why are travellers allowed to break the law

What about people in the free West putting out WW2 anti-war leaflets or trespassing on protected sites in support of unilateral disarmament against the Soviet Union? The UK’s biggest travel operators and airlines are breaking the law by delaying refunds for cancelled trips or removing customers’ refund rights altogether, an investigation reveals. If they tried to get a drink, the pubs mysteriously closed. It appears acceptable to both the government and the opposition to hold innocent people hostage in order to deter other desperate people from attempting to reach Australia as asylum seekers. ", In another twist, part of the reason behind these councils not adhering to the law is that these pitches would allegedly need to be on green belt land, which is sacrosanct, yet Cutmore is reported as having voted for plans to build 100 homes on green belt land just last week. A second confession of antisocial behaviour concerns the animal I’ve previously hailed as the best pet ever: caterpillars. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. Irish police also have the power to order trespassers to leave land if they suspect an offence is being committed. And we salute them. Does the same justice apply to both groups? Roy Chen Yee | 18 February 2016, Is a law that reverses the status of something that was done in the past, for example making legal something that was illegal when it was done, automatically a bad law? Do we cite them as icons in our campaigns of civil disobedience? It involves being fastidious in focusing action on the law that is unjust, and not acting indiscriminately outside the law. Roman martyrs and Nazi conscientious objectors have passed the testing of 'history'. I believe it is right to break the law in this case, as it is the humanitarian thing to do, and it doesn't harm anyone; quite the opposite, it's helping someone. However, Traveller groups have said that a severe shortage of official sites had led to more illegal encampments because Gypsy and Traveller families had nowhere else to go. So when considering the case of offering sanctuary to people who seek protection we must ask first whether the law prohibiting this action is just. Justice is a variable commodity and does not necessarily apply in all apparently similar situations.

Travellers complain over Met officer's warning about funeral, UK politicians accused of racist rhetoric against Travellers, Church of England urged to make land available to Gypsies, ‘They took my life. This is echoed by Castle Point council's head of planning, Bill Dick: "The council in general has always said we don't want [Travellers] at all. We honour many people who disobeyed the laws of their country. I’m grieving for a child who is still alive’, 'It's like we don't exist': London's Gypsies stand up to be counted, UK Gypsy camp review criticised for fuelling prejudice, Gypsies and Travellers in UK face housing crisis, charities warn, The Roma are yet again scapegoats for society’s ills, severe shortage of official sites had led to more illegal encampments.

Would you? It's less a magazine than a wide ranging conversation about the issues that matter in our country and our world; a conversation marked by respect for the dignity of ALL human beings. It was illegal to send children abroad to be educated. And it's through the support of people like you that it is able to do so.

“A lack of funding and political will over many years has perpetuated a severe shortage of sites, which in turn has perpetuated illegal encampments with nowhere else to go.”. Last modified on Thu 5 Apr 2018 03.40 EDT. When I followed, my car was halted by an irate farmer. No moralist appears willing to admit that lying can be permitted, though they will talk about the 'legitimate use of false speech', when confronted with unjust intrusive questions, illustrated by a cartoon of a man perched precariously on the outside of his office window, saying to his secretary, 'Now will you tell him that I am not in the office.' Normally, they stop on waste ground in Great Yarmouth, considered a tolerant place, not least because former travelling families own some seafront attractions. One must be very careful in coming to a conclusion that a law is unjust. I WONDER HOW SOME OF OUR MAJOR PARTY POLITICIANS CAN SLEEP AT NIGHT! The important question is whether it would be right to break the law. The measures include: protecting consumers’ legal right to cash refunds, extending Foreign Office travel warnings to a definitive date, establishing a temporary government travel guarantee fund, and ensuring travel insurance terms and conditions are more transparent. Those who offer sanctuary argue that the policy that allows women and children to be sent to Nauru is unjust. I joined their ranks this holiday when my family became trapped after … You don't even understand your own laws. Concepts such as mokadi and mahrime place strict guidelines, for example, on what objects can be washed in what bowls. © 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. To blame the Travellers for all the disruption is “disproportionate”, according to Norfolk’s police’s deputy chief constable. Offering sanctuary to women and children seeking protection from despatch to Nauru would break the law. Yvonne MacNamara, chief executive of the Traveller Movement, said: “We hope that this consultation addresses and deals with the lack of authorised and safe sites available to the Gypsy and Traveller community. Aggravated trespass is already a criminal offence in England and applies to people who enter land and intimidate the landowner or others. This is tricky. THEY'RE MAJOR CONCERN IS APPEALING TO THE 'RED-NECKS' AND RE-ELECTION. It means respecting the rule of law in society, which is built on the understanding that all people stand equally under the protection of the law. although majority of the people in Australia may be against the idea of supporting asylum seekers, i think it is mostly because of the racial stereotypes or simply because they do not know what it is like to be in the position of asylum seekers. There's a lot of talk about the travellers breaking the law -- but, in reality, it's a position they've been forced into.

