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The late guitar giant Lenny Breau was known for incorporating the intricate sounds of Bill Evans-style piano jazz, flamenco, country, and classical music (both Western and Indian) into a fingerstyle technique that became a sound all his own. My Funny Valentine opens with the Breau touch: a mix of chords, harmonics and a sense of wonder. 04-15-2010, 03:39 PM #21. View Profile View Forum Posts Lenny Breau is one of the true geniuses of the guitar. My Foolish Heart, a beautiful ballad, is a great closer for this CD. I think if Chopin had played guitar, he would have sounded like Lenny Breau. His approach contrasted with Tal's more traditional treatment makes this chestnut come alive one more time. What resulted was some unbelievably fiery playing. Tal opens Satin Doll with a grooving chordal statement. Lenny's solo contains his ingenious pianistic comps in the lower strings as well as beautiful false harmonics everywhere. Album reviews: Lenny Breau was a guitarist with staggering technique and a mind for innovation; he played with an evocative style that effortlessly jumped between genres. A must listen to for any guitar aficionado. Bassist Lyn Christie and drummer Nat Garratano appear on the next two cuts. Emily Hughes - Director / Producer - Soft and Groovy Productions - Lenny Breau Documentary - The Genius of Lenny Breau - DVD - Jazz Guitar. The blowing on this tune is classic.   Verve Jazz Masters 41 Harold Breau and Rita Coté—better known by their stage names as Hal Lone Pine and Betty Cody—had already achieved considerable regional success as Country and Western performers when their first son, Leonard Harold Breau, was born in Auburn, Maine on August 5th, 1941. A huge variety of jazz guitar styles and techniques are covered, including: modes, arpeggios, basic comping, blues comping, turnaround improvisation, chord tones, tritone substitution, scale sequences, pentatonics, sus chords, polyphonic harmony, and much more! Drumbler. When Tal takes his solo, it's textbook playing colored by Lenny's shimmering chordal work.

The duo start jamming and visiting and Tal invites Lenny to join him at his local gig that night. Based around the familiar blues progression, this book uses simple chord / scale substitution ideas to create beautiful jazz-blues lines in the style of the great jazz guitarists, © jazzguitar.com 1996-2020 | terms and conditions, There are 0 comments on this article so far, Legendary Guitar of Tal Farlow / Talmage Farlow. His knowledge of the instrument and the music is so vast, and I think that's what knocks people out about him. - Red Norvo Trio All The Things You Are has Tal's stamp all over it: Full of joy and a sense of swing. Lenny Breau: The Forgotten Guitar Genius. I should add that Lenny is at the top of his game on this disc. 100 Jazz Lessons - Guitar Lesson Goldmine Series (Book/Online Audio). You absolutely have to have this disc. The classic version of Broadway has a great swing.   The Jazz Style of Tal Farlow

Cherokee is a cooker.   Legendary Guitar of Tal Farlow / Talmage Farlow. An extra treat is the recorded conversation between Tal and Lenny. I can't make it plainer than that. Tal does the head in his chordal fashion. Check out guitars by: BENEDETTO, D'ANGELICO, D'AQUISTO, EPIPHONE, FRAMUS, GIBSON, GODIN, GRETSCH, GUILD, HAGSTROM, HERITAGE, HOFNER, PEERLESS, SELMER, SILVERTONE, THE LOAR, WASHBURN, Jazz Bebop Blues Guitar helps you to create the authentic sound of jazz guitar, without having to learn numerous scales and modes. Though he never achieved commercial success, Lenny Breau is revered as an innovator for his unique finger-style chord melody technique, stunning pinch harmonic runs and wide musical vocabulary.

Breau often adapted Evans's compositions, such as "Funny Man", for guitar. The tune finishes with the pair trading fours and playing off each other ingeniously. My Funny Valentine opens with the Breau touch: a mix of chords, harmonics and a sense of wonder. DVDs:

Tal's solo starts with a great quote of "Our Love is Here to Stay" and is peppered with blinding double time runs.

  Chance Meeting - with Lenny Breau This tune will show you why. At the age of three, Lenny was singing harmony with his parents on a local radio station and occasionally appearing with their stage act throughout New Engl… Tal Farlow discography This is the kind of playing that only veterans can do. Lenny extended the range of the guitar on the high end, or in the melody. Books: His harmonic sensibilities were a combination of his country roots, classical music, modal music, Indian, and jazz, particularly the work of pianist Bill Evans.   Move! Chances are you’ve never heard of the late jazz guitarist Lenny Breau, but ask Pat Metheny or Tommy Emmanuel and they will surely tell he's had a profound impact on nearly every guitarist … I've reached a po… The two show their maturity and sensitivity on this tune. But he's such a tasty player too. Tal's unique double stops pop up all over this tune while Lenny lays down a nice curtain of sound in the background. What Is This Thing Called Love opens with a shimmering treatment from Lenny. Lenny's reharmonization takes this tune to some great places.

Chet Atkins During the film, Lenny Breau makes a visit to Tal's Sea Bright, N.J. home. Lenny's solo contains his ingenious pianistic comps in the lower strings as well as beautiful false harmonics everywhere. I Love You, the opening track, starts out with Lenny in the midst of one of his trademark solos with Tal comping ably in the background. His approach contrasted with Tal's more traditional treatment makes this chestnut come alive one more time. This is a priceless document, letting us be a fly on the wall for once. The musical explorations and conversations were of the highest artistic order. I suppose he is a musician's musician.

This CD, an indirect result of the film documentary on Tal, is an amazing newfound jewel. Breau said in relation to this, "I approach the guitar like a piano. Breau used a fingerstyle (as opposed to a plectrum style) that opened up melodic and harmonic possibilities not previously explored by jazz guitarists.

With the rhythm section behind him, Tal is at his bopping best. Shortly after Lenny’s untimely death in 1984, the guitar disappeared, along with Lenny’s widow, never to be seen again.

Breau's fully matured technique was a combination of Chet Atkins's and Merle Travis's fingerpicking and Sabicas-influenced flamenco, highlighted by right-hand independence and flurries of artificial harmonics. If I had little stars or guitars or something, I'd give five of 'em to this CD. He was the only player to do this, his sound was incredible. He lets Lenny take the bridge, laying down a great bassline.

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