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The occupants of the vehicles turn out to be the traveling circus members seeking revenge for Eric's murder of the dwarf. When Eric tries to attack Archie, Henry knocks him unconscious with a shotgun. This happened over and over. . The Rover is well shot and makes good use of its locations, but does little else and barely has a pulse. They kill the …

You will be able to unsubscribe at anytime. This is down there with one of the worst movies I have ever seen and being South Australian I really wanted it to be good. But don't bet the farm on it.

When he finally buried his dog it seems to have been closure for him, especially since it was the last thing he had left that he truly cared about. Guy Pearce has long been an actor whose work I enjoy but the big surprise here is Robert Pattinson, who ensures with this performance that he will be remembered for more than the Twilight movies. I was very motivated to watch this movie because I truly admire Pattinson as a full on artist. Eric holds Archie and Caleb at gunpoint, while Reynolds goes to confront Henry. I knew something was up with that scene with the caged dogs.

So he gets out and makes sure someone does. It is a dark, bleak, mature , violent film yet it is uncompromising and unflinching in the way it tells its tale.I found it to be a blend of Mad Max, Drive, Apocalypse Now, and Of Mice and Men. Amongst all the bleakness of the post-collapse world, it hints of the elements of hope, faith, and love. One night, he sees Connie's boyfriend, Rocky, in a transaction with a pair of gangsters, and accidentally disrupts it. In retaliation for ruining his deal, Rocky stuffs Rover in a bag, drives him to Hoover Dam and throws him into the water.

It was such a haunting and minimalistic apocalyptic tale. [51] It was released on DVD in UK on 5 January 2015. Why does nobody pick up any of the guns the army dudes had? The kid's brother left him for dead, and now no one will come for him. It is about a street dog named Rover, who is owned by a Las Vegas showgirl.Rover gets dumped off Hoover Dam by the showgirl's boyfriend.

It'll be a while before I ever come back to this one. Bonus features include deleted scenes and a "making-of" segment title "Something Elemental: Making The Rover". Also, really loved the line "It's paper it's fucking worthless." "Whatever you think is over for me was over a long time ago," (Eric), A truly remarkable and wonderful piece of cinema, amazing,brilliant, intelligent, strong acting.

[2] In United States, it had a limited release in Los Angeles and New York City on 13 June 2014, and expanded into wider release on 20 June 2014. He is the glue to the film.

In another scene, dogs are seen in cages where they are being kept to protect them from scavengers that eat dogs. He shuffled out half way through and I would have followed except I wanted to write this review. [36], Talking about the score Partos said that "My task was to build the trust and love between the two main characters despite their circumstances. He was simply superb in his nuances, facial tics, stuttering , and accent to portray a scared, fearful , dependent yet ever-so- hopeful kid. It is these two and their journey that IS the film. It was a South Australian movie. It was filmed in a very unattractive looking part of the outback so you didn't even get the beautiful scenery of Australia's stunning outback (where I now live incidentally). Australian director David Michôd returns to the screens with 'The Rover', his follow-up to the stunning debut 'Animal Kingdom'. Eric and Reynolds escape. Society hangs on precariously in a state of lawlessness. Don't think I have seen anyone else top 30 seconds recently. Director also did Animal Kingdom (2010).

While driving away, Archie mocks Reynolds and Henry attacks him, causing Caleb to crash the truck in which they were riding. Shop the Rover Store today! [48], The film released on DVD and Blu-ray in USA on 23 September 2014, by Lionsgate Home Entertainment. Book and pay securely. Connie, realizing he has met someone, takes Rover back to the farm to stay. I think the only reason they set it post apocalypse was so that they had an excuse to explain the many loose ends and to get away with conning the audience.

The occupants of the vehicles turn out to be the traveling circus members seeking revenge for Eric's murder of the dwarf. This is a dark, bleak, and dirty film. He's the reason why I sought out this movie, and the reason why anyone should; it's a seethingly intense performance.

He would be fine in a half decent movie. With a some interest based on critics' and internet buzz I saw The Rover June 21's afternoon.

Although initially happy to be reunited with Connie and his friends, Rover soon begins to miss his life on the farm. And that loss of morals is embodied by on-the-raggedy-edge Guy Pearce, who appears shockingly gaunt and emotionally beaten. He goes to an opium den, where he finds a dwarf and two Chinese acrobats from a traveling circus in the backroom. [10][11] It premiered out of competition in the Midnight Screenings section at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival on 18 May 2014. But THE ROVER has more in common with THE PROPOSITION; it's a distinctly brooding affair, gritty and somewhat nihilistic. The bag is later pulled out of the water by two passing fishermen, who take Rover back to shore and place him in the back of their pickup truck. His strongest suit — that gleeful lounge-act vulgarity — has always been a little too crass for kids. Rover's heroics make the papers, allowing Eddie and Connie to find out where he is. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, News & Discussion about Major Motion Pictures, Press J to jump to the feed. My Best Friend Is a Rescue Dog' Thermal Tumbler, 'My Best Friend Is a Rescue Dog' & 'I Work Hard' Sticker Set, 'My Best Friend Is a Rescue Dog' Mug - 15 oz, 'My Best Friend Is a Rescue Dog' Coaster - Set of 4. Sure, not all that original, but the directing is really strong, as is the acting, Robert Pattinson, in particular, really shines and the best I've ever seen him be. | In the final scenes, he finds his car, opens the door and closes it, but does not drive away. Great perpective on a greed fueled post apocalypse. Eric manages to free the truck and follows them. The next day, Eric sees two vehicles approaching in the distance, senses threat, and takes the doctor's rifle. He kept asking people out in the middle of nowhere where the three men with his car were. Keep up the good work and good luck. It's really interesting. If you like seeing good strong, smart films with quality acting, then go see this incredible movie ! It was going somewhere with an enormous amount of cargo. [23], David Michôd wrote the screenplay for the film, based on a story he conceived with Joel Edgerton, about the near-future, in Australia a decade after the collapse of the western economy where people from all over the world come to work in the mines. The atmosphere was great, a very bleak Mad Max feel to it. A lot of good movies get limited releases. Clarifying those comparisons, Michôd said that, "You put cars in the desert in Australia and people are going to think of Mad Max, and with all due respect to that film—and I stress that—I think The Rover is going to be way more chillingly authentic and menacing. A visually stunning and surreal film which left me perplexed and amazed. YES, THERE ARE SPOILERS GALORE IN THIS REVIEW! Calvary (2014) is an August 1 limited release. Every sitter on the site has been hand-reviewed and approved by the Rover team, and 95% of stays have received a perfect 5-star rating. It's deliberately paced and well directed. But if you're really willing to risk your own life and kill a half a dozen people just to bury your dog then there's some deeper problems there. However, rather than drowning, Rover ends up on a farm. "[59] Jessica Kiang in her review for The Playlist, grade the film B+ by saying that "Bleak, brutal and unrelentingly nihilist, and with only sporadic flashes of the blackest, most mordant humour to lighten the load, it feels parched, like the story has simply boiled away in the desert heat and all that’s left are its desiccated bones. '[7], The film was released on VHS and LaserDisc on February 12, 1992.

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