Technologies in Extreme Sports

You would think that there was little to no technology involved in participating in an extreme sport and, in many cases, that is true. You don’t need any futuristic gadgets or equipment for rock climbing or parkour, for example. In that regard, technology has the same impact on these sports as using the Bet365 Bonus code – none. However, some sports have the extra thrill added to them by pushing the limits of what you can do, or add an extra level of safety. That goes for all sports despite the country of origin – for example, if you want to read more about extreme sports in Poland, check out Here are a few examples.


Imagine skydiving or kayaking in the rapids. These two sports require concentration and the presence of mind to do what needs to be done in order to avoid a fatal outcome. Now, if only there was a safe environment in which you could practice different scenarios and train yourself to handle them.

Well, there is. Virtual reality gives everyone a chance to prepare themselves for the extreme conditions the sport in question has to offer and is even there for the people who are too scared of the actual experience but still want to feel the thrill. Base jumping or kayaking in VR fools your brain into thinking you are actually there, in the middle of the action, without any negative repercussions. In Poland, using VR to train for some extreme sports is becoming more and more popular since people read more about these sports on sites such as zyciegrajewa and want to try their luck with them!

Marketing and Exposure

There are many sports that are now thriving because of the internet and social media. Many extreme athletes are now allowed to search for sponsors and organize events more easily, giving the global audience a chance to enjoy the spectacle and perhaps to join in. Extreme sports don’t have the same mainstream media coverage as sports people like to bet on, like soccer or basketball. However, with internet marketing, they are no longer given a single time-slot on one sports channel covering a few events, like skateboarding. The awareness of these disciplines is now spreading like wildfire.

Tracking the Health

In many cases, we have no idea what is happening to the athlete’s body when they are pursuing their passion. We simply see a daredevil or an extremely dexterous individual performing a task we would normally perceive as impossible. That being said, there are cases when the athletes and their respective teams need to know if everything is going according to plan or if there is a need for a quick intervention.

Thus, we come to the subjects of wearable and ingestible computers and cameras. We can monitor the heartbeats, the temperature, and even the level of hydration in athletes. This is great for actual events, but it is even more important during training, as it adds safety and some insight into what areas need improving.


Last, but not least, is the equipment the athletes need. Enhancing it boosts the performance in addition to giving some additional protection to the user. Wearing sneakers that are comfortable and give ample traction, safety vests that inflate on their own, new materials and designs that make the parachutes open faster and perform more efficiently – all of these are advances in technology that we need and, luckily, have at our disposal.