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Two of the 11 children are particularly important to us in the Ayots – Lionel born in 1682 and Cornelius in 1686. The marriage took place on 18 October 1744 at Westbury on Trym. Apart from the two sons Lionel (1682-1745) and Cornelius (1686-1747) with whom the Ayot St Lawrence estate was involved, the 1661 marriage did produce another son Cornelius (who was born in 1664 but had clearly died before his namesake was born in 1682) and a further five sons and three daughters. It is a very luxurious item and shows that the family had much disposable wealth by 1700.

79 likes. 1730) and Cornelius (b. and d. 1732).

The elder son of this marriage was Roger (1635-1700), who married Mary Dory at Doulting on 15 June 1657. It was Anna Maria Poole who first linked the Lyde and Ames families by her marriage to Levi Ames in 1770. 1739). A close friend put down a memorial Sunday afternoon outside the club. 1728), Mary (b. Levi Ames married Sarah Gwyn at Bristol cathedral on 28 August 1718. In 1846 Levi left £50,000 (over £4 million today). The younger brother, Cornelius (b. At the age of 41 Cornelius Lyde married for the second time. The prodigious wealth accumulated by the Ames family over two centuries from the 1660s onwards became widely dispersed and only slowly run down. In addition, and very interestingly, he had 12 parcels in Chew Magna, taking the story back to the Somerset origins of the Lyde family. He also had extensive interests in shipping, and in 1769 was one of the founders of Harford’s Bank, Bristol, as a natural extension of his commercial interests.

Chauncey was baptised on 10 March 1720 at Lewin’s Mead chapel, where Levi Ames was baptised in 1739. Additional information is available in this. Levi married Ann Bird Metcalfe (1791-1853) at Clifton on 13 June 1808.

Lyde was a bouncer at the club. The coffee pot has the London hallmark for 1701-02. The first of these was in favour of his younger brother Samuel (1730-1806) and it was followed, secondly, by life interests for Samuel’s sons. He died on 3 April 1776 aged 69. Presumably he was prompted to embark on these acquisitions by his brother’s good fortune. He also purchased some 387 acres in the parish of Ayot St Peter. Gregory and Sarah Olive then had two sons who married two daughters of Levi Ames (1739-1820): in 1796 Sarah Ames (1772-1815) married John Olive and four years later her sister Phoebe Ames (1774-1841) married Rev James Olive.
Levi continued the family traditions of banking, ship owning and the West Indies trade, coupled with Unitarianism and civic leadership. On 15 November 1716 at St Stephen Walbrook he married Mary Peck aged 19, with the consent of her father. Jeremiah Ames (1706-76) had two daughters who married two brothers: Mary Ames (1731-88) married John Olive as his second wife in 1768 and her sister Sarah Ames (1741-1801) married his brother Gregory Olive in 1763. Landed families of Britain and Ireland blog, page 120, Ames of Bristol. Ayot Green lies to the west of the B197 (Great North Road) with an approximate postcode of AL6 9AB, The church is just over half a mile to the north, at postcode AL6 9BG, Ayot St Peter is in the Welwyn Hatfield district of Hertfordshire, England. 1641) married Mary Blatch in the parish church at Stanton Drew, where the baptisms of 11 children of the marriage are listed between 1664 and 1689. It can be assumed that he made at least one of the triangular sailings. The eldest son of the first marriage, Roger, remained as a clothier at Doulting but his three younger brothers (Levi, Samuel and Jeremiah) all moved to Bristol. Another connection should be mentioned. Charlton House is now an hotel in the stable of Duncan Bannatyne, a one time dragon on the TV show Dragons’ Den. He was a drysalter and banker in Bristol. of the parish of Ayot St Lawrence was owned by Lionel Lyde (1775-1851) while in Ayot St Peter Levi Ames (1778-1846), with … Her father was Sir John Morillyon Wilson. Members of both gravitated the short distance north to the booming city of Bristol, where fortunes were made and paths crossed. PETER LYDE JR. Our Gift from God, Our Family's Rock. George Henry successfully claimed compensation of over £67,000 (some £4 million today) under the Slave Compensation Act 1837 for the loss of his slaves on 16 plantations in British Guiana, Grenada, St Kitts, St Vincent and Trinidad. Cornelius Lyde died on 11 July 1747; unfortunately his will has not been found but it is clear from various sources that he left equal shares in his estate to his two daughters.

