symbols in great expectations

The phrase “great expectations” is first introduced in when Mr. Jaggers reveals that Pip will receive a “great” sum of money to finance his transition to the upper class. Great Expectations. Symbols are objects or characters used to represent something more significant than itself. As a child, Pip brings Magwitch a file and food in these mists; later, he is kidnapped by …

Tears For example, the symbol of money relates to social class and ambition because it deals with how members of various classes use money. In Great Expectations Charles Dickens uses three major symbols: Tears, Satis House, and Money. The word "satis" comes from the Latin word for "enough," and the house must have been given its name as a blessing or as a premonition that… read analysis of Satis House Great Expectations cleverly uses a number of these, explained below: The rising mists; Miss Havisham's shoe and wedding dress; The Satis House; Miss Havisham's garden; The stopped clocks; Bentley Drummle and the stopped clocks; Light and darkness; Locks and keys

Great Expectations Symbols & Motifs.

While the phrase initially refers to money in a very literal way, the text repeats it many times and in many different contexts. Dickens also relates these symbols to the major themes. The setting almost always symbolizes a theme in Great Expectations and always sets a tone that is perfectly matched to the novel’s dramatic action. Satis House is a symbol of frustrated expectations. The misty marshes near Pip’s childhood home in Kent, one of the most evocative of the book’s settings, are used several times to symbolize danger and uncertainty.

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