The Most Unusual Sports in the World

Sports are unique in the sense that they all have their rules and usually require one or more people to participate. Some sports have one person against another in real time, like tennis, while other sports are alternating, like darts or pool. Team sports, on the other hand, often have people competing against each other in real time, apart from specific sports like bowling or curling. But, most people know about most of the sports out there, yet we can still be surprised. Here are a couple of sports that you have never heard of that will either shock you or make you laugh or sigh in disbelief.

Bog Snorkeling

This is quite an odd sport. It was invented in Wales in Llanwrtyd Wells in 1976. It is a single person competitive event which has you snorkeling through a 110 meter long bog trench. It is every bit as disgusting as bogs can be. You have to swim across those 110 meters but using only your flippers, without using your hands. This is quite a sport for adventurers. It has had annual world championships held at Llanwrtyd Wells, ever since 1985. Consider this sport if you like swimming, sort of.

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Invented in 2005 by a Belgian tennis/football player who is also a DJ, Filip Eyckmans, it is a game where you combine football, volleyball, acrobatics and capoeira to play a game on an inflated trampoline which has a net the same height of a volleyball net. It sounds interesting, right? Well, it is also played to music, so it is even more interesting than it seems. It is also quite flashy and attractive, striving to capture the beach life of Brazil. 

Cheese Rolling

This is a very dangerous sport, more dangerous than the two above, by far. It was invented sometime in the 15th century, at least that is the estimate. It requires you to chase a Double Gloucester roll of cheese down a hill. It rolls down really, really fast. The hill is also very steep. Every year, broken ankles are a must, and multiple other bones can be broken. This was a tournament for locals, but it was turned into a worldwide attraction, with people coming from all over the world to Cooper’s Hill at the end of May, annually.

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Dog Surfing

People knew how to have fun in California and Hawaii during the 1920s. Dog surfing was one of the inventions of the time. People would ride with their dogs and some dogs became so good that they became famous, appeared in movies and TV shows. The dogs became so good, in fact, that there is a separate category where dogs surf on their own and are judged on balance, wave size and ride length. It is a very interesting sport, so do not be surprised to find dogs surfing on their own.

These are some of the world’s most unusual sports which you have probably not tried. Fancy giving any of them a try?