Between 1744 and 1749 this couple had three children – Nicholas, Lionel and Anna Maria. The earliest member of the Ames family identified in this study was Matthew of Doulting, who married Mabel Short at Berkley, near Frome, on 24 April 1628 and died in about 1651. It included Eagles paraphernalia because Lyde was a die hard fan and a Bible. There were three children – Rachael (b. At about the same time a coffee pot was commissioned from Anthony Nelme, one of the foremost silversmiths of London (active from 1680 until his death in 1723), emblazoned with the Lyde family crest. At the same time the rector himself was living in Amesbury Cottage – its name clearly linking it to the Ames family. Lionel Ames (b 1775) deposed that he was the elder nephew and heir at law of the deceased, and following supporting evidence from his father Levi Ames, brother in law Richard Llewellin and brothers Levi and John Ames, the Prerogative Court of Canterbury granted administration of the estate to Lionel Ames on 2 March 1805. Her husband remarried twice before dying in March 1727. 51.2k Followers, 1,702 Following, 3,068 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Peter Lyden (@peter.lyden) Leonard Ames died at Amesbury in 1971 with an estate of just £762, and so brought to an end a Lyde/Ames association with the parish lasting no less than 248 years. It was presumably in the first few years of C18th that, as we have seen, Cornelius’ brother Lionel (1682-1745), the father of Sir Lionel Lyde Bart., was first married in Virginia. Cote House was bought in 1825 and sold in 1922. In his capacity of High Sheriff of Bedfordshire, Levi Ames of The Hyde further engaged his nephew Rev John Olive as his chaplain. As you were browsing something about your browser made us think you were a bot. On 2 March 1731 at Ilminster he married Phoebe Collins (1706-79) of nearby Horton.

There were so many children born into the Ames family over the last three centuries that it seems certain that there will be living descendants today. This site is for everyone wishing to find out more about Ayot St Peter in Hertfordshire. There are a few reasons this might happen: To request an unblock, please fill out the form below and we will review it as soon as possible. His wife was Rachel Wittenoom (1698-1782) and the wedding was at St Margaret Pattens. Despite their different surnames, these two men were in fact brothers. Clifton Wood House was bought in late C18th and sold some 30 years later. In the past, Peter has also been known as Pete Lyde, Peter S Lyde, Peter L Lyde and Pete L Lyde. The goings on in the historic church of St Peter at Pipe cum Lyde usually known as Lyde. If you identify an image for which you believe you hold the copyright that we have used without your permission, or we have not correctly acknowledged you as the source, please contact us so that we can investigate and correct accordingly. It is, however, beyond the scope of this work to try to identify and locate them. I really didn’t think it was him,” said Al Brown. Lionel Ames/Lyde was a barrister at Lincoln’s Inn.

Linden Hall was bought in 1861 and sold in 1904 while Ghyllheugh was built in 1900-03 and sold in the late 1950s. His principal purchase was The Hyde, just north of the county boundary between Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, which he bought in 1835 and gave to his eldest son Lionel two years later. As we have seen, Lionel (later Lyde) and Levi inherited or purchased country houses and land in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire. Summary: Peter Lyde's birthday is 10/13/1959 and is 60 years old. Although Ayot House was sold in 1912 members of the Ames family continued to live in the parish of Ayot St Lawrence until 1971. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The many country estates inherited, bought or built by family members will have been very expensive to staff, decorate, run and maintain, and too many of those with the responsibility to do so chose not to work but instead to lead the life of the country squire. The huge profits generated were (using today’s terminology) ‘laundered’ through private banking houses established by the families concerned. A public tree on the Ancestry website gives more details on these two families Lyde and Ames families, * Landed families of Britain and Ireland blog, page 120, Ames of Bristol. It will be recalled that Lionel Ames/Lyde had a younger brother Levi (b 30 November 1778). He apparently had no wish to move from Bath to Ayot St Lawrence and therefore. It has already been noticed that Jeremiah’s eldest son Levi (1739-1820) left an estate of £120,000. A memorial has started outside the club. The memorials are difficult to read but full transcriptions can be found in The History and Antiquities of the County of Somerset, Volume 2, by John Collinson (1791), which is currently available on Google Books. He was mayor in 1735-36 and died there in 1744. On 16 May 1661 Cornelius Lyde (b. What drew him to this, how much he paid and how he financed the transaction are all unknowns. In 1723 Cornelius Lyde (1686-1747) purchased the manor of Ayot St Lawrence. St Peters Lyde. It seems that between 1747 and his death in 1791 he purchased additional land in the neighbourhood. Following the grant of a further royal permission and in compliance with the stipulation in the will, Lionel Ames likewise changed his name to Lionel Lyde on 6 February 1806. A close friend put down a memorial Sunday afternoon outside the club. In Bedfordshire he had 103 in Luton parish. He retired in the late 1820s and rented Lamer House, Wheathampstead, from which base he had by the 1830s  built up a very substantial landed estate more or less contiguous with his elder brother’s inherited estate at Ayot St Lawrence. Remenham Place was completed in 1870 and sold in 1920. His youngest son, Henry Metcalfe (1820-74), married into the Northumberland gentry and bought Linden Hall at Longhorsley in 1861.

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