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filmed.). Photograph: Hulton Archive/Getty Images, n 1919 Vera Brittain was shattered to discover that her slightly younger fellow-students at Somerville College, Oxford found her memories of the War (she always gave it a capital letter) boring. "What would people think?" At the beginning of chapter 9 of Testament of Youth, Brittain receives a telegram that informs her of her brother’s death. As for being alone with a man - that was so indecent that when, on just one daring occasion, she and Leighton managed to engineer a short train journey together, they were too shy to talk to each other naturally until the last moment. GradeSaver, 30 April 2019 Web. When she witnessed the elation with which he and the other boys welcomed the prospect of fighting and perhaps dying "gloriously" for their country, her own imagination caught fire. Written by people who wish to remain anonymous. Vera is fiercely determined, though, Copyright © 1999 - 2020 GradeSaver LLC. After a very long, horrifying, tragic war, she finishes her degree at Somerville, switching to be a history major. The Question and Answer section for Testament of Youth is a great “Testament of Friendship” and “Testament of Experience,” which have not been stunned at the news of the armistice in 1918, the story flashes back to the The introduction to Brittain’s memoir is written by her biographer Mark Bostridge. She writes about the decline of her mental health because of her nearly-constant exposure to horror. As she would say when looking back, "The War made masochists of us all". Vera must deal She didn't want to - loving meant suffering, so out with it! Testament of Youth Introduction-Chapter 2 Summary & Analysis. Anonymous "Testament of Youth Summary". Synopsis. I had failed to understand Vera Brittain because she wrote about people whose extreme sexual innocence (she and Leighton hardly ever even held hands) appeared to me ridiculous, and whose eager embracing of the war as "glorious" shocked me. Anchored by an extraordinary performance from actress Alicia She did sometimes slip into over-writing, but she could most powerfully convey the indescribable when she had to, and at least I recognised that. She saw this as a tragic decision and therefore, given as she was to extremes, she embraced it with a martyr's enthusiasm. determination that allowed her not only to pull through, but also to write an Godfrey Cheshire is a film critic, journalist and filmmaker based in New York City. which she shelved as a failure, a judgment she also made against a subsequent Rated PG-13 She had enough of it to envisage horrors, but she felt she too ought to experience them in order to stay with the boys - particularly with Leighton - in spirit. Brittain’s account of her own experiences has been regarded as unique. In When she spoke of these experiences at a meeting of the college debating society the audience responded unkindly. Testament of Youth, Vera Brittain's memoir of life, love, and loss during WWI first came to my attention because of Masterpiece Theater which serialized it at least 20 years ago. Seeing the consequences of that Vera as the two have fallen in love and will become engaged. Review: Testament of Youth by Vera BrittainDiana Athill first read Vera Brittain's wartime memoir when it was published in 1933 and found the author … These activities bought time for what really mattered: turning themselves into writers. Then she goes off to the battlefront in But it was helped by a relationship she formed there: her enduring friendship with the novelist-to-be Winifred Holtby. In Testament of Youth, the words seemed to pour out of her, a potent mixture of rage and loss, underpinned by lively intelligence and fervent pacifist beliefs. didn’t know how to deal with her memories. She and her other friends help wounded soldiers. Thanks for exploring this SuperSummary Study Guide of “Testament of Youth” by Vera Brittain. She was always to make any "it" she aimed for, although she often described herself as nervous and unsure, partly no doubt for fear that acknowledging her own abilities would look conceited. Surely I must always have been moved by that? Her desire to attend While all of the actors’ work deserves commendation, special She first tried writing a novel, Why do today's reviewers congratulate autobiographers such as I for trying to be honest as though it had never been done before, when there she was in 1933, as blazingly honest as anyone can be? praise must be given to Alicia Vikander, a Swedish actress who does an amazing job this section. But in spite of all these inhibitions Brittain went on driving her parents mad with Oxford, Oxford, Oxford; why couldn't she go to Oxford? Both young women had brought their parents to heel by then, so after Oxford Brittain's father helped her financially to start life in London, where she shared a studio flat with Holtby, and they both scraped enough money to live on by part-time teaching and lecturing. Rupert Brooke was one of the first World War I poets to die, so he never experienced the horrors of trench warfare like many other WWI poets who lived longer than he. She had lost her brother and his three best friends, one of whom she was in love with, had served with devotion in the VAD (Voluntary Aid Detachment - women who volunteered to nurse the war-wounded under the aegis of the Red Cross), and, at the war's end, was near a nervous breakdown from grief and overwork. The latter’s departure is particularly wrenching for Testament of Youth Summary and Study Guide. pleasures of youth, Vera’s life is anything but becalmed. belief that the conflict will be glorious and short-lived, most young men Her stuffily middle-class family could not have been more conventional. Her parents never questioned that their son should go to a university if so inclined, but saw their pretty little daughter's wish to do the same as absurd; nor was it thinkable that she should go anywhere, even to shop in nearby Manchester, unaccompanied. 'Why couldn't I have died in the War with the others?' Considering the horrors and tragedies the war rained on Vera Published in 1933, Testament of Youth by Vera Brittain is a memoir of the author’s young life. against her privileged background. When she achieves her goal of admission to Oxford and goes Reflecting the widespread devastation that the war visited his able cast. Her rage at the limitations of pre-war provincial society is also an eye-opener, and her successful struggle to escape makes a good story in itself, as well as explaining why those beloved young men played such a dominant part in her emotional life. It is shaming to see that I reacted like an illiterate nincompoop. An editor Afghanistan war, supplied by an agency called Amputees in Action.). an instant bestseller upon its publication in 1933. She writes openly about her father's full opinion of women, which is deeply misogynistic, and he leaves her home to attend Oxford where she attends Somerville College. schooling much less work outside the home. Though Vera had decided Brittain's memoir continues with Testament of Experience, published in 1957, and encompassing the years 1925–1950. Though the war was followed by a slew of books about it, Vera How is chapter 9 of Testament of Youth structured for maximum dramatic impact? She sees horrible battle wounds and is transferred to France for even more gruesome scenes of service. Edward, Victor and Roland. always weighed heavily with them, so the balance was tipped when a visiting university extension lecturer, who struck them as distinguished, took her desire as natural and within her reach. with the screams and pleas of men who have suffered the most gruesome injuries, mother (Emily Watson), who believe that women have no reason to seek advanced France, where such petty concerns are instantly forgotten amid the chaos and Testament of Youth Essay Topics 1. Here, Vera’s enjoying an impromptu rural swim with her beloved brother Diana Athill first read Vera Brittain's wartime memoir when it was published in 1933 and found the author tiresomely self-important and melodramatic. Now her future path was determined, although it was some time before she could see it. In 2010, I read her memoir again and I may reread it a third time as I also experience … No less admirable is her vivid account of her initiation as a nurse, the dreadful conditions in which she worked, and the way she was supported by believing she was sharing at least a little of what the man she adored was enduring. She was brave, and her strong feelings would always express themselves in action. We would know nothing of her weaknesses and occasional absurdities if she had not recorded them so scrupulously, and how much more we understand about the nature of that hideous war, after she has evoked the innocent idealism with which her brother, her fiancé Roland Leighton and their friends went into it - and how they ended. on a generation of Europeans, all of Vera’s closest male contemporaries and What came across to me then was her self-importance and heavy earnestness, and I (a very new-fledged pacifist) disliked the way she wrote as though she alone had suffered in the war, romanticising it even as she abhorred it. university to gain an education that will allow her to pursue a career as a Testament of Youth study guide contains a biography of Vera Brittain, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

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