zuko height

I feel so conflicted. A lot of people are under the illusion that Zuko is of average height, if not tall, so it's nice to see someone who recognized how short he really is. You and Zuko can both be Little Hobbits together? I'm looking specially for Prince Zuko's height and weight. WHAT.

From a young age, he was disdained by his father, an animosity that began shortly after the prince's birth. Roku, who’s supposed to be all tall, stands at my height. Remeber, they're in a semi-medievel world that is also asian inspired. Even those didn't fit for Toph, who's estimated adult height would be 4ft.

Anyways it looks like you used simulations made in 1997! o_O I always knew the characters were short, especially in comparison to the adults for some reason, but I never thought about how tall they actually were. IN FACT PLEASE COMMENT IN GENERAL! Still very tall. Zuko is one of the main protagonists of the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. Katara –– 4’ 9” = 144.52 cm. If you want my Excel spread sheet you can download the .xlsx.

), so most of the kids look even shorter in comparison.

Imagine Kyoshi since she was known to be VERY large. Either way, the estimates are more than likely off for several of the characters the ShinjiteFlorana suggests.

This "science" of him is soo low that my little brother can find the formula for this.

Even my 6 yo sister is 132 cm, which is taller than 12 yo Toph. Zuko is shorter than most people think. It allows for someone to change their guess for Aang’s height (in inches, sorry rest of the world, the conversion rate is 2.54) and get relative heights based on the static pixel height ratios. To add more perspective, since the 1870's the average height in males has only gone up 11cm. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. So when you consider the fact he appears to be only a couple inches shorter than Tonraq, who is significantly taller than Korra, I'd say it's reasonable to assume as an adult his height was around 6' or more. It allows for someone to change their guess for Aang’s height (in inches, sorry rest of the world, the conversion rate is 2.54) and get relative heights based on the static pixel height ratios. This is a disgrace to the science world! I got these heights off the premise that Aang is 4 ft. 6 in. We have the official heights for Korra and Mako from Legend of Korra. I mean who the fuck is ur teacher?!

Youre actually not to far off that height - going off of Korra's height which is canonically 5'6", Kyoshi is around 6'6". In other words, 6'4 is still well above the norm. lol wtf that's way too old.

After poking around the internet, the closest thing to an "official" height that I found was a character height comparison chart in Nick's How to Draw AVATAR. You would subtract maybe 1.5 inches to account for difference overtime, and then perhaps 3 more to get to an average height, which would land somewhere in the range of 5'7 for men and 5'3 for women. To put in perspective, that’s the average height for women in the U.S. Avatar seems to be on the technological level of Asian in the fifteeth century, which had cannons and even rocket launchers, though Avatar's technological level is a bit more advanced due to bending, but it seems to be culturally based on that time period.

Thanks for having this here.

Which is the height and weight of the Prince Zuko, in the Nickelodeon's "Avatar: The Last Airbender" cartoon.

It might be surprising, but men can keep growing into their early twenties, around 21-22 at the latest.

Ahraham Lincoln was unconsidered ridiculously tall, but today he'd be just above average, and that was only a hundred and fifty years ago.

My mind is blown. SO! Zuko's my height. My nickname is Little Hobbit. Aang ––– 4’ 6” = 137.16 cm. Think twice about their height. Its not much of a stretch to assume he did as well. Zuko is an antagonist turned protagonist from Avatar: The Last Airbender. woow , im a 13 year old girl , bout angs age in the ending of the series .. but im already taller than avatar ruko .... and i thought i had a chance with aang ... i mean the heights arent that accurate to me , and even if they are true .. in the comics and in the legend of korra they are all grown up and they look pretty damn tall to me , aangs adult height was about 6ft 3 , i heared that somewhere and it looked pretty accurate ... and maybe they just grew up and gained that height over time ... ooohh and btw im freaking out right now because 2 new comic books are coming sooooooooonnn!! Toph ––– 3’ 8.5”* = 113 cm*. Probably 6 feet. Avatar the Last Airbender : Legend of Korra. I was interested in the official height of the characters in ATLA after reading an older forum on the topic, From there I employed a little SCIENCE!

From Park River, North Dakota. I made an Excel spread sheet (oh yeah, I went there) to calculate their heights based on the premise of Aang’s height. A pixel is equivalent to 1/96 of an inch therefore a miscalculation and spreading false information.

So stfu about ur "science" talk and actually learn it. found in a comment in the previous forum claiming it as “official.” (whether or not it’s true, I dunno). I swear my 5 year old cousin is taller than Toph. Because according to this, not only do you not know your science but u also can't read and follow instructions.

​​​​​​​, So yeah basically whoever created this has -100 IQ. 3 in. i know, in truth, he's asian right? Of course, this estimation is problematic for one major reason. If you don’t agree with the information about height, etc. Well, more math, but, short. Imagine Kyoshi since she was known to be VERY large. The fact I would be WAY taller than Zuko makes me feel very happy. First of all (I'm a science geek) how the fuck is a pixel representing a fucking centimetre.

Secondly what data simulation did you use? and this story is set before the chinese and japanese started getting taller, so he should be short, and yes, aang has a growth spurt and i'm happy for him, i don't think zuko is going to have a growth spurt so he will just be a shortie forever, true true true, zuko shouldn't be tall, he's just a cute little guy, he's short n lovable. Long ago, the Fire Nation broke the peace enjoyed between the four Kingdoms by declaring war on all of them in the name of conquest. pfff lol. Your email address will not be published.

It's way more helpful than the only other thing I found, which was a discussion on the wiki. I was interested in the official height of the characters in ATLA after reading an older forum on the topic here . Foir arguments sake, lets say they are above average.

SO! This would make me half an inch taller than Zuko. At the moment, 21.01.2020, we have next information/answer: 1,89m. Probably 6 feet.

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