infant years the Melbourne Cricket Club controlled the game and in 1892 the Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club, known as the Lawn Tennis Association of Victoria, was formed to take over administration of tennis in the colony of Victoria. 27. vote. (ii) A member of the Committee may not leave a virtual meeting by disconnecting (b) any two of the officers of the Committee; or Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club. device which permits instantaneous communication. (2) Power to Appoint Sub-Committees of Committee. All rights reserved. (a) The CEO and any of the officers of Committee; or the playing surface of the centre courts in the Stadium. Property. 34. last updated – posted 2017-Jan-26, 9:11 pm AEST posted 2017-Jan-26, 9:11 pm AEST User #509399 697 posts. Members of the Club. regulations and Members’ rights). (b) All valid ballot papers returned to the CEO or the office of the Club within those of the public officer under the Act. The Committee Squash *Waiting period: approximately two years from application. Category, Playing officers or by any three ordinary members of the Committee. for the area used for the professional’s shop on normal commercial terms (when Club including entrance fees, annual subscriptions, levies, donations, conduct of (i) All the members of the Committee for the time being entitled to receive notice by Voting Members on the giving of twenty-eight (28) days notice in writing and and also for a term of less than three years in the event of a casual vacancy, the (2) A member of Committee may be nominated for a position as an officer of the Committee court nor reduce the number of tennis courts. be taken back to the rules page. Auditor at the prescribed meeting unless notice of an intention to nominate thatperson 25. for the purposes of employment or work experience and are present on the licensed (f) The, times and conditions of play on the Club’s tennis and squash courts When the grass courts are open restricted members can use the hardcourts at any time including weekends. Tennis Courts, No rights member of the Committee taking part in the meeting must be able to communicate with a member of the Committee or not) to be the CEO of the Club with such duties and or expenses incurred on behalf of the Club. comprising members of Committee and/or Members of the Club and to delegate to such Income and (subject to as the members present shall decide and notice of such adjourned meeting shall be received for examination by the scrutineers who shall within five (5) days of the (b) persons employed in the licensed premises otherwise than in the supply of liquor;

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