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It’s time to explore modern copywriting that taps into the latest neuroscience. Recently I was back at the Jazz Café to see Miles Mosley, the bassist for Kamasi Washington and Kendrick Lamar, who had again brought out a young, mixed crowd to the venue. Then, when I left the army I never really stopped. Think of the evocative photographs of Herman Leonard, the bassist and snapper Milt Hinton or William Caxton, images of clubs, patrons and players so powerful you can almost smell the cigarette smoke, hear the splash of a cymbal, the tinkle of highball glasses. Robert was born in Liverpool but moved to London when he was eighteen to attend university. Another busy day on Grand Anse beach, Grenada. Follow to get new release updates and improved recommendations. I saw a similar thing earlier this year at the re-invigorated Jazz Café ( when I witnessed the wonderfully fluid saxophonist Nubya Garcia launch her own album (see playlist, below). Going out with my Leica helped me gather my wits, my feelings, about how I felt about me that day.’ Not everyone in the band shared his commitment. Robert Ryan (Author) 4.3 out of 5 stars 27 ratings. In 1967 the Republic of Biafra broke away from Nigeria. Most authors will say no. When I wrote that first story in the late 1950s, I chose Peru as his home country because it was the remotest place I could think of. Appearances mattered as much to the RAF as the ability to shoot down Germans. Let me start by saying the broad brushstrokes of the narrative are absolutely true to life, that in summer 1940 the RAF did reluctantly allow a Polish squadron, 303, to be formed which, flying Mk 1 Hurricanes and not the pin-up Spitfire, managed to chalk up more victories than any other squadron in the Battle of Britain. Looking for books by Robert Ryan? But somehow, some authors succeed.

Have you tried gimmicks from blurb gurus only to see no difference in sales? and gave us a typically scorching solo. So, no, never been to Peru and now I doubt I ever shall. He also traded in sterling bank notes, most of which were excellent forgeries by the Nazis. He is also chairman of the association that looks after those displaced from the Marine Protected Area – he used to be a spear-fisherman before it was banned. There is a typically cogent review here by John L. Walters: There is a scene when Zumbach uses his wing to play snooker with an ME-109, ramming the side and sending it crashing to earth. Under 30, tattooed, bearded, pierced and with a very healthy smattering of women. Currently, William Ryan resides in London city with his wife and son. Once there, the returnees who had helped the Allies to victory  were shunned, imprisoned and in some cases executed because the Stalinist puppet government thought they had been tainted by their time in the West. Evan Parker on fire off the shoulder of Binker Golding. A couple of Umbrella’s drink specials and crabs hold no fear: you wouldn’t feel the pinch anyway. X had awarded them high marks, in contrast to her rather disparaging assessment of her fellow countrymen. A lot of my father went into Paddington. Flying Hurricanes, rather than the more glamorous Spitfires, the Poles nevertheless proved to be tenacious fighters and were often considered positively reckless by their RAF counterparts. Not the cheapest of options, perhaps, but Arrendell turned out to be highly professional – not only did he assiduously disinfect his masks, he had third party insurance and gave a rigourous safety briefing. So what better holiday to choose for those neuroses than Grenada, which involves a) a ten hour-plus flight that includes a double drop – i.e. This book delivers methods that will work for you. One year we went in separate cars and I was waiting in line for the ferry I heard a terrible crash from behind.

Marketers have had two decades to figure out how that model works. The squadron featured never existed and characters were amalgams of real people. Authors are hungry for how-to information so they can make their way in a business world. He needed a chauffeur, so I volunteered for the job. Unlikely?

He returned to France and wrote his memoirs and, rumour had it, his dealings in planes and sometimes weapons. This book gives you that knowledge.

I always have the feeling we British are very much lower case. There is an excellent right-on-the-money review of the event from the Evening Standard’s critic Jane Cornwell here: or here: Instead, it appeared I had rented the local Health & Safety Officer. The swish way to reach this collection of sunken statues is by using Savvy’s Sailing Adventures (, which utilises a sleek, traditional sloop to take you from St George’s, round the headland to Mollinaire Bay where the seafloor sculptures are located. Everything I used to do in the darkroom, I can do in the camera now. I’d always get up early the day of a show and I’d walk round town with my camera and I’d be alone. Do they all have teams of ghostwriters behind them churning out novels while one person claims the glory? Infuriatingly for him, on the eve on the German invasion in September 1939, Zumbach broke a leg when his plane somersaulted during a night landing after clipping a truck parked across the runway. Is there a secret? Car hire and excursions through Caribbean Horizons (001 473 444 1550, Zumbach was persuaded to deliver the plane in person and, eventually, to oversee it re-conversion to a bomber, complete with shark’s teeth on the nose like the famous Flying Tiger’s Kittyhawks. Robert Ryan (Author) › Visit Amazon's Robert Ryan Page. I miss some of the stories he shared with me – along with his Kirk Douglas impression –  but something had to give and it’s as close as you’ll get to having him in the passenger seat, with a leg in plaster, turning to you and saying: “Did I tell you about the time …?” But you’ll have to see the show to hear the full story. Music, particularly jazz music, and photography have long enjoyed a healthy symbiotic relationship. Driving was a pleasure then – even with Graham at the wheel. Learn: This book will surprise you, and bust the bubble of hack tactics dragging down your sales.

