The Best Sports Video Games You Need to Try

Sports video games are often entertaining, but only if you have the right company to play them. Some people prefer playing sports games for the challenger, for example, getting the best score in a game. Others play only with friends, which is reasonable, because most sports games are competitive. Video games can make even the most unathletic person feel very athletic, when they use their fingers and practiced moves to make quick work of their opponents, whether friends or rivals at a tournament.

Here are the most interesting sports video games which you might not have played. 

Back Street Soccer

This game was released for arcade cabinets in 1996. It was developed by SunA, a Korean company. It is a very interesting game because the athletes have super powers, basically. They wear casual clothes and the games are played in alleys. The athletes are able to jump really high and hit the ball so hard that the both the goalkeeper and the goal will go airborne. This is a fun game if you happen to have an arcade around, or an arcade with a PC inside, if we want to be more realistic.

Rocket League

This could be a game that you played, but regardless, it is one of the most entertaining sports video games out there. You play football, but with a car and the ball is several sizes larger than the car. Released in 2015 by Psyonix, it is a competitive esports title. Teams of 4 often play five minute long matches, with sudden death if the game is tied. You can also play one on one. You can pass certain areas on the field so that your car can pick up even more speed. You can destroy your opponent’s cars, though they will respawn only seconds later.

Try it out if you have the time, you will surely love it if you like fast-paced action.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Zombie Ninja Pro-Am

The name is a mouthful, right? This is a playstation 2 title and is one of those games that has a little bit of everything. Does that make it better? Well, in this case, yes. You can play golf in hell, or in a tar pit. You will have to fight to get to the next ball, and you will fight some awkward creatures. It has plenty of interesting events which make this competitive multiple discipline sports video game very interesting. 

Ninja Golf

This is a very interesting game which was released in 1990. It was developed by BlueSky Software and is a game where you play golf, but with a twist. You have to run away from ninjas every so often. You also have to dodge radioactive gophers and fight giant orange frogs. Sand traps hold snakes and the water is particularly dangerous because of sharks and, would you believe it, water ninjas.

Mutant League Football and Hockey

Well, football and hockey can get violent from time to time. What if you could kill the opposing team’s members without suffering any penalty? That player has tackled you one time too many? Off with their heads. It is a very brutal form of football which appealed to some fans and still does, despite it being released in 1993 for the Sega Genesis platform.

These are the most interesting sports video games you have never played!