Strange Extreme Sports You Didn’t Know Existed

Extreme sports are sports which take the experience to the limit, sometimes even dancing on the edge of death. Base jumping, parkour, swimming with the sharks, to name a few. They are usually under very extreme conditions where the practitioner’s experience and physical and mental prowess mean the difference between living and dying. Luck also plays a huge factor, for example, in high altitude climbing. These excitement levels also follow through with betting on these sports, so people who like to test their luck can check out the Coral sign up offer for example and bet on their favorite extreme sports.

But, there are some sports which are not as known, as they are either relatively new or have very few practitioners. Here are some of the most interesting extreme sports which are not as famous or infamous as their more popular siblings.

Volcano Boarding

Snowboarding is something people are familiar with and it is often not an extreme sport (unless taken off the beaten path, where it can get very extreme), volcano boarding takes it to the other end of the temperature spectrum. Lava can get very hot and active volcanoes have become playgrounds for the bold.

A metal board, a protective suit and goggles, of course, sometimes even an oxygen tank, and you can have a lot of fun. Active volcanoes are the target, especially those which erupt on a daily basis.

The sport can get very dangerous, as the air is often toxic, not to mention volcanic ash which can get everywhere, and unlike snow, can cause quite a few injuries, being rougher than its winter counterpart. Either way, it is an emerging sport for the brave.

Extreme Unicycling

When people think of a unicycle, they most often imagine clowns or circuses and appropriate music. Well, unicycling has become somewhat widespread, but its extreme variants are a bit more interesting.

People take large unicycles off road on trails where even riding a bicycle is difficult. On the other hand, some like team sports so they turn to unicycle hockey. It is similar to hockey, except you ride a unicycle and it is played on grass, not ice (thankfully). Unicycles are a tool for transport or a very fun and entertaining toy for the creative. They are also very easy to maintain, having a single tire and wheel, and maybe a brake, depending on the model.

White Water Canyoning

Having a raft makes white water rafting somewhat safe(r). There are always experienced guides to help newcomers overcome their fears and to guide the raft in the right direction.

Canyoning takes it to the next level. You still pass through similar waters, fast, dangerous, steep, but without a raft. This experience is much more immersive, quite literally, but also more dangerous. Whether white water rafting or canyoning, one should be very careful.


This has become somewhat popular lately, but is still one of the most interesting sports, especially to tourists who see people walking over a 300 meter fall, over a piece of fabric, usually the width of a foot, often narrower.

Slacklining can be done anywhere, from your backyard, where you can tie the line between a tree and a fence, having only half a meter of a drop or even less. You can also tie it to a cliff and take it to the next level. Some adventurers, the really good ones, often break world records without any safety equipment. 

These are some of the world’s strangest extreme sports.