messi vs ronaldo who is better

His perfectly chiseled, 6-foot-2 frame affords him the ability to score a greater variation of goals. He’s won the same amount of Champions Leagues (four). In search of an answer – *whispers* but really in search of a Ronaldo stan to vanquish – I invited the honorable Ryan Bailey into The Mixer to discuss. Not sure I need to go any further. Messi…

Henry Bushnell: “How many of the greatest players in the world are introverts?” Well Michael Jordan was an introvert. Or is it the little man, who as a boy was so physically small that he needed growth hormones to make the grade as a footballer. Messi vs Ronaldo: Who is Better?

I don’t doubt Messi’s genius, but my head and heart both prefer the man whose greatness is only eclipsed by his vanity. Gulino: Messi doesn’t need World Cup to retain GOAT status, FC Yahoo’s staff-wide World Cup power rankings. Well, probably not. He studied for a B.A. Overhead scissor-kicks that leave Juventus defenders contemplating the meaning of life! No one looks after themselves more than he … and I don’t just mean in terms of hair products. Fine. than Messi. You can bore me to tears with stats all day, but you have to concede that their respective headline career numbers are pretty darn similar. 10, and he’s still singlehandedly dragging withering Barcelona teams to domestic doubles. More international finals in three years than Ronaldo has been to in his entire career. You’ve gone quieter than Messi in a major final! in History at the University of York and followed it up with an M.A. Messi, on the other hand, is quiet and introverted.

Ronaldo is physically much the bigger – being seven inches taller than his Argentinian rival. A self-proclaimed Cristiano Ronaldo fan has produced a comprehensive Twitter thread on why Lionel Messi is better than the Juventus superstar on the international stage. Or at least I am. (Getty), We’re back! You there? Notwithstanding that, he remains a great dribbler, a threat from set pieces and a danger from crosses. THAT is how we’re going to define the greatest player of a generation? Both are slightly more effective at home than away (each scoring around a third of their goals on their travels). I get why it’s so bewitching. Messi vs Ronaldo? Because I know I’ve got this debate won. During the last twenty years the title has been won seventeen times by an offensive player; two of the three occasions when it was not, the winners (Modric, 2018; Nedved 2003) were offensive midfielders. Messi, though, is soccer perfection. But as a statistic, that tells us little other than both are pretty quick. Ronaldo is a consummate professional – a clean diet, ice baths at 3 a.m. after away games and all manner of other miserable things are part of his routine, to optimize every last fiber of his physical being. One suspects he is a truly commanding presence in the dressing room, who is able to gee up his teammates when it matters. That the argument has raged for more than a decade offers an insight into the astonishing levels of skill, commitment, longevity and, it has to be said, good fortune that has befallen the finest two players of the 2010s.

That’s more knockout stage goals than Neymar and Messi have managed combined. Messi, who is Argentina's record scorer, has been criticised for his lack of major silverware with his country. He twice scored, and was twice named man of the match, in the final. Leadership is just one tiny piece of greatness … and I suppose my point is that Ronaldo possesses more tiny pieces than his Argentinean counterpart.

Both remain at the top of their game, but equally each, in his way, knows that his years at the very pinnacle of the soccer world are coming to an end. And Messi, by the way, has evolved as well. He’s scored 27 Clasico goals to Ronaldo’s 19. Give me the (incorrect) case for Ronaldo. Email him: [email protected], Juventus Are Preparing To Offer Insane Transfer Package To Sign Kylian Mbappe, Lionel Messi's Savage Response To Real Madrid When They Offered Him €440k-A-Week Contract, Marcus Rashford Refuses To Give Up Up On Free School Meal Campaign Despite Boris Johnson Rejection, would later captain his country to the Euro 2016 title, also lifted the Nations League title in 2019. After all, winning the Ballon D’Or means being officially named as the best player in the world. That’s how you make teammates better – not by gesticulating from the sideline because you know the cameras are on you. Most importantly, so is The Mixer, a new series we at FC Yahoo launched earlier this week of debates among staffers leading into the 2018 World Cup. When he was injured at the Euro 2016 final he basically became their manager on the sidelines! Both have a good record from free kicks, although Ronaldo is the better penalty taker.

The latter leads me to my opening argument: Ronaldo is a better athlete than Messi. That’s how you make teammates better – not by gesticulating from the sideline because you know the cameras are on you. But leadership, as you’re defining it, is just one tiny piece of greatness. Both players are better at scoring than assisting, but even so, Messi’s record here is almost fifty per cent better when it comes to minutes per assist. That the argument has raged for more than a decade offers an insight into the astonishing levels of skill, commitment, longevity and, it has to be said, good fortune that has befallen the finest two players of the 2010s.

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