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Immediately. Are you dead? Resorting to White Claw as their big white hope speaks volumes. Tooheys Extra Dry and 72andSunny Sydney have launched the next phase of the new brand platform for the iconic Aussie beer, ‘Proudly Ordinary’. Building on the collaboration with the Big Lez Show and Betoota Advocate , this week sees a number of digital films and OOH go live, as well as further social content on the Tooheys Extra Dry Instagram . you negative twats. The reality is, most young people don’t give a shit about your expensive craft beers and fake European beers. Mate, you can believe in generational horoscopes all you want, but the gronks that don’t get this, have more than their age to worry about. Red Bitter was formerly known as Tooheys Red, 4.0 to 4.2% ABV; Gold Bitter was formerly Tooheys Gold, mid-strength, 3.0% ABV; Blue Bitter was formerly Tooheys Blue, a low-alcohol "lite" version, 2.3% ABV; Hahn Premium Light was launched in 1998. So basically Tooheys want me to think that when I’m buying beer, if there’s anything else available I should buy that instead of theirs – because theirs tastes crap. John and James Toohey are modern day legends in this part of the world, but they didn't know that would be the case when they opened their first brewery in the 1860s. Props and pass me a beer kient.

Type your email address in the space below. Maybe try: L&P, ‘World famous in New Zealand’. All The Heterosexual Nonsense I Was Forced To Endure During Episode 4 Of ‘The Bachelorette’ Australia’s had some pretty iconic ads in its time.

Tooheys Extra Dry has launched ‘Proudly Ordinary’, a new brand platform for the iconic Aussie beer, via agency 72andSunny Sydney . Have I lost my freaking mind? Couple of talented working class kids put together something original and entertaining and you pick them apart for their race and background. When I think of all the advertising that has gone before for TED, it was merely the entre to this visual spectacle. You make the work. And the execution – wowee.

OK??? Yes, THAT ad where a tongue escapes from a mans sleeping mouth to gatecrash a party in search of an ice cold extra dry beer. If you watch interviews with the creator you’d realise that absolutely isn’t the case. There was a thread on this a while back. “Working with 72andSunny and our wonderful partners meant really owning our brand truth – celebrating the proudly ordinary – and we’re thrilled seeing it out in the world.” said Amy Darvill, Brand Director, Lion. If anything, TED isn’t ‘beer’ as beer was intended to be.

by Will definitely drink a Tooeyes to this next time I’ve finished my other beers. It was made by some talented young public school blokes on a government supplied laptop 0- using just Paint. I imagine this is a reset, somewhat of a category defining one at that. Like, how much of an undiagnosed alcoholic must you be for your own tongue to crave beer to the point that it’ll risk getting run over, being eaten by a cat or picking up an infection off the road? Those little detours added absolutely nothing to the tongue’s beer-hunting journey. @ok boomers I hope it works. It’s just beer. Tooheys Extra Dry: 10th Most Popular Beer, Visit Campaign Brief for Australian creative. I’d be interested to see if sales go up, there’s a massive market who just want a ‘normal’ beer, and Nollsy will send it. Happy to be proved wrong because I think it’s a move in the right direction for TED, but I think you might get a lot of shares but not a lot of $$ over the counter. Hats off to the clients for having some balls. I guess Corona propped them up for a while. Tooheys Extra Dry is a dry style lager, available on tap and in bottles. I remember Holden did a similar thing a few years back, worked wonders didn’t it? Skol. Tooheys Extra Dry and 72andSunny Sydney have launched a new brand platform, Proudly Ordinary, for the iconic Aussie beer.

i’m getting over craft beer now, and prefer basic beers these days, clearly i mustn’t be the only one if they’re pushing this angle. Personally I like the strategy. The other beer brands mentioned above which all use irony and underplay the ‘sell’. Pass me a Boags, made from the pure waters…. Further creative acts will launch monthly between now and Christmas, including Inspired Unemployed, Struthless and Gocsy. Yes, THAT ad where a tongue escapes from a mans sleeping mouth to gatecrash a party in search of an ice cold extra dry beer. But the beer you drink is still a badge and positioning it as this low on the pecking order it makes it the last beer you’d ever buy. Ad is kinda funny and stands out.

They clearly understand the target market for the beer as well as big lez show fans. This is a super good idea. But even if you’re going for the young guns and want to get a bit “meme-y” that whole sub-culture is based on the wink, not the huge kick in the face of “we’re the shittest, you’re the shittest too, so why not?”. Miller, ‘I can’t control my arm’. Cause “creatively” it’s a a shitload better than the crap Lion usually makes, which also hasn’t been the best for beer sales. This ad was never going to get a good response on here. It’s a good strategy to position TED as the non craft, non bullshit beer. First and foremost, why does this exist at all? Creatives come up with this shit all the time but for a client to buy it is another thing all together.

Appalling rip off by Lion. I agree. Very interesting strategy. The tone and sense of humour are brilliant and on brand for both parties. …is important when dealing with a very average product. Finally, a brand that’s honest about itself. Culture This is the right strategy and great creative. Made me laugh. Michelle Rennex, It’s Time We Talk About That Absolutely Feral Walking Tongue Tooheys Beer Ad, Women Are Dramatically Reading The Awful Bios Men Put On Tinder & It’s My Only Source Of Joy, All The Heterosexual Nonsense I Was Forced To Endure During Episode 4 Of ‘The Bachelorette’, People Are Trolling This Woman Who Asked For Help Editing Her Stepson Out Of A Family Photo, People Are Taking The Piss Out Of The New iPhone 12 Because It Looks Exactly Like The iPhone 5, The Nine-Year-Old Who Ran An Organised Crime Ring On ‘Neopets’ Is The Internet’s New Hero. the ms paint execution is tip top, love it, I bloody love this. Literally how can you sleep through this? by

Honestly, how high was the person who pitched this idea in the content meeting? Junk Explained: What Is Randonauting And Why Is It Leading People To Dead Bodies. Why is 20% of the beer missing from the top?

Voice-overs are just his mates.

It feels different, and fresh. This sees the brand partnering with a number of cultural collaborators who will roast TED, as it celebrates being proudly ordinary, beginning with the Betoota Advocate and Big Lez, across film, digital, social and OOH. Strategy is questionable at best. They all played up that the beer as not fancy, not pretentious, average beer. This I’m being asked to buy because it’s average or worse. Risky, sure-but at least it’s something. Lion goes one extreme in marketing to the other. by … the sh*T beer that no one wants but will slam back if it’s the only thing left? Tooheys Extra Dry has launched 'Proudly Ordinary', a new brand platform for the iconic Aussie beer, via agency 72andSunny Sydney.

Good ad if you know what’s going on. Where would 70% of these defensive comments be coming from I wonder? But nevertheless, I agree this is a good angle for TED in the current market. Now I will give props where they are due and say the song selection of Benny Benassi’s ‘Satisfaction’ was great, but that’s where the compliments stop. Rebecca Shaw, Culture

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