What Base Jumpers Have in Common with Gamblers

Base jumping and gambling are extremely risky activities that give you the thrill of excitement, defying logic and even death (for base jumping). You may see them as worlds apart but when critically revisiting them you will find out that they have some common features as you will see when you read ahead. Taking you down the road about their similarities, the following stand out.


Both base jumping and gambling involves facing your fears. Whenever you jump off from a very tall building or place high stakes on poker games or even slot machines, there is always that inner voice in your gut telling you not to do it. You might lose or even worse during your fall, the cables could snap resulting to your death.

Base Jumpers

However, fear in these activities results in the precise opposite of carelessness or recklessness, as you will learn to micromanage yourself. In addition to that, you may use fear as your motivation as it is an experience to be savored, confronted or broken through rather than as stimulus for retreat.


Both gambling and base jumping involve chasing one extreme after another so as to get the thrill of being high. Base jumping and gambling are considered to be flight or fight activities that result in giving you a well-deserved adrenaline rush. Adrenaline junkies opt for such extreme activities because they are drawn to the pursuit of intense experiences without regard for physical, social, legal or financial risk.

Risks and Rewards

By nature, base jumpers and gamblers are subject to experience great levels of danger. For instance, in base jumpers, what if the chute does not open? Being fearless, talented or even too familiar with both environments does not help because from a psychological angle. Risks are a must and they may lead to fatal injuries, financial loss or even death. There is an urgency to overcome the risks with advanced technology and learned personnel to cater for your needs.


When your safety is guaranteed the continuous rewards you get in the long run are simply worth the adrenaline because it increases your urgency to push your limits in jumping or staking limit above and beyond. However, some notable common behavioral characteristics you will acquire include rapid breathing, the sudden boost of energy and even heightened senses. For adrenaline junkies, dangers overshadowing all is fun and motivational for them.

Routine and Environments

Base jumpers and gamblers must follow a specific routine even though different, and both are also done in their normal controlled environments. Gambling is mostly done in casinos where you can play slot machines, poker or even video games all day to increase your potential winnings. For base jumpers, it involves jumping from high terrain landscapes or buildings not all day but specific timings. Routine and environments is beneficial to sensational seekers as they induce brain chemistry changes during participation.

Parting Shot

In conclusion, base jumpers and gamblers have several similar traits and the risk-reward relationship is clearly mind-blowing because it makes you as an outdoor enthusiast or avid gamer try new things for enjoyment or sustainability. In addition to that, it makes you cautious in making life decisions thus giving you a sweeter all-around deal.