the river murders explained

Detective Jack Verdon (Ray Liotta) finds his life torn apart when a serial killer starts to murder women from his past in the same horrific way. While it had all the makings of a bad TV movie this became something more. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. mystery. This is probably the worst movie I've seen all year and I have seen some rubbish films this year so that is saying something. When the cover says 'not since Seven has a deadly sin been this terrifying,' what I expect is Seven, only much worse, because no respectable movie director attempts to make a movie with any similarity whatsoever to such a legend of a movie unless he's a really shocking director or a really cocky brilliant one paying respect, and the latter are rare. A haunting soundtrack and tight dialogue makes for enjoyable movie if the genre is your thing.

I've always considered Ray Liotta a 'B Grade' actor, guilty far too often of merely reading his lines and showing fake emotion. They won't be able to see your review if you only submit your rating. Ray Liotta plays veteran Seattle detective Jack Verdon, who by chance becomes a suspect in a murder case. I'm no real film buff nor a real movie critic but this movie really owes everything it makes from the promotion. It is unique in some ways because although it exposes the killer fairly early on it conceals their motive until late in the movie. Coming Soon.

Without a doubt this is the worst movie I have ever seen, amateur acting from all parties involved, directing and production are terrible. I can only blame myself for sitting through the entire movie... slowly developing a brain aneurysm from watching some of the worst acting I have ever seen. The writing is horrible, the dialogue is childish, the plot is stupid, the "twist" is easily figured out, the acting is horrible - it is murder-by-numbers with all the clichés you can throw in, mixed up and then spilled out for you viewing "pleasure".

movie. Actually, his partner Jenny (Sarah Ann Schultz) fetches Jack from the restaurant his wife Ana (Giselle Fraga) works at.

..and if you haven't seen Resurrection please do. twist which is anything but surprising or interesting, while the crimes have an unpleasant sexual aspect that sees this veering into misogynistic territory on occasion. Cinemark A homicide detective (Ray Liotta) investigating a series or murders becomes the prime suspect when the FBI uncovers his close ties to all of the victims. I guess Police Officer Verdon was quite the ladies man and soon the bodies start piling up as the serial killer continues to make his way through Verdon's past of women leading him to Verdon's current wife. I was kinda looking forward to this movie having seen some of the media pictures and after watching 15mins of it, I was ready to take a nap. It is a cut above your standard DTV films and even better than some theatrical films I have seen recently.

Verdon is forced to work outside the law and confront his past to catch the killer (Michael Rodrick), who has been extracting details of Verdon's other lovers – and subsequent victims – from each victim.

Christian Slater plays an ass of an FBI agent, and does it well. well i saw the plot and decided to watch simply because i don't remember watching any serial murder movies lately... What was ironic was the night before I watched this movie. Worth at least one watch. Coming Soon. Coming Soon, Regal It may have been because of no expectations but I would recommend this. THE RIVER MURDERS is a B-movie serial killer thriller that manages to waste the talents of a fine cast in a so-so story.

Verified reviews are considered more trustworthy by fellow moviegoers. Detective Jack Verdon is investigating a series of brutal murders when he realizes that each victim is a woman with whom he has slept with or had a relationship with in the past.

FAQ Don’t worry, it won’t take long. I was watching this Hollywood conservative give the stock "Hollywood is bad" spiel on some right wing "star"'s "News" show. The writing is quite poor none the actors give any thing personal.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The River Murders is a 2011 American psychological crime drama film directed by Rich Cowan and starring Ray Liotta, Ving Rhames, and Christian Slater. The acting is terrible, the actors had no chemistry and most had been terribly mis-cast. The director can't seem to establish if he wants to direct a noir film or a thriller. No, the murders did not happen in reality (or at least not in a physical way). A woman is found floating in the river and hardcore detective Jack Verdon (Ray Liotta) is called to the scene. The River Murders is a 2011 American psychological crime drama film directed by Rich Cowan and starring Ray Liotta, Ving Rhames, and Christian Slater. I can honestly say that I have never witnessed so many "known" celebrities tied to one giant ball of ass. Overall, a very entertaining murder mystery movie that is better then expected. The performances are nothing that would be remembered, but good enough for the movie. Michael vs. Freddy vs. Jason: Who Is the Ultimate Horror Baddie? Coming Soon. Fine, go make yourself into a victim & feel sorry. Sidney Poitier’s 7 Most Memorable Performances, All Harry Potter Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer. Wooden acting, laughable dialogue, and a completely implausible and unoriginal plot. Rating: Okay, there's been a plethora of serial murder type movies in the last 20 years. Is that homage or irony. The whole cop as suspect thing has been done to death and this film adds nothing to that genre - discussing how many sexual partners the suspect cop has had just adds to the wholly unsavoury flavour of the film. The killer has no presence leaving the film cold and boring. There is something about his eyes and his interpretation of text that plants him in the garden of good actors. Jack Verdon is a police officer who finds himself caught up in a murder case that he happens to be the main suspect in. The boring film can't overcome it's short comings. How this EVER got a release is beyond me a child could have done a better job. While investigating a series of murders, a homicide detective becomes the prime suspect when the FBI uncovers his close personal ties to all the victims.

Ving Rhames looks embarrassed to be there and Christian Slater is just as terrible as he usually is. The dialogue was flat, the characters two-dimensional, and the directing sorely lacking.

Ray Liota has never really been the 'up-front' guy that you expect to see in a movie like this and he does nothing to change the outlook in this movie either. The script is atrocious and the plot is not only unbelievable but also ridiculous, also the editing and camera work seem amateur.

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