science fiction story starters

You are a member of the upper class but fall for a servant in your manor who happens to be an excellent inventor. You are amazed to see the room has changed. Radiation from the expanding sun forced most of humanity into the oceans, relying on gills for breathing and webbed hands and feet for swimming. A robot falls in your back yard with no recollection of where he came from. Common themes include the exploration of the relationship between man and computers, often in a depressing world, as well as cybernetics, prosthetics, cyborgs, and the internet. The dog turns around, drops your hand on the grass, and stares at you in a funny way. You have been dead for the last twelve hours, and it has not been a pleasant experience. 25. The new world your crew has discovered is full of angel-like beings who move gracefully and are fiercely protective of humans. You creep out of the ship during the celebration and disarm the planet's defensive cannons, leaving it open to the Atenaian landing.
With the world moving toward a more perfect civilization, parents of childhood athletes are facing a moral dilemma. After several months of traveling below the speed of light, your crew runs out of resources and the ship's power containment begins to degrade. But something was clearly miscalculated. People suffering from psychosis, schizophrenia, and manic depression pose a threat to themselves and others in this otherwise utopian society, so a humanitarian solution is initiated. Sometimes they're tiny, sending little more than ripples out across the surface. After years of rampant pollution, disease, and drought, the Earth's population is drastically reduced, as are its resources.

The newspapers begin calling him the new "Jack the Ripper," so he begins murdering reporters as the "enemies of justice."
You hope to change this situation, and you think you have found a way to make immortality a possibility for everyone. ️ Science Fiction Short Story Prompts. One child who was off-the-charts in terms of educational capabilities is surprised to find out that he was kicked out of the program and must now work at a sewage processing facility. You decide to send this android to the local high school so that she can learn how to interact with others. Constantine never recognized Christianity as the official religion of the Roman Empire. When all hope seems lost, an alien race arrives on Earth and evacuates a group of humans to safety on a new planet. You are part of a decades-old rebellion. A social worker in an impoverished planetary colony discovers a cheap way to manufacture housing for the homeless, but the housing material is on a corporate reserve. Androids are now the primary caregivers for many elderly people. Jemisin. You are an attorney who is fighting against these laws and misconceptions, arguing that androids have the basic rights of any other sentient being. To tell your science fiction story in a great and remarkable way, you need to lay down your ideas in an organized way. As you open the backdoor, you are confronted by the knight at the other side of the parking lot, as he shakes his ax at you and yells something unintelligible. Ten massive ships carrying millions of people were launched into space to escape the devastation and have orbited the frozen planet ever since. Perhaps you have been looking all over the place for yourself. They may or may not tell their loved ones about the swap. It seems like their intentions were not purely charitable. Now, however, they've proposed to marry the Graystars, a powerful family your father considers the greatest threat to your future throne. No one is hungry but enjoying cuisine is a thing of the past, as food has been replaced by a paste-like substance.

Biohackers have stolen DNA samples from the world's most prominent leaders in order to clone them and eventually replace them on the world stage. It’s an unsettling, brilliant story. As you slowly approach this door, you notice that it has no handle. ", You are in the middle of playing your favorite shooter video game when, all of a sudden, the character you are playing turns around, drops his gun, and stares straight at you. Nano-engineered materials have resulted in a plethora of popular household goods: antibacterial cleansers, long-lasting house paints, and fabrics that resist stains. At first, no one noticed, not even yourself. You are one such survivor and are alone, moving like a nomad across the wasteland. When your budding social abilities and confidence attract the attention of a girl in your class, the robot becomes jealous. A mechanism that lead to helping the people of Haiti, a free nation, stay free. You and your best friend have a sleepover in your backyard treehouse. A girl discovers an additive in the food supply that keeps the population tired, sick, and foggy-headed.

They feed specifically on chemicals released during fearful, life-threatening, or painful situations. According to Whisper House rules, you are supposed to never become invested in the clients or recall a word of what you hear, but you do just the opposite. The most recent discovery is a planet full of valuable resources but its princess begs for you to leave her planet alone.

The solar system is an ecologically closed spacecraft hurtling makind toward its ultimate destiny. After several months of working for a variety of employers, you start to feel…funny…as if you're developing multiple personalities. You come downstairs, eat your cereal, and then begrudgingly go to school. Privacy is a thing of the past for anyone using internet technology, prompting many to go offline. There are no doors or cockpit, so it must have been piloted by some sort of A.I. You need to use your wits to defeat them without using force.

You fall into another sky, presumably on another planet. You have travelled across the mountains, through the river land, and finally across the plains toward where you left your ship. A closer look reveals that they aren't simply humanoid, but rather human beings with ancient weapons and armor. A dart impales itself in your arm, but you feel nothing. Using the latest facial/vocal molding technology, you are able to alter your face and even voice to become another person.

scanners, you must find your way through the desert to the human side, fighting technology with technology.

But if it hadn't been for his crimes, the situation never would have happened in the first place. When you awake, your crew is gone while men and creatures are rushing toward you through the darkness, shrieking for blood.

The possibilities are endless. But nothing else is the same. Failing body parts are easily repaired using nanotechnology. People hear tons of tips from others. You travel back to Earth, excited to tell the world about what you have found. As the profits for these search engine companies begin to significantly dwindle, you are assigned the task to find and eliminate this A.I. The very first artificially intelligent nanobots have been built, able to do anything from repairing a damaged organ to building the Sistine Chapel from scratch. You're the world's most elusive spy, moving in and out of missions like a fleeting shadow. You command a military team sent to protect the colonists and to eradicate this threat, but, despite all of your efforts, you are unable to find the enemy. After nanobots are added to your body, you feel yourself becoming more physically fit almost immediately. Some have said she is the god who breathed life into men, designing them to hunt and burn for her, but to be never fulfilled.

After an unexpected buzzing and a flash of light, you find yourself standing atop the tower, a massive control panel spreading out before you. All you know is that no one has ever stopped the hunt. The unruly son of the king of Atlantis adventures beyond the protections of the city and is captured by the people above. As a lonely and awkward teenage genius, you design a robot with artificial intelligence to serve as your best friend. They plan to protest your android's admittance and want a total ban on A.I. The sliver is making noise that sounds like music. Whenever a team is sent into the past to recover an artifact or alter circumstances, the quantum computers calculate not only how far back the team can travel without drastically affecting the present, but also who can be sent. There are no screams. They too are playing the scene, identical to every other surface, with crystal clarity.

You are a mechanic who is in charge of your colony ship's ecosystem. You don't realize that there's a problem until you board a luxurious space yacht with a billionaire tycoon who has nefarious plans for his dozen or so passengers. Computer analysis has identified DNA sequences that code for thousands of poisonous proteins, similar to ricin and botulinum.

There's even a growl of ominous cellos for several minutes before the thunderstorm rolls in. Confused, irritated, and with no idea where you are, you glance into the mirror on the other side of the room - and see what can only be described as a strange robot. Something in the air is causing hallucinations that seem freakishly real. You recently heard that the twenty-year interstellar war has finally ended and a peace treaty has been successfully signed and ratified. They see you as Father's voice, but utterly impotent in your own right. The cloud comes suddenly, descending from the mountains without warning. When you walk through the door, you immediately realize you're in a completely different time period—on a completely different planet—in a completely different reality.

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