white sky weather

Don’t miss a beat of our journey, subscribe to the blog and join us on social media:  Facebook, Instagram. 5.) The chickens, ducks, and goats are eating some of the beet greens. Free for commercial use, DMCA Contact Us Oh, be sure not to miss a thing that goes on at our homestead!

Anything that doesn’t sell at their farmstand then seems to be picked by community members and donated to local food banks, so awesome. I used to think that watching movies or lingering around the house for too long was being lazy. Within 10 minutes his foot was thawed and he became mobile and very interested in exploring. ), Today was the first very cold day of the winter season here, around 12 degrees overnight. For instance, goats are for milk and mowing, not for pets.

Honestely, I have formed some opinions of those who share their home with their farm animals. So far, our 2 pigs and 7 chickens seem to be hanging in there. Our kitchen table is nothing special, so taking it apart was low risk. he stays in his sheltered and hay-filled area, A 5 Foot Fence is Not a 5 Foot Fence in Winter.

We’ve also had our share of fluctuating temperatures, ranging from 39 degrees to -20 degrees Farenheit. I made a big batch of strawberry jam from a strawberry stock-up this summer that I had froze for just this purpose.

But, after it had a chance to sit out at room temperature for a brief time, it could be rolled and cut. From our research though, historically he’s only been 20% accurate, so don’t place any bets on his prediction – ha!

We cleared out the whole pig pen, shoveled off the roof to the shed and cleared out as much of the goat area as we could. It was 20 degrees and snowing but in less than 2 hours we filled the truck with what we estimated to be 1,200 pounds of root vegetables for our animals. The red eastern sky in the morning is an indicator that storm system are approaching from the east. We hadn’t thought about fencing height for the rabbits with our new plans, but now we have! We spent several hours clearing out as much as we could, including taking the snow piles we’ve been shoveling onto down away from the top of the fence and widening all the snow paths in the poultry/rabbit yard.

Posts about winter weather written by Lisa. We seperated her and gave her some special care in a seperate outdoor pen until she was better. The state of almost anything related to the air and sky is weather—temperature, windiness, moisture, etc. Plus, all the snow we’ve been shoveling out of the “living” area has been piling up on top of that. Last summer one of our first homesteading project was to pick and dry loads of wild raspberry leaf and wild strawberry leaf.

The jam tastes like the summer sun! We’ve also done a lot of snowshoeing and exploring around our property, which looks so different in winter. We are planning on more variety in the upcoming summer. I posted a few messages on Facebook Marketplace and in my newsfeed asking for people who were interested in donating their old Halloween pumpkins to us to contact me and we’d do pick-up. Current employment is stable, so no set timeline.

Winter fog, on the other hand, indicates the meeting of air currents of different humidity, which often brings rain. All the kids loved the cookies and enjoyed them with a side of Pine Needle Tea.

Then, Tim built a table within the table that would be the space for our puzzle. In the case of the red sky, weather systems that move west to east filter sunlight through their clouds, causing the western sky to illuminate red (or orange or pink) as the storm recedes at sunset.

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