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Maria Theresa of Spain (Spanish: María Teresa de Austria; French: Marie-Thérèse d'Autriche; 10 September 1638 – 30 July 1683), was by birth Infanta of Spain and Portugal (until 1640) and Archduchess of Austria as member of the Spanish branch of the House of Habsburg and by marriage Queen of France. [81], Her relationship with the Jesuits was complex. [20] Louis XV of France demanded that Maria Theresa's fiancé surrender his ancestral Duchy of Lorraine to accommodate his father-in-law, Stanisław I, who had been deposed as King of Poland. [i], In April 1770, Maria Theresa's youngest daughter, Maria Antonia, married Louis, Dauphin of France, by proxy in Vienna. They exacted harsh terms: in the Treaty of Vienna (1731), Great Britain demanded that Austria abolish the Ostend Company in return for its recognition of the Pragmatic Sanction.

[129] Maria Theresa survived, but the young empress did not. After her reform, compulsory and secular primary schools were established. To share with more than one person, separate addresses with a comma. The Archduchess started showing smallpox rash two days after visiting the crypt and soon died. Accessible across all of today's devices: phones, tablets, and desktops.

Joseph himself often threatened to resign as co-regent and emperor, but he, too, was induced not to do so.

The council of state lacked executive or legislative authority, but nevertheless showed the difference between the form of government employed by Frederick II of Prussia. Maria Theresa claimed and eventually took Galicia and Lodomeria; in the words of Frederick, "the more she cried, the more she took". Finally, the war was concluded by the Treaty of Hubertusburg and Paris in 1763. [142], A few years after the partition, Russia defeated the Ottoman Empire in the Russo-Turkish War (1768–1774). It takes at least a week for the smallpox rash to appear after a person is infected. Neither the gallows nor the. Accept all cookies. At first she resisted the king's advances and encouraged him to bestow more attention on his long-neglected wife, a thoughtfulness which Maria Theresa repaid with warmth toward the new favourite.

[23] The letters she sent to him shortly before their marriage expressed her eagerness to see him; his letters, on the other hand, were stereotyped and formal. We employ analysis cookies to continually improve and update our websites and services for you. Under the rule of Maria Theresa and her son Joseph II reforms are instituted resulting ... © 2020 Die Welt der Habsburger All rights reserved. These plans were forestalled by his death from smallpox. The Rise of Austria & Strengthening of the Hapsburg Monarchy, The Diet of Worms in 1521: Definition & Summary, Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor: Accomplishments, Facts & Quotes, Impact of the Protestant Reformation on the Study of History, Absolute Monarchy: Definition, Characteristics & Examples, The Agricultural Revolution: Timeline, Causes, Inventions & Effects, Thomas Hobbes & John Locke: Political Theories & Competing Views, Causes of the First Industrial Revolution: Examples & Summary, Major Themes of the Enlightenment: Reason, Individualism & Skepticism, Western Civilization I: Certificate Program, HSC Ancient History: Exam Prep & Syllabus, Western Civilization 1648 to the Present: Help and Review, CLEP Western Civilization I: Study Guide & Test Prep, ACCESS World History: Online Textbook Help, Western Civilization Since 1648: Homework Help Resource, CLEP Western Civilization II: Study Guide & Test Prep, Michigan Merit Exam - Social Studies: Test Prep & Practice, History 100: Western Civilization from Prehistory to Post-WWII, Western Europe Since 1945: Certificate Program, Western Civilization From 1648 to Today: Certificate Program, Biological and Biomedical [42], Maria Theresa's mother, Empress Elisabeth Christine, died in 1750. Become a member to unlock this Maria Christina (1742–1798) was Maria Theresa’s favourite daughter but was not particularly popular with her siblings. However, these victories did not enable the Habsburgs to win the war, as the French and Habsburg armies were destroyed by Frederick at Rossbach in 1757. Maria Theresa's Rescript of 1779 was kept in force until 1868. Frederick II of Prussia (who became Maria Theresa's greatest rival for most of her reign) promptly invaded and took the affluent Habsburg province of Silesia in the seven-year conflict known as the War of the Austrian Succession. Maria Theresa was the Empress of the Holy Roman Empire, Queen of Germany, Archduchess of Austria, Queen of Hungary and Croatia, and the Queen of Bohemia. [76] However, she never allowed the Church to interfere with what she considered to be prerogatives of a monarch and kept Rome at arm's length.

All the members of the Habsburg dynasty. During the last week of July 1683, Maria Theresa fell ill and, as her illness worsened, her husband ordered for the sacraments to be kept nearby. [69] Before the war started, Kaunitz had been sent as an ambassador to Versailles from 1750–1753 to win over the French. [33] Maria Theresa did secure recognition from King Charles Emmanuel III of Sardinia, who had not accepted the Pragmatic Sanction during her father's lifetime, in November 1740. [92][93], Maria Theresa was as conservative in matters of state as in those of religion, but implemented significant reforms to strengthen Austria's military and bureaucratic efficiency. By continuing to use this site, you consent to the terms of our cookie policy, which can be found in our. The Battle of Kolin that followed was a decisive victory for Austria. Moreover, upon his death, Saxony, Prussia, Bavaria, and France all repudiated the sanction they had recognised during his lifetime. This representative painting could be attributed to an apprentice of Martin van Meytens, Vienna court painter of the Habsburg family.

She showed her gratitude to Countess Fuchs by having her buried in the Imperial Crypt along with the members of the imperial family.

[106] In 1770, she enacted a strict regulation of the sale of poisons, and apothecaries were obliged to keep a poison register recording the quantity and circumstances of every sale.

Maria Carolina was to replace her as the pre-determined bride of King Ferdinand IV of Naples. Thus might one summarize the image of Maria Theresa propagated in popular accounts to this day. [146], Maria Theresa fell ill on 24 November 1780.

Joseph, however, was never able to establish rapport with the same advisers, even though their philosophy of government was closer to Joseph's than to Maria Theresa's. She controlled the selection of archbishops, bishops and abbots. [78] She was also influenced by Jansenist ideas. [112], In 1776, Austria outlawed torture, particularly at the behest of Joseph II. Throughout her widowhood, she spent the whole of August and the eighteenth of each month alone in her chamber, which negatively affected her mental health.

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