contacted 10 of the UK’s biggest holiday companies, including TUI and Jet2, and 10 of the UK’s biggest airlines, and found that none are currently offering full refunds within the legal time frame. Supporters of these politicians, please don't make excuses. Despite growing tolerance in most spheres, modern Britain is permanently locked down against a minority that wishes to live in a slightly different way. It can be argued that by brute force of money, a nominally Christian Australia showed paltry love for the consciences of its penurious 93% Christian neighbours in Nauru, subverting them into becoming a gaol when the Christian ethos of the locals should have been enlisted to make themselves a caring host community for people stateless and under stress, in return for some income, as is the case with our foster-care and host families. Is it bad only if the 'detainees' (who in Nauru will be free to roam) have poor services? But it is hard to weigh reasons when you are dealing with unreasonable laws and governance. It involves doing harm to vulnerable human beings who have done no wrong in order to send signals to other would-be asylum seekers.

Travellers get away with it, residents complain. Shannon Noll | 18 February 2016, I think that we must obey just laws, although at times of urgency, disobeying unjust laws may be acceptable. I suspect most of us would be the same. Travel, said: “We have been inundated with messages from desperate travellers, some who are thousands of pounds out of pocket as a result of cancellations and have no idea if or when they’ll see their money again. The rest is history. Relevance. The fact that laws are made that are knowingly putting people in harms way is simply unjust. The housing minister, Dominic Raab, will announce on Thursday a government review of the laws dealing with the growing number of unauthorised caravan sites and developments around the country. It was magical. With the traffic jam not forecast to clear for hours, I helped a dozen cars escape down a grass verge and on to a tractor track across a field.

This story conforms to a racist stereotype, that Travellers are thieving troublemakers.

How does it feel to be constantly refused service or find bars mysteriously closing early? Mon 21 Aug 2017 16.58 BST Richard Lartey, 27, from London, said he has been waiting over a month for his money to be returned for a cancelled BA flight.

Rory Boland, editor of Which? “The government must urgently set out how it will support travel firms and airlines to ensure they can meet their legal obligations to refund customers for cancelled travel plans – and avoid permanent damage to trust and confidence in the travel industry.”. Their object was not so much to convert Catholics away from their Roman faith but to reduce them to impotent subservience. Do I take the law into my own hands? Unjust laws, above all, bring law into disrepute and foster law breaking.

Many people assert that it is never right to break a law duly enacted by the government. British Airways fined £20m over data breach, Last chance for self-employed to apply for £6,500 coronavirus grant, Italy booted off England’s safe travel corridor list, Millions of Londoners banned from socialising indoors this weekend, Insurers extend Covid support until December. Lv 7.


The number of Traveller caravans on authorised sites has increased since 2010. The Dale Farm Travellers are facing eviction for breach of planning law. Anyone meeting in a group of more than six indoors or out are now breaking the law. People fail to move on when instructed by police, evade tax, drive too fast, keep silent about abuse in churches, speak out about abuse in detention centres, trespass on military facilities, and drive when drunk. Richard, who was due to fly to visit his pregnant partner in Austria, said: “The only option for a cash refund is to call up.

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