terry manning memphis

I like to stop, look and listen, think what I'm going to do, talk to the band, feel out what I think the emotion is they're trying to put across, what their influences are, what I want to do commercially. 1998-’99 Sha Na Na…Tours of the U.S. and Japan Spokeo is not a consumer reporting agency as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). 2 (Silver Arrow). And it made it a little more, "Oh, we have to be aware of what we're doing" instead of, "Let's just get in there and feel it and do it." So one day I just got on a bus with a map and found the place, and there it was, a big old movie theatre with the Stax logo on the marquee.

It ended up that Jim Dickinson, who was a friend of John's, was there and liked the band, so they signed us to the Ardent label. I've done both, and I think the 96 seems to sound the way I most want it to, so I'll track to 48, and mix to 96. I don't mean to leave anyone out — such great players. They wanted to rush a single out for obvious reasons, partly commercial, but the other reason was so that the world could have this great song right away. Really, 44 or 48 is probably as good. When R.E.M. Some of the first drummers I ever worked with, Al Jackson at Stax — there is no better human metronome, soul feel and R&B drummer ever. It just all came together — it's just being at the right places at the right times. I said, "Well, a week ago you really had to do it". A lot of other people could probably have done what I did at those places as well as I.

He was involved in the production team for The Staple…

If it were a softer guitar I would use an 87 or a 47 or maybe a 67. 59% of these people are married, and 41% are single. When The Yardbirds came back for a different tour, I left Memphis and drove to several shows where those bands were touring, doing colleges in the south.

His career has encompassed working with many Stax and Hi artists — Rufus Thomas, Booker T., The Staple Singers, Al Green; working with some of rock's finest — ZZ Top, Big Star, Led Zeppelin; and still leading a busy life these days, running Compass Point Studios in the Bahamas and making time to mentor via his online forum at RE/P. I'm quite a fan of Dan Lavry and his theories, and I do agree with his philosophy that there's no point in 192 or 384 as we know it today.

And part of it was also rebelling against Memphis and the South as it was, which was a closed-minded situation. Contact: Chuck Toler Tolervision Angerent@aol.com 608 444 2020 For all press: Beatrice Kimmel EMPKT PR 212-777-6727 x200 beatrice@empktpr.com |

At Ardent we actually had a drum platform with walls, but an open top. And that's the hardest thing to do. ( Log Out /  I went up and said, "Hey, I can play keyboards", and ended up joining the band. Jimmy Page and I hit it off. Because it's far harder work than anyone thinks when they're glamorizing it in their minds.

It was just, "We're doing our thing. [laughter] And that I think is one thing that sold him, so he said, "Well really, what can you do?"

We're making our music." Mic'ing techniques in the Stax days would have been trying to go by the book. You get up in the morning, you go to work.

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