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Feeling his hands shaking, Robin made a show of nonchalantly dusting them off. "Tommy, when I held you for the first time," Lucius began, "you were only five minutes old. I'm sorry." Our mutual friend insisted that I take her...said that *your* safety was of paramount importance and that Batman would agree. This was soon followed by a deafening crash as the temporary bridge was partially dragged back across, then dropped down into the manmade chasm, thus cutting off Robin's escape route. ", Dick nodded. I found a nice dark corner, pulled up a chair, and waited. No wounds. Killer Croc screamed. "But that's so not fair!". ", "Don't *say* that!!" They're *not* pets!" "How're you feeling?". "I promise you, that I won't use the JLA satellite transporter. "Well, I said I liked a challenge." "But this doesn't explain why you dragged me here, or why you've been pulling a string of cat burglaries around town. Dick Grayson reaches a milestone birthday. I should've been able to escape. To Robin's astonishment, he saw only the skeletal structure of a dilapidated building on the other side. Dick, you're the kind of guy who's never going to be involved with anyone casually. Batgirl slapped him upside the head. Dick, I'm sorry I behaved as I did. Everything is going to be all right.

Robin's eyes narrowed; his face grimaced in a snarl. It was a closed-fist, metal-reinforced, hammer blow to the abdomen. Dick wished privately that Barbara knew the song was meant for her. Maxie and his boys were preoccupied by the tigers' demoniac table manners. Bruce let out a sigh, the memories of the previous year's pain- filled night suddenly washing over him. Caitlin's smile broadened. Bruce sighed.

Caitlin squealed, suddenly jumping up in her excitement. command. Dick took the brightly wrapped miniature gift and returned Barbara's smile. |, May 20, 2003 I've never even given it a second thought. "Oh, yes. Some eager beaver cops were out to make a name for themselves at the expense of others' lives. This was too much for the tiger. She struggled against her bonds in a helpless panic. How did you ever come up with the idea that you'd lost his respect?". "I found a second gallows, by the way. But *noo-ooo* *you* have to appear and spoil my fun. "Forgive me, Selina, but the GCPD doesn't bother Batman over a string of 'cat burglaries' or 'cat-nappings' for that matter. The distinctive sounds of Gotham's street traffic could be heard far below, carried in by the light breeze that caressed his cheek. The Tower was supposed to be demolished at dawn, he recalled confused. "What if I promised to leave Gotham? A 'mutual friend' set us up. Smiling teasingly, Barbara gave Dick a quick, sisterly peck on the cheek, then moved over to sit next to her father. Just like Bruce, she thought half-disgustedly. You'd best watch it, squirt! Dick hadn't seen him since Tommy enrolled in a special music program for gifted children a couple of years ago. "Oh, sorry," the girl said dismissively. There are rich guys who talk a good game and there are rich guys who mean what they say. Get away from there! The man whose inner strength was the one constant in Dick's life was crying. A sudden explosion rang out. "It's Batgirl." Robin blinked in confusion. "I asked you nicely," he grunted, squeezing her exposed neck for added emphasis. Apparently, they'd raised close to a quarter of a million dollars. Robin decided that the wire mesh net needed reinforcing. Alfred told Dick that civilized men and women slept in their pajamas. He waited while they sat down. Sleep.". Barbara pulled over and waited for the patrolman to walk up. "I don't know. Dick *was* out for personal vengeance. Robin attempted to regain his feet, but promptly fell back on his knees. Angry voices. "Nevertheless, I *still* wouldn't call you that. Robin went flying into open space, dangling helplessly by the neck from Catwoman's whip. Only problem: No one bothered to inform Dick of this new phase in his relationship with Bruce. "That one other time when, 'what'?" Whoever captured and secured him in the cargo hold must've had a perverse sense of humor, because the gangster was hanging, chained and upside down, over the tigers' cage. Dick looked away. As they sat with their fast food selections, Dick pointed at Selina's taco salad with his fork. Wayne falls into the second category. Selina, he wondered? (And not *Barbara* taking *him* out for an ice cream or a movie as if he were still a little kid, for crying out loud!). The conservatory he attended was located several hours away in Upper Gotham State. "You must have me confused with the spoon who ran away with one." ", "Why?" I'll make it up to you. I'm sorry.". She fell into a coughing fit. The hood's weak movements immediately stilled. Okay, my old man knew how to take care of stubborn dames. "We repeat...if anyone is inside the condemned premises of the Katmandu Tower, you must vacate now!

The women all exchanged pleased, yet embarrassed glances at the unexpected accolade.

Solid. He warned me that he didn't want to shoot me, but that he would if I interfered. To this day I don't really remember what happened next. The one standing up cupped her hands and began reciting her phone number. "Is your mother all right?" "I'm sorry, Dick. ", Dick grimaced. Bruce lowered himself slowly next to Dick on the sofa. Robin looked up her at her cowled face. "We love you, Tommy.". I didn't have my utility belt, of course, but..." Bruce's eyes twinkled momentarily, "...I had a few other tools squirreled away on my costume.". Barbara nodded helplessly, waving away his ministrations.

"But when we are gathered on the occasion of not one, but two birthdays...then, the occasion becomes even more memorable. Dick smiled as he stood next to his childhood friend, watching and listening as Tommy played. He gets mad at me if I forget to put mine on." Doctor Wayne developed several new surgical procedures that were destined to save countless lives. No way you knocking over all of these display cases didn't set off some kind of silent alarm." I'll simply perish!" Two-Face repeated. Finally, opening the tiny box, he found a gold key chain inside with his initials: RJG, Richard John Grayson. ", "Why--?" "How'd you find me, anyway?"

Robin parked his motorcycle in the dark, filthy alleyway. He'd never seen Bruce look nervous prior to a date before. A week of working solo had done much to erase the slightest veneer of romantic adventure from it. she amended. When I woke up, I was in the hospital. "Dick! an annoyed voice said behind him. "Why do you say that?" The date was five years ago. he squeaked out. There was a brief knock at the door, and Bruce stuck his head in. "A mutual friend contacted me at home," she began. Break free, Dicky. When at long last, I heard the sirens, I passed out. Doctor Wayne was forced to develop these new instruments that have since become standard surgical equipment. You know, a Bat-whatchacallit! "You don't know how hard this is for me, Dick. What happened?" But, you're right about this weekend.

"You're home, and you're safe.

She raised her eyebrows questioningly at Dick. And, of course, the whip he'd heard her use earlier. He smirked, shrugging. The few letters she'd received from Dick shared one glaring omission in mention of Bruce Wayne!

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