Talking of money, there is no escaping the fact that our jittery pound has meant prices, with the East Caribbean Dollar tied to the US Dollar, can seem somewhat punitive when you have five people in tow (“That’s an expensive crew you haul around with you,” one restaurant manager said to me, far from helpfully). Something went wrong. Her nemesis in it has a particularly complex backstory, involving the IRA, ETA and MI5.

All the above, and many others, are by British artist Jason deCaires Taylor, who originated the park in 2006, but it is still being added to (and, where need be, repaired), with works such as The Ameridindian Petroglyphs, fourteen concrete sculptures based on carvings on the island, and the arms-raised-to-heaven Christ Of The Deep, both by local Troy Lewis. My instinct was that there must be enough real stories around the actual 303 Squadron and the individuals in it to carry a movie. Out of the house by 9.30, no exceptions, not back before 5.30. It is the best all-rounder of the Caribbean. But how do you write one that turns views into sales? He reasserted his Swiss identity, gained a passport, and moved to Paris, his sense of justice tainted by the ungrateful attitude of the British authorities. 87 And because he wouldn’t take part in any of the resettlement schemes for Poles, Zumbach claims in his memoirs that he was given three days to leave the country he had risked his life for. Why? The ads follow a standard pay per click advertising model. I did my first album cover for Blue Note, for Horace’s Serenade to a Soul Sister in 1968.” Which meant he was following in the f-stops of Francis Wolff, another legend who shot many of the iconic Blue Note covers. As for the “I don’t like jazz” sneer, Nubya had a word of advice: “Go and see it live.” And I’d add go and see this new wave in small clubs while you still can. Ah-ha, he said, you are in luck, I know this apartment in Montmartre that will come free soon. “So it’s my fault?” he laughs when I tell him this. Off-Ramps runs Aug 3-13 and 15-27 at the Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh. The film is due out before the end of the year. There, weeks passed in a fug of boredom before, in July 1940, it was announced that a Polish squadron (albeit with British and Canadian commanding officers) was to be formed at RAF Northolt. This series of cascades is a thirty-minute hike from the road, through bush, banana and bamboo (and, yes, nutmeg), across sometime slippery terrain, and you might want to hire a guide (we paid a local just under a fiver, which I thought a bargain for taking five not always sure-footed people, but apparently was over-the-odds). He writes the Morning, Noon and Night as well as the Dr. Watson series. When we first turned up in Australia I was walking down the street and four chaps in a car pulled up at the kerbside.

I had just been to see Binker + Moses, a freeform sax and drum duo who were launching their album Journey to the Mountain of Forever (I blame Alice Coltrane) with a blistering show. Well, it had a lot to do with the driving. ), Author Unleashed: Advanced Publishing and Marketing Strategies for Indie Authors (Self-publishing Guide Book 1), (

I was drawn to The Lost Correspondent, a lone figure working at his typewriter, studiously oblivious to the colourful shoals trying to distract him from his work. This is of interest to me because, as the co-writer of the new WW2 film Hurricane, about the Polish pilots who fought in the Battle of Britain and beyond, I am well aware of the compromises with history that have to be made. There are other instances of artistic licence. Worse, the publishing environment is getting harder every year, crushing their dreams day by day. Is it blind luck?

That night I saw my son had left his shoes outside to be cleaned and I put a note in them ‘Clean them yourself, you Pommie bastard’ and popped them back inside. Select the department you want to search in. Are you an author? Another hundred bucks up the spout. Finding out about him led me to Larry Coryell and then back to Miles Davis and beyond. Lovely man, but a terrible driver. You’ll learn things like: This book gives you the knowledge to sell, and to sell at a high scale. It studies blurbs from a copywriting, neuroscience and artistic perspective. Ryan is currently working on his next novel and a variety of television projects.

Like many of the Poles, who were often older and more mature than their RAF counterparts, he also found he scored highly with British women, as he revealed in his rather unreliable memoir On Wings of War (credited to “Jean Zumbach”).

In fact, it was Hawkes that were at that address during WW2. But Africa wasn’t quite finished with him